Terror-Supporting Qatar Sinks Its Teeth into the West

Qatar buys up the West, but its affection for terror groups cannot be ignored…

Qatar's Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with his Palestinian "friends." (Photo credit: AP/Osama Faisal/Times of Israel)

Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with his Palestinian “friends.” (Photo credit: AP/Osama Faisal/Times of Israel)

By: Rachel Molschky

The oil-rich Arab nation of Qatar has bought about 10 percent of International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), becoming the biggest shareholder of the parent company of British Airways and Spain’s Iberia. Once a British protectorate, now the independent country with a population of only 1.8 million people has been throwing its money around Europe, investing in London-based Barclays Bank, Credit Suisse (one of the most profitable banks in the world), Harrods, Porsche, Volkswagen, the Paris Saint-Germain football team, and loads of London real estate like London Bridge Quarter which includes The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe.

Those are some expensive investments and interesting to say the least, especially for a country with such a small population. Business Insider’s Harrison Jacobs writes of Qatar’s wealth in an article called, “How Qatar Got So Rich So Fast”:

The tiny peninsula has  the highest per-capita GDP in the world at $98,800 — and even that number may vastly understate the actual wealth of Qatar’s 280,000 citizens. Qatar has enough money to build a huge metropolis in the desert and to win the right to host the 2022 World Cup, allegedly through millions of dollars in bribes.

Doha in 1977 (Photo source: Business Insider, AP)

Doha in 1977 (Photo source: Business Insider, AP)

Qatar may be rich, but it is also Muslim and lives by Sharia law. Under this Islamic legal system, in family cases such as inheritance, marriage, divorce and child custody, a man’s testimony is worth more than that of a woman’s, and even non-Muslims are subjected to Sharia law in child custody battles.

Islam is so important in Qatar that memorizing the Quran will get a Muslim prisoner brownie points so he can get a reduction in his sentence.

In Qatar’s Sharia law, flogging and stoning are among its criminal punishments. A US State Department report states that, “Converting to another religion from Islam is considered apostasy and is a capital offense; however, since the country gained independence in 1971, there have been no recorded punishments for apostasy.” None “reported” yet the law exists.

Yusuf Al Qaradawi is an extremely influential Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood leader based in Doha, Qatar. In the Muslim world, Al Qaradawi boasts quite an impressive resume. He’s written more than 120 books, has a popular television show with around 60 million viewers and is the founder of IslamOnline. This Islamic expert has explained the importance of criminalizing apostasy, explaining that, “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today.”

Al Qaradawi supports suicide attacks against Israelis and has made his Jew hatred quite clear, as an Islamic responsibility: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place.

“This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.”

The Egyptian Al Qaradawi is highly respected in Qatar, where he lives. There are “Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi” Scholarships, there is a research center named after him called “The Qaradawi Center for Islamic Moderation and Renewal,” and naturally, he is revered in the UK, where he is a trustee of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

Al Qaradawi’s television program is aired on Al Jazeera, a media network viewed globally, essentially the mainstream media for Arabs, which also has an English version. To say that Al Jazeera is influential would be an understatement. Who is behind that influence? Why the Qatari government of course! Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar, based in Doha, and funded by the Al Thani’s, the ruling family of Qatar.

The Islamic nation of Qatar also happens to be considered “the primary financier of Hamas.” This of course explains their insistence, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, that the terror-loving group that unabashedly promotes the killing of Jews, is actually a “humanitarian group”! Well, the Qataris said so anyway!  “…We have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization…” the American Democrat explained.

Qatari opinion is important after all because Qatar is an ally of the US, and the American military has come to depend upon Al Udeid Air Base, which is in a strategic location for the US in the Middle East.

Doha today (Photo source: Business Insider, Sam Agnew, Flickr)

Doha today (Photo source: Business Insider, Sam Agnew, Flickr)

Incidentally, in addition to sinking its teeth into the European economy, Qatar has also been buying up American weaponry, billions of dollars worth.

It’s a good thing the US can “rely so heavily” on our Arab friend since Obama has entrusted five released former Guantanamo Bay detainees to Qatar- or maybe not. As it turns out, one of these five top Taliban leaders who were exchanged for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl- (because as the Obama Administration informs us, no man will be left behind, even Army deserters)- has reportedly been back in contact with the Taliban. But how could this happen under Qatar’s “watchful eye”?

This jihadist was simply repeating the same pattern of many other released Gitmo detainees who have since joined ISIS and other terror groups on the battlefield. And Qatar? White as snow in this?

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres has described Qatar as “the world’s largest funder of terror,” and the Muslim nation has ties not only to Hamas but also to Nusra Front and Al Qaeda. What’s more, Qatar has been financing the construction of mosques scattered across Europe and has taken particular interest in “helping the underprivileged” Muslim areas of France- and by now we all know how “well-integrated” French Muslims are after the Charlie Hebdo and kosher grocery store attacks as well as the attacks leading up to them.

So Qatar throws its money and influence into strategic areas in both the Muslim world and the West: the media, religious instruction and mosque construction, American weaponry, terrorism, European banking, real estate- and air travel. All this while forging key alliances. And all this from a nation with less than two million people.

Oh, it’s all smiles and handshakes while the deals are being made, but while those same smiles and handshakes are also extended to people like Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, the West had better keep its own “watchful eye.”

Qatar Airways joined oneworld alliance in 2013. American and British Airways are founding members of the group. One world, one big happy family?

Qatar Airways joined oneworld alliance in 2013. American and British Airways are founding members of the group. One world, one big happy family?

The Price Sikh Women Paid for Not Accepting Islam

Indian history serves as a prime example of the fight against Islamization. “One by one many Sikh women suffered such brutal atrocities, but they all chose to remain steadfast to their Sikh faith instead of embracing Islam…” 

sikh women martyrs of punjab

By: Dr. Ranjit Singh Dhillon

Sikh Women Martyrs of Punjab (1752)

On March 6, 1752 A.D., Muin-ul-Malk, Governor of Lahore (now Pakistan), also known as Mir Mannu, ordered the extermination of Sikhs in his area and had the men-folk beheaded publicly, with the younger unmarried girls sold or distributed among the jihadis. The women and children had a different fate and were taken captives and kept hungry in the Lahore jail. Starving women were forced to operate heavy wheat grindstones and were given the option of conversion to Islam or to suffer the consequences.

They unanimously chose to remain steadfast to their faith in the face of certain death, upon which the Muslim guards gruesomely massacred over 300 infants and children, IMPALING them on spears. Chopping their limbs, bodies of babies were RIPPED open to take out internal organs which were then garlanded around their mothers necks. One by one many Sikh women suffered such brutal atrocities, but they all chose to remain steadfast to their Sikh faith instead of embracing Islam. Continue reading “The Price Sikh Women Paid for Not Accepting Islam” »

Dope and Hookers Will Save Europe

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? A new way to improve Europe’s GDP…

A different sort of money laundering?

A different sort of money laundering?

By: Y.K. Cherson

Europe invented an absolutely revolutionary method for getting out of a recession and boosting its GDP.  It’s a magic wand that in a wink has increased Europe’s GDP by 2%.

Italy –wow! A true wonder- has avoided its third potential recession in the past six years, a likely relief for the government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, which has been struggling with reforms while trying to keep the deficit low in accordance with EU agreements. Italy’s office for national statistics (ISTAT) triumphantly announced that Italy’s GDP rose marginally from a 0.1 percent decline for the year’s first quarter to a flat reading. It means that Italy is no longer in an economic recession!

But miracles do not end here. Continue reading “Dope and Hookers Will Save Europe” »

Biased Mainstream Media Practically Justifies Tel Aviv Terror Attack

A look at a BBC article which seems to downplay the attack in Tel Aviv by victimizing Palestinian Arabs while demonizing Israel…

Cleaning up blood from the horrific attack. (Photo Source: AFP/Jack Guez)

Cleaning up blood from the horrific attack. (Photo Source: AFP/Jack Guez)

By: Rachel Molschky

A savage terror attack perpetrated by an Arab Palestinian against Israeli commuters left 17 people injured on Wednesday, January 21, in Tel Aviv. The Muslim terrorist brutally stabbed commuters riding a bus in the morning hours and admitted he was seeking martyrdom for his place in “Paradise.” However, the mainstream media reported on the attack, practically victimizing the assailant with its accusatory tone toward Israel in an attempt to subtly justify the violence- or at least sympathize with the attacker’s “plight.”

Let’s look at some excerpts from the BBC: Continue reading “Biased Mainstream Media Practically Justifies Tel Aviv Terror Attack” »

Tel Aviv Terror Attack

Tel Aviv bus attack (Photo Source: TAZPIT)

Tel Aviv bus attack (Photo Source: TAZPIT)

Seventeen people were injured Wednesday morning, January 21, in a brutal terror attack in Tel Aviv. An Arab terrorist stabbed commuters on a bus and fled but continued to stab people in the street. He was chased by police, who shot him in the leg before arresting the man who confessed he wanted to become a martyr and reach Paradise.

Hamas has praised the violence, which Continue reading “Tel Aviv Terror Attack” »

ISIS: What It Is and What It Wants

The dangers of ISIS: identifying the enemy, what it is, what it wants and why it is different from other terror groups.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (Photo source: REX FEATURES)

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Photo source: REX FEATURES)

By: Y.K. Cherson

In 2015, ISIS will remain one of the “hottest” topics and news makers of the world media. Most probably, in the coming year we shall see reports about its activities not only in Syria and/or Iran- but also in other Middle Eastern countries and even in Europe and the US.

ISIS is a serious enemy, and if we want to win a war against it, we must Continue reading “ISIS: What It Is and What It Wants” »

Stop Comparing Anti-Islamic and Anti-Semitic Cartoons

Je Suis Juif

By: Rachel Molschky

The difference is in the reactions.

Such cartoons offend us both. What is the Jewish reaction? We kvetch. We write about it, maybe even go to court.

What is the Muslim reaction? Violent terrorist attacks, rioting- murder.

No, we are not hypocrites, and yes, we believe in free speech. But we are allowed to be offended, as anyone would be.

Catholics were offended by Continue reading “Stop Comparing Anti-Islamic and Anti-Semitic Cartoons” »

France After Muslim Terrorist Attacks: Hypocrites on the Front Lines

“Champions of freedom of speech” were not fighting so hard before the attacks…

The march in Paris with world leaders at the front. Source: AFP

The march in Paris with world leaders at the front. Source: AFP

By: Y.K. Cherson

On Sunday, January 11, 2015, a group of unbending fighters against Islamic terrorism led the “March of Unity” in Paris.  In the first line we could see French President Francois Hollande in person, who owes his Presidency to the voices of brothers Kouachi  and their ilk. He promised them more money in the form of social welfare and a simplified procedure for the reunification with relatives who stayed in Morocco-Tunisia-Algeria, and he gave the right to vote to those who are already in France but have not yet gotten their French citizenship.

An immigrant from Morocco or Tunisia is not a citizen of France? It does not matter; he is one of us. And “brothers Kouachi” made Mr. Hollande their President, quite correctly deciding Continue reading “France After Muslim Terrorist Attacks: Hypocrites on the Front Lines” »

Terrorist Attacks in France, Russia: Is Russian Blood Not Red Enough?

Two terrorist attacks in two separate countries, with two entirely different responses.

A building burns in the Grozny attack.

A building burns in the Grozny attack.

By: Y.K. Cherson

On December 4, 2014, three cars with eleven passengers, all males, approached a traffic police checkpoint at the entrance to the Chechen capital of Grozny. The guys looked quite ordinary, appeared to be unarmed and not aggressive- yet something in their behavior alerted the police.

Although they were just regular traffic policemen, not some super RAID troops or members of an elite anti-terror group- they were able to sense that something was wrong and demanded that the passengers open the luggage departments of the cars. In response, the passengers opened fire.

Having left three police officers dead, they entered the city and assaulted and captured a press building and an abandoned school, located in the center of Grozny. Their claim was some unintelligible mumbling about the raid being “in revenge for mistreating of Muslim women.”

But the shooting Continue reading “Terrorist Attacks in France, Russia: Is Russian Blood Not Red Enough?” »

Europe Is Being Raped, But Don’t Cry; She Seems to Like It

An explosion lights the front of a kosher supermarket as French police special forces launch their assault, where several people were taken hostage in eastern Paris

Photo source: Reuters

By: Y.K. Cherson

The reports from France look like the reports from a war; three days of attacks leaving 17 dead along with three terrorists, and this after several attacks late last month. One after another, all over France, leaving dozens of people wounded, hostages taken and shot, thousands of Police and RAID troops deployed, and ALL the strikes were perpetrated by Muslim converts and immigrants – or their first or second generation descendants. All the attacks were religiously motivated and accompanied by the sadly famous Muslim battle cry “Allahu Akbar,” “Allah is the Greatest.”

If this is not a religious war- then Continue reading “Europe Is Being Raped, But Don’t Cry; She Seems to Like It” »


Je Suis Charlie

Standing in solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo victims and fighting for free speech is great, but let’s address the issue here: Islamic terror.

By: Rachel Molschky

Freedom of speech was attacked in Paris on Wednesday. It was attacked in the form of 12 dead bodies, and the attack came from one source and one source only- Islam. Continue reading “Je Suis Charlie” »

12 Dead in Paris Terror Attack

Screenshot from footage of the attack

Screenshot from footage of the attack

Twelve people are dead and five more are seriously injured in an terror attack at the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. There is a manhunt for three attackers, one of whom reportedly told witnesses to “tell the media that we are from Al-Qaida in the Yemen.” They are said to have spoken “perfect French.”

The attackers can also be heard on video screaming, Continue reading “12 Dead in Paris Terror Attack” »

UK: Another Labour Party Rep Takes to Twitter, Trivializes Holocaust

The image that was tweeted

The image that was tweeted

Twitter+Labour Party= Anti-Semitism? One month back, tweets from a Labour Party representative reflected blatant anti-Semitism, bashing the UKIP for its “evil money grabbing Jews.” Now Nottingham Labour councillor Rosemary Healy has retweeted a spoof version of a Conservative campaign poster with an image of a road leading to Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau along with the Tory logo.

In both cases, Continue reading “UK: Another Labour Party Rep Takes to Twitter, Trivializes Holocaust” »

Mastermind in Murder of 3 Israeli Teens Gets Life Sentences- For Now

What does a life sentence mean with so many prisoner releases?

Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and 19-year-old Eyal Yifrach were murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and 19-year-old Eyal Yifrach were murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

By: Rachel Molschky

Life sentences do not seem to mean much in Israel when outside “mediators” work their magic in supposed “peace deals” with Palestinian terrorist governments. With that said, Hussam Hassan Kawasame, the Hamas terrorist convicted of financing and planning the kidnapping of Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and 19-year-old Eyal Yifrach, which resulted in their murders, has received three life sentences for his significant role in the killings. He was also ordered to pay NIS 250,000 to the family of each victim.

This is by no means his first involvement in Hamas terrorism. Continue reading “Mastermind in Murder of 3 Israeli Teens Gets Life Sentences- For Now” »

Somali Pirates in France and Norwegian Prison ‘Hospitality’

Who is being deprived of their human rights? The victims or the criminals? The answer to that question, according to the modern West:

Somali pirate. Photo credit: AFP

Somali pirate. Photo credit: AFP

By: Y.K. Cherson

In 2008, a group of Somali pirates attacked and Continue reading “Somali Pirates in France and Norwegian Prison ‘Hospitality’” »

Best of Cherson & Molschky 2014


We started our website halfway through 2013, and have been growing ever since. The year 2014 was our first full calendar year, and it was a year of even more in-depth articles on our three core topics of Immigration, Islam and Israel.

The following are some of the most read and most popular articles of the past year. A few of them were carried over from 2013 but are still relevant, as nothing ever seems to change in this Western game of political correctness, the liberal insistence to push multiculturalism and open border policies on the native population, the victimization of terrorists and scapegoating of Jews. Correction- things do change; they get worse.

Y.K. Cherson:

Why Muslims Rape (reposted again as Why Muslims Rape, by Y.K. Cherson in 2014)

Palestinians: The Invented People

How the West Is Committing Financial Suicide

The Goal of Muslim Immigration According to Muhammad’s Teachings

Are Muslim Immigrants Good for Your Country?

Myth of How the West Was “Saving Jews” and the European Reconquista

Pippi LongBurqa, or the Land Without Shame

Germans Tire of Muslim Immigrants

Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

The Main Danger for Europe

Y.K. Cherson has also written extensively on the situation in Russia and the Ukraine:

Whom the West Supports in Ukraine

The Voice of a Native-Born Ukrainian

Another must-read from Y.K. Cherson in 2014 you may have missed:

There Is No Draw in Religious Wars

Rachel Molschky:

The Treatment of Women in Islam

America Is Going Muslim

‘Islamophobic’ Muslims Leave Islam After Reading the Qur’an

The Support for Sharia Law Around the World

Obama’s America: Safe Haven for Terrorists

Palestinian Girl Killed by Uncle: Where Is the Outrage?

Canadian Muslims Beat Jews at Anti-Israel Rally- Again

US Terrorism Database Has Doubled

The Treatment of Religious Minorities in Muslim Lands

How Muslim Immigration Affects Our Schools

Paul Wilkinson, Guest Blogger:

Is Islam a Satanic Cult?

Britain’s Fate Is Sealed Following Muslim Baby Boom

Marseille… Wish You Were Here?

The Islamisation of England, One Town at a Time

Counter-Jihad: Help Stem the Islamisation of the West

My personal favorite by Paul and one of his most read articles this year was How Nottingham Has Changed in the Last 15 Years.

Blazing Cat Fur blogger Frau Katze stopped by for a bit to translate some important articles. She broke the news in English on our site with a disturbing case of political correctness superseding freedom of speech and common sense:

Swedish Politician Fined for ‘Hate Speech’ Against Islam

Dr. Ranjit Singh gave permission to post some of his work. The following details an episode in history which should never be forgotten:

Direct Action Day of 1946: Muslim Slaughter of Hindus and Sikhs

We would like to thank our readers and look forward to a new year with your continued support. Please help us to spread the word and show your friends the hypocrisy and injustices taking place in our nations today by sharing our articles.

France: Revolutionary Treatment for Muslim ‘Mental Illness’

Violent attacks accompanied by cries of “Allahu Akbar” are simply the result of “mental illness,” according to French authorities who incidentally are enacting a subtle “treatment” for this plague…

French Dhimmitude

By: Y.K. Cherson and Rachel Molschky

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way, however it may be…”

“Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.”

These were the words of Abu Mohammed al Adnani, the official spokesman and a senior leader of ISIS, as he addressed the terror group’s supporters around the world back in September.

Not once in the message did al Adnani say he was only speaking to official card-carrying ISIS members, but that is Continue reading “France: Revolutionary Treatment for Muslim ‘Mental Illness’” »

USA/Russia/Ukraine: The Aggressor Did Not Arrive at the War

The Western narrative has not become a reality, and the result for some will be devastating…

Petro Poroshenko

By: Y.K. Cherson

In all their reports since June 2014, 300 OSCE observers do not leave a stone unturned from the US lie that “Russia invaded Ukraine”, is therefore an ”aggressor” and must pay for its aggression. They say, one week after another, that “At the two BCPs the OM did not observe any military movement, apart from vehicles of the RF border guard service.”

So, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. The appointed Russian aggressor Continue reading “USA/Russia/Ukraine: The Aggressor Did Not Arrive at the War” »

Muslim Immigrant Injured 11 in Nantes- But Tolerance Is Above All

Muslim attacks against the West continue, and political correctness sweeps over each incident…

Attack in Nantes. Source: Reuters

Attack in Nantes. Source: Reuters

By: Y.K. Cherson

On December 21, a Muslim entered his white Peugeot van, drove down a couple of streets in the French city of Nantes, and with the traditional scream “Allah is Great” crashed into a Christmas market full of holiday shoppers. Eleven people, including the perpetrator were injured, five of them seriously hurt, and one has subsequently died. Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet had to recognize that the driver “deliberately crashed into the crowd.”

Just a couple of days prior, Muslims had demonstrated two more examples of their proverbial peacefulness: the first when a second-generation immigrant from a North African Muslim family ran down 13 bystanders in Dijon, and the second when a recent convert to Islam stabbed police officers in Tours. The man who ran down people in Dijon said he acted alone and had no religious motivations, but rather was upset at the treatment of Chechen children. The next time another Muslim immigrant will be upset over the treatment of Palestinian children, another one will worry about the fate of Syrian ones, then Libyan, then Lebanese…

There are some 25 Muslim countries in the world, and another 20-some odd nations with a substantial share of the Muslim population- over 50 in all; enough material to worry about. And there are also enough French every gone-nuts Muslim immigrant can kill each time he gets upset about the treatment of children. Or women. Or camels… And after they are through with the French-  they can always switch to the Dutch. Or Germans. Or Brits.

There are still hundreds of millions of “infidels” in this world, and killing them all will take some time. But if Muslims start killing in the tens or hundreds each time they are upset about something- the work will without any doubt go faster.

Each time, European leaders and liberal journalists will hurry to tell us that Islam is the religion of peace, and that Muslim immigrants kill Europeans in European cities not because of Islam- but because of their difficult childhood. Or bad education. Or poverty. Or because Europeans do not show enough enthusiasm in recognizing that Muhammad was the greatest Prophet on Earth, far above some insignificant Jesus. And they will talk about tolerance, informing us that “ we are all humans”, and that “violence only engenders more violence”, and life is good in spite of some small inconveniences like Muslim immigrants and their stubborn wish to kill us in our own homes.

The current insane immigration policy will continue, and new legions of “warriors of Jihad” will arrive to European cities, while more and more Muslim immigrants and their children will enter their Peugeot vans and crash into the crowd where our children might be buying their Christmas gifts. Or take an ax- and hack their heads off, like they did in London to Lee Rigby, who was only 25. His murderers, two Muslim immigrants, made a true mayhem when the British judge, in the paroxysm of political correctness, said that their actions were “a betrayal of Islam and of the peaceful Muslim communities who give so much to our country” while Rigby’s killers screamed at him that he knew nothing about Islam and that “America will not be safe”. And I am sure that they know their religion better than an English judge.

AllahHu Akbar.

But of course, tolerance and political correctness are more precious things than our children’s lives. Or our own, after all.

What a shame.

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Silence can be tantamount to being an accomplice to a crime.