Pastors Opposing ‘Gay Rights’ Targeted While Muslims Execute Gays

By: Rachel Molschky



Freedom of religion may still be intact for now, but it was nearly taken away when five Christian pastors were targeted by the government for not being on board with the gay rights bandwagon. While gay marriage has become the hottest political topic in the US over the past year or so, and 32 states have made same-sex marriage legal, the idea is being forced upon everyone, no matter what their religious beliefs.

When the religion in question is Islam, not a word. Ironically, as the issues of gay rights and gay marriage are sweeping the nation, the relationship between the US and Iran is getting warmer. While Iran continues to consider the US its enemy, the Obama Administration has been in talks with the Muslim nation to battle our common enemy of ISIS, even though Iran is responsible for the killing of around 1000 Americans just since 2003. And Obama dismisses the threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons, removing important sanctions against the country which is and has been our enemy for years. Here’s the ironic part- as the US pushes the gay rights agenda, Iran, despite its claim to the contrary, executes homosexuals.

In August, Iran hung two men, Abdullah Ghavami Chahzanjiru and Salman Ghanbari Chahzanjiri, presumably for having consensual gay sex. These hangings added to the more than 400 executions in Iran in just the first half of 2014.

A few months earlier in March, two other gay men were executed in Iran for the crime of perversion, a vague offense under which all sorts of crimes may fall, anything considered immoral according to Sharia Law.

Reza Farahan, star of the reality TV show “Shahs of Sunset” is an openly gay Iranian-American, and unlike the Obama Administration as well as our liberal media, addresses the persecution of homosexuals in Iran and the Middle East in general. Just to provide a little taste of his personality, Farahan said in an interview for the Huffington Post, “I identify as the most un-Muslim, semi-Jewish, stunningly beautiful gay Persian man living in Los Angeles.” He states that the attitudes in the Middle East towards homosexuality are part of what motivated him to pursue a career in reality television.



Yet he is practically alone in this pursuit to expose the treatment of gays in the Muslim world. The general liberal consensus in the US in regards to the “gay” issue, is to talk about nothing but gay rights domestically, but to completely ignore the execution of gays when those responsible are Muslim governments. In Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, UAE and Yemen, homosexuals who engage in homosexual acts can be executed.

There are actually 79 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia, where homosexuality is illegal.

However, addressing the issue of the persecution of gays in these African and Asian nations, many of which are Muslim, is not on the agenda. Attacking American Christians opposed to gay marriage or homosexuality entirely due to their religious beliefs, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. Like Phil Robertson, of the reality show “Duck Dynasty”, whose Christian views on homosexuality got him in a heap of trouble with the gay community. Or these five Christian preachers in Texas who publicly opposed an ordinance banning the “discrimination” of gay and transgender residents, and who were issued subpoenas for sermons they made. The subpoenas were later withdrawn, but why were they issued in the first place?

While it may sound immoral at face value for these Christians to oppose the discrimination of gays, is that really the cause for their objection? The ordinance allows for such things as people choosing whichever public restroom they want, regardless of their physical gender, but based on the gender with which they most identify. That means that a man could walk into a women’s restroom or vice versa. Should such a thing really fall under “discrimination?”

Most people who oppose legalizing gay marriage do not condone the discrimination of gays. They are not walking around with white hoods and burning crosses. It simply goes against their religious teachings but does not mean they support real discrimination, a word which apparently has been broadened thanks to the addition of “transgender rights” issues to the mix, which is the reason why we are now contemplating men using a women’s restroom. Wouldn’t that make most people uncomfortable? How is that discrimination?

The mayor of Houston, who is gay incidentally, decided to withdraw the subpoenas but only after a public outcry. Fox News reports that the subpoenas are only revised and that the city has changed the request for “sermons” to “speeches.” Looks like Christian sermons are being attacked after all.

And Muslim sermons which call to destroy the West, to kill the unbelievers, to kill the Jews? Actually, Muslim imams are still free to preach violence. And Muslim countries will go on executing homosexuals, while liberal communists make it a greater offense to verbally oppose gay marriage or transgender “rights” than to support Sharia Law, the same Muslim law in some of the countries which oppose gay marriage, not verbally or with the strike of a pen, but with the death penalty.

Perhaps “freedom of religion” only applies to Islam.

More on the story at Fox News.

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Pippi LongBurqa, or the Land Without Shame

Recognizing the “Palestinian State” is the least of Sweden’s problems as the liberal nation destroys itself..

By: Y.K. Cherson



After the Swedish Prime Minister officially declared on October 3, that Sweden would recognize the Palestinian State, social networks were full of calls to start boycotting Swedish products including the famous Vodka “Absolut,” or to punish Sweden in other ways. Although I understand and share  the feeling of disgust and contempt for the Swedish government in this decision, I shall not join the boycott; first, because I do not drink Vodka at all, and me boycotting would make no difference. And second, because no punishment that would come to Sweden from the outside would be worse than the punishment that has already come from within.

Swedes punished themselves so well that the prospering country that used to be an object of envy and admiration has become the stinking slop-pail. The descendants of those Vikings who enthroned and dethroned kings in France and Britain and whose name alone made the people from Northern Africa to Northern Russia tremble, now look at how a Muslim immigrant rapes a Swedish girl in a public swimming pool- and do not dare to say a word. In today’s Sweden, ruled by the ultra-Left coalition of Social Democrats and “Green”, there is no Freedom of Word, no Safety, no Rule of Law.

burqaSweden’s main preoccupation today consists in being tolerant, liberal and nice to immigrants, and, as the people in the past started their day praying “From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord”, so today modern Vikings start their day with praying “From the accusations in racism and Islamophobia deliver us, O Political Correctness”…

One illustrative example: Swedes started to film the new version of the famous “Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren. But the traditional variant did not seem politically correct enough to the filmmakers, so in the new remake, Pippi will be Chinese. I suppose that in the next remake of the “Karlsson-on-the-roof”, the role of Karlsson will be given to some Pakistani girl in a hijab.

How one should despise his own people and his own country to do such things!

In 2012, brilliant Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist gave a speech which was entitled “I am Swedish, but I live in ‘Absurdistan’”. This is what she said:

Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ingrid Carlqvist and I was born in Sweden in 1960, when the Social Democrats were gonna rule for ever and ever and our country was the nicest and safest and most progressed in the world. Now I live in Absurdistan – a country that has the highest figure of reported rapes in the world, hundreds of so called “exclusion areas” where people live outside the Swedish society and with newspapers that hide all these horrible facts to the people.

I feel just like Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz – a tornado came and blew me miles and miles away from home and dumped me in a country I don’t know.

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Sweden anymore.”

Like Dorothy I’m searching for a way to find my home, but on my path I only meet lions without courage, scarecrows without brains and tin men without hearts.

When I grew up our prime minister was Tage Erlander, a Social Democrat. In 1965 he said in parliament, after violent race riots in America: “We Swedes live in a so infinitely happier situation. The population in our country is homogenous, not just according to race but also in many other aspects.”

Now I live in a nation that is not homogenous in any aspect. Olof Palme that came after him decided that homogeneous was a bad thing and opened up our borders for people from all over the world. And from right to left the politicians told us that there were no such thing as a Swedish culture, no Swedish traditions worth mentioning and that we Swedes should be grateful that so many people with REAL culture and REAL traditions came to us.

Mona Sahlin, a later leader of the Social Democrats, said in an interview 2002 with the magazine Euroturk, when asked what Swedish culture is:

“I’ve often had that question, but I can’t think of what Swedish culture is. I think that is what makes us Swedes so envious of immigrants. You have a culture, an identity, something that ties you together. What do we have? We have Midsummers Eve and such corny things.“

She also said: The Swedes must integrate into the new Sweden. The old Sweden is not coming back.

In this New Sweden we have more reported rapes than any other country in the European Union, according to a study by professor Liz Kelly from England. More than 5 000 rapes or attempted rapes were reported in 2008 (last year it was more than 6 000). In 2010 another study reported that just one country in the world has more rapes than Sweden, and that is Lesotho in South Africa … For every 100 000 inhabitants Lesotho has 92 reported rapes, Sweden has 53, The United States 29, Norway 20 and Denmark 7.

In 1990 we counted to 3 exclusion areas in Sweden, suburbs where mostly immigrants live, where very few have a job to go to, almost all of them live by welfare and the children don’t pass their exams. In 2002 they counted to 128 exclusion areas. In 2006 we had 156 and then they stopped counting. In some cities, like Malmo where I live, a third of all inhabitants live in an exclusion area.

What did Tage Erlander mean when he said that the Swedish population was homogenous, not just according to race but also in many other aspects? I think he meant things like norms, values, culture and traditions. A feeling of fellowship. That we all, in the Old Sweden, had a similar view of what a good society is and how we solve conflicts. He KNEW what the Swedish culture was all about, in contrast to Mona Sahlin.

In the New Sweden we need armed police officers at our hospitals because rivalling families fight each other in the hospital rooms. They gun each other down in open streets and they rob and beat old people up. The crime rate grows by the minute, but the Swedish politicians and journalists tell us that is has absolutely nothing to do with immigration. The fact that our prisons are full of foreign people is just a coincidence or is explained by socio-economic factors.

For many years I was a journalist in the mainstream media. But I was always a bit of a troublemaker, always suspicious of what people said was THE TRUTH. When everybody ran in one direction, I turned around in the other direction to see what was there.

In January 2011 something happened to make me loose my last hope about Swedish journalists. I was the vice chairman of The Society of Publicists in Malmo and had invited the Danish journalist Mikael Jalving to talk about his coming book “Absolute Sweden – a Journey in the Country of Silence”. One day the chairman phoned me and said: We must cancel Mikael Jalving because he is going to talk at a meeting arranged by a newspaper called National Today.

It didn’t matter to him, or to anyone else on the board of this society for journalists, that Jalving was going to talk about his book. If he went to that meeting he would be infected by nationalist ideas and probably he would become a nazi.

You see, everyone with a different opinion in Sweden really IS a Nazi!

That’s the way it works in the New Sweden, the country I call Absurdistan. The country of silence.

I was furious and left the board of that society. That led to my being invited to The Danish Free Press Society to talk about the strange country of Sweden and that led to my founding of the Swedish Free Press Society…

The situation in Sweden is far worse than in Denmark. In Sweden NOBODY talks about immigration problems, the death of the multiculti project or the islamisation/arabisation of Europe. If you do you will immediately be called a racist, an Islamophobe or a nazi. That is what I have been called since I founded the Free Press Society in Sweden. My name has been dragged in the dirt in big newspapers like Sydsvenskan, Svenska Dagbladet and even my own union paper, The Journalist…”

“The land of the free will cease to be when it’s no longer the home of the brave.”

Muslim immigrants consider Europeans cowards without shame and courage.

Maybe they are right, after all?

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Why Muslims Rape, by Y.K. Cherson

Why Liberals Downplay Terrorism

The following article by Ezra Levant comes right to the point about how liberals treat each act of Muslim terrorism against us and why. “Downplaying the crimes of the terrorists, and even suggesting we are somehow to blame – isn’t that like saying ‘Hitler wasn’t as bad as people say, and besides, the Jews provoked him’?” he writes…

Toronto Sun, by Ezra Levant, H/t BCF

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, pictured in this image tweeted from an ISIS social media account, has been identified as the shooter of a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Oct. 22, 2014. (Twitter/Handout/QMI Agency)

After any terrorist attack, why is the first instinct of liberals to downplay it?

Their first reflex is to deny that it’s terrorism at all. Nidal Hasan, a Muslim U.S. soldier, shot 13 fellow soldiers to death at Fort Hood while shouting, “Allahu Akbar.” Yet the Pentagon declared the attack “workplace violence,” not terrorism.

The next liberal reflex is to deny that an attacker is Muslim. Last month there was a terrorist-style beheading in Oklahoma City. Media reports called the suspect “Alton Nolen.” Which was the name his mother gave him. As opposed to the name he took for himself after he converted to Islam: Jah’Keem Yisrael. Media showed old pictures of him dressed as a factory worker, rather than his own Facebook pictures showing him in flowing Muslim robes and head-coverings.

The third liberal reflex is to say a terrorist attack was just the act of a madman… Keep reading

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Muslim Converts Pledge Allegiance to Islam by Murdering Non-Muslims

By: Rachel Molschky

terrorists_among_us_Muslim converts devout in their faith are pledging their allegiance to Islam in the most historically Islamic way- by murdering non-Muslims in the West. Fans of ISIS because the terror group is attempting to carry out the Islamic plan for domination, these zealous converts are bringing terror home.

  • In one week, two separate attacks by two different Muslim converts in Canada: one murdered a soldier near Montreal by running him down with his car; the other murdered a soldier in Ottawa by shooting him. (October 20 and 22, 2014)
  • The very same week, a Muslim convert attempted to kill four police officers in Queens, New York, with a hatchet. (October 23, 2014)
  • A month prior, a Muslim convert beheaded a woman in Oklahoma and attempted to behead another before he was shot. (September 25, 2014)
  • Earlier last month, a Muslim convert beheaded an elderly woman in Britain. (September 4, 2014)

And let’s not forget that Lee Rigby’s killers were also Muslim converts.

While the media does its best to paint a portrait of each perpetrator as a “loner,” “suffering from depression or mental illness,” “having drug problems,” “having a criminal past,” and searching for answers in their “troubled childhoods,” one question never answered is why these acts of terrorism are always committed by Muslims. Where are the troubled loners who recently converted to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism? Where are the acts of terrorism from those “mentally ill” converts?

The answer lies in Islam.

Quran 2:191

And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

Quran 2:193

Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah . But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.

There are many more like verses, which I already wrote about in Condemning the ‘Islamic State’ Does Not Make it ‘Un-Islamic’ (and more to be found at on this page.)

The media presumes that the terrorists in each case are mentally ill, but if that’s the case, it follows suit that those who convert to Islam are mentally ill hence, Islam is the religion, not of peace, but for the mentally disturbed. Now that doesn’t sound very politically correct, does it?

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More Muslim immigrants, more Muslim terror…

Zehaf-Bibeau captured on surveillance cameras.

Zehaf-Bibeau captured on surveillance cameras.

By: Y.K. Cherson

On Wednesday, October 22, a man opened fire on Canadian soldiers at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a reservist from Hamilton died later in the hospital. Minutes after the shooting, the attacker proceeded to the Parliament building situated nearby where he opened fire, and was finally shot dead by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. Three other people were lightly wounded in the attacks.

I am not going to discuss the incompetence of the Canadian Police and Security and the faults in Canadian measures of security in official government buildings where an armed man could calmly enter, open fire and keep shooting for minutes before he was neutralized; these faults are so evident that to talk about them would be like kicking a man while he’s down.

What is more interesting is the identity of the shooter.

The guys’s name was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian citizen born in 1982. His original name was Michael Joseph Hall, but then his mother, Susan Bibeau, the deputy chair of the immigration committee at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, married Bulgasem Zehaf, an  immigrant from Libya, who adopted her son Michael.

Having arranged his status as Canadian citizen through marriage to the high-ranked immigration officer, Mr. Bulgasem Zehaf in 1999 divorced her and disappeared from sight, at least until 2011 when he emerged as a jihadist fighter in Libya.

A deputy chair of the immigration committee at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada marrying an immigrant seems strange, but in the modern Western society gone nuts on defending rights of anyone to do practically anything, it is considered normal; good that the lady did not meet Osama on her way, otherwise we could have now read about the Canadian citizen Osama bin Laden.

Then Michael “embraced Islam”, the religion of peace- or at least this is what Western leaders invite us to think about it-and after that  he started to see “Shaitans” all over, and became very interested in studying Islam and in contacting individuals who are monitored by security officials of different countries for being involved in terrorist activity. This interest in the “religion of peace” finally found its manifestation in shooting Canadian soldiers.

What followed after was a usual Western demonstration of stupidity masked with the high-flying slogans about how “we shall never give in” and with assuring the public that such attacks would, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper pompously formulated it, only redouble Canada’s efforts to combat terrorism at home and abroad.

Harper also vowed Canada would remain vigilant against anyone who wished to harm the country, and that “Canada will never be intimidated,” and blah blah blah, which sounded especially fake and stupid only two days after another Muslim convert, Martin Couture-Rouleau, a 25-year-old who converted to Islam last year, rammed his car into two soldiers in the Quebec town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and was shot dead by police. One of the soldiers later died.

One of the main recommendations of the Canadian authorities to Canadian soldiers after these attacks was not to wear their uniforms when off duty, in order to not attract the attention of Muslim terrorists. The next recommendation by Canadian authorities to Canadian soldiers will most probably be to start wearing burqas and niqabs as camouflage.

Now all Western media are full of screams about the “heinous and disgusting crime”- but the fact that these two “heinous crimes” in Canada were both perpetrated by converts to the “religion of peace” is mentioned casually- or not mentioned at all. The main focus is the “mental illness” of the perpetrators or their sad childhoods.

And I just want to ask: were the London attacks less heinous crimes? Or the bombing in the Madrid railway station Atocha was less disgusting? Or the beheaded corpse of British soldier Lee Rugby cut to pieces by two Muslim thugs in London was not enough of a lesson for the brainwashed-by-the-calls-to-“tolerance”-people of Western Europe, USA, Canada and Australia? Or thirteen Americans, 12 of them soldiers, murdered in cold blood by Palestinian Nidal Malik Hasan in Fort Hood, four French paratroopers shot one-by-one like rabbits by Muslim immigrant Mohammed Merah, and HUNDREDS of other terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim immigrants and converts to Islam against soldiers and civilians in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada were not a clear signal that something is going terribly wrong?

Just imagine the insanity of the situation: immigrants killing natives IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES, in broad daylight- and Western governments declaring that they will redouble their efforts- in what? In bringing more Muslim immigrants to Western countries? And keeping in mind that, for example, three-in-four Pakistanis (74%) consider the U.S. an enemy, and that this attitude is shared by many Muslims in practically all Islamic countries, the more Muslim immigrants enter, the more Canadians, Americans, British, French and so on will have to be very careful in the streets of their home cities not to be killed by Muslim terrorists, and the more Canadian, American, British and French women and girls will have to dye their hair black, not to be raped by Muslim rapists.

This statement needs some additional proof?

Seems the West has decided to fight international… Oh, come on, let’s stop these politically correct euphemisms and call a spade a spade: ISLAMIC terrorism on outpatient basis, by receiving terrorists in-home. And if so, what can we expect? If something happens to us, our Prime Minister or President will deliver a great speech where he will say that we shall never surrender, that we shall double our efforts to combat terrorism at home and abroad- but that we cannot blame all the loyal and law- obedient Muslim community for the disgusting acts of some black sheep unanimously condemned by an absolute majority of Muslims. Muslims kill and rape, our politicians deliver speeches – we die and lose our countries to the hordes of hostile Muslim immigrants.

All are busy.

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British Political Party Liberty GB’s ‘New Islam Manifesto’


More Brits are turning to the UKIP, which has made it a goal to escape the grips of the EU. However, it is Liberty GB which addresses the issue of Islamization head-on.

Enza Ferreri made a case for Liberty GB earlier this year by comparing and contrasting the party to UKIP:

“What’s wrong with UKIP? UKIP understands the problems of immigration, but doesn’t deal with them effectively. Freezing it for 5 years is not enough.

“What about the immigrants already here and their successive generations? UKIP has no answer to that. Liberty GB will deport illegal immigrants, expel foreigners found guilty of imprisonable offences, examine the case of legal immigrants living in Britain since 1997, expel foreign imams and home-grown hate preachers, help repatriations, demand that immigrants assimilate into British life.

“UKIP’s website has hardly any mention of Islam, and the party is hesitant in recognising that the problem of the Islamisation of Britain exists. Liberty GB clearly declares in its manifesto that Islam is incompatible with our democratic system, and has many policies dealing with its threat.”

The approach of Liberty GB to Islamization is “zero tolerance.” The party has recently posted its “New Islam Manifesto,” a far cry from the dhimmitude we see from current leaders in office like David Cameron, who sends Ramadan greetings and insists that Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.

Liberty GB’s introduction to its manifesto:

“Most reasonable people now recognise that Islamic expansionism and belligerence pose a growing threat to Britain’s security and freedom, and that the weakness of political leaders in the face of this threat only emboldens those who would transform and destroy British society.

“It is against this backdrop that we have revised our Islam manifesto to offer a zero-tolerance alternative to the policies of concession and appeasement favoured by the established parties. Quite simply, if we want our children and grandchildren to live in freedom, then Islamisation must be halted and reversed, and it must be done soon.

“These new policies were written by Liberty GB  Policy Officer Steve Evans, in consultation with the Party”s Executive Council.”

Click here to read the manifesto itself. Is it too much? Or just right?

For now, it is UKIP that is making headway at the polls, upsetting the security LibLabCon had in their hold on voters. Paul Wilkinson wrote about the recent upset when UKIP finally won in a national election:

The Rise and Rise of UKIP

And more on British politics from Wilkinson: Britain Has Lost Its Moral Compass.

Canada: Two Terror Attacks in Three Days; More to Come?

By: Rachel Molschky

ottawa_parliamentTwo terror attacks in three days. In separate incidents, two Muslim converts in Canada have murdered two Canadian soldiers.

Islam is the perfect excuse to commit murder. Hiding behind so-called “religious” doctrine, terrorists find a way to justify crimes which no religion should condone. In the surreal world of multiculturalism, political correctness and liberalism of the modern West, where up is down and black is white, terrorists are victimized and their religion is a protected species like the California condor. As we protect the species, separating the religion from the violence it inspires, and we welcome more to become our neighbors and coworkers through immigration, allowing them to build houses of “worship” where terror is bred, with our helping hand, the process of our own demise begins.

The new friendly immigrants charm their way into converting our people to their “religion,” second and third generation immigrants (and sometimes first) are radicalized, and homegrown terrorists are scattered about, living among us, plotting whatever acts of terror they can against their hosts. And the result is two terror attacks in three days.

Martin Rouleau

Martin Rouleau

On Monday, a Muslim convert named Martin Rouleau mowed down two Canadian soldiers with his vehicle in Quebec. He killed one (Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent) and injured the other before taking off on a high-speed chase, which ended when Rouleau crashed his car into a ditch and was shot and killed by police. Rouleau was one of 90 being monitored by authorities, had links to other radicals and had the ISIS logo in a video on his Facebook page, which was under the name of “Ahmad the Converted” in French.

Of course Canadians were told the attack was linked to “terrorist ideology,” rather than Islamic ideology. (We’d best not offend the religion which inspires terror on our own soil. That would be “Islamophobic” after all.)

Then on Wednesday, another attack perpetrated by a Muslim convert at the Parliament building occurred in Ottawa, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking. First the gunman killed a Canadian soldier guarding the National War Memorial before witnesses saw him moving onto the Parliament building, where a gun battle ensued, and the terrorist, identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was eventually killed, apparently by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Zehaf Bibeau


The victim was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, and the man believed to be his killer, Zehaf-Bibeau, was considered to be a “high-risk traveler,” or in other words, likely to “travel abroad to engage in violent acts.” He was known to belong to a “radical sect” of Islam, though it is unclear what is more radical about this “sect” than others.

We can categorize the terrorists however we want, but while we perpetuate our own ignorance by putting the blinders on, pretending only a few Muslims are “radical” while “moderate” and “mainstream” Imams continue to preach violence in their mosques, and Western Muslims wanting to be obedient and dutiful to Allah listen intently, idolizing the savagery of ISIS and others like them, we are only fooling ourselves. More attacks will come.

In fact this is exactly what ISIS is calling for, and we already saw it in Oklahoma with the beheading by yet another Muslim convert. Just as Al Qaeda had called on devout Muslims to perpetrate “lone wolf” terror attacks in the West, so too is ISIS, and with its popularity on social media, it is finding success.

To make matters worse the US has “inadvertently” armed ISIS, when a cache of arms meant for Kurds wound up in the hands of ISIS, adding to millions of dollars of American weaponry the terrorists have already commandeered from Iraqi soldiers. It’s left ISIS jihadists thumbing their noses at the US and the allies, no doubt providing even greater motivation for Western fans of the terror group to strike on unsuspecting people in surprising places.

The days of safety are ending in Canada. PM Harper said that Canada is not immune to terror attacks. He was right. More Muslim immigrants, more mosques, more Islam- more terror.

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Palestinians ‘Forbidden’ to Sell Land to Jews

kotel2Israel’s supposed “partner in peace,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, has stiffened the punishment for Arabs who sell land to Jews, even in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. While the former sentence for the “crime” of selling or renting land to citizens of “hostile countries” was life in prison, a new law has added hard labor to the punishment.

The US fully supports Mahmoud Abbas and has recently pledged over $200 million to the rebuilding of Gaza as part of a worldwide effort totaling over $5 billion in pledges going straight to the Palestinian Authority, which finances terror. Additionally, to further demonstrate Continue reading “Palestinians ‘Forbidden’ to Sell Land to Jews” »

Britain Has Lost Its Moral Compass

The suicidal transformation of Britain has led to a week of questionable decisions and declarations, including the support for Muslim terrorism…

By: Paul Wilkinson

moralcompassOver the past week, in the span of only a few days, the lunatics have finally, officially, taken over the asylum of ‘Great’ Britain.

Firstly, following years of terrorism by Hamas against Israel, the elected British parliament held a ‘symbolic’ vote to recognise the existence of the ‘State of Palestine’. The vote was 274-12 in favour of recognising the ‘Palestinian State’ but less than half of MPs actually voted, and it has been suggested that many abstained through fear due to the pro-Palestinian climate.

Mike Freer, the Tory MP for Finchley and Golders Green resigned his government role over the House of Commons’ ‘Palestine’ in order to vote ‘No’ in the debate, but the majority of MPs Continue reading “Britain Has Lost Its Moral Compass” »

Hamas Leader’s Daughter Treated at Israeli Hospital

tel-aviv-hospitalThe daughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was treated at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. She is one of thousands of Gazans who receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals each year.

Haniyeh is the Hamas leader who calls for the destruction of Israel and inspires so-called “martyrdom” from the followers of his terror group. Not long ago at the graduation of a Hamas youth camp, he gave the graduates the following “words of encouragement“:

“The best way for us to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday is to walk in his footsteps and provide the future generations a Jihadi education. We shall walk in his footsteps in educating the future generation to love death for the sake of Allah as much as our enemies love life.”

About a year ago, his granddaughter Continue reading “Hamas Leader’s Daughter Treated at Israeli Hospital” »

Condemning the ‘Islamic State’ Does Not Make it ‘Un-Islamic’

By: Rachel Molschky

A militant waves a black ISIS flag in Iraq. (Source: Stringer/Reuters)

A militant waves a black ISIS flag in Iraq. (Source: Stringer/Reuters)

ISIS has grown powerful and popular within many factions of the Muslim community, and our politicians and media cannot deny the acts of pure savagery from the terror group. What they can and DO deny however, is that the brutality we are seeing from the “Islamic State” is influenced by Islam.

To admit that the history of the Islamic conquests and the many verses of violence in the Quran exemplify the true nature of Islam, currently on display by ISIS, is to admit that the millions of Muslim immigrants in our countries today are following not the “religion of peace” but the religion of hatred, terror, rape, death and destruction. Somehow that does not fit the politically correct narrative of the multiculturalists and leftists who count on the immigrant vote in order to maintain power- for now.

Muslim scholars recently released an open letter to ISIS, informing them that their ideology is “un-Islamic.” The 18-page letter signed by over 120 Muslim scholars is written in Arabic. Using the standard Muslim argument that non-Muslims cannot understand Islam Continue reading “Condemning the ‘Islamic State’ Does Not Make it ‘Un-Islamic’” »

Myth of How the West Was “Saving Jews” and the European Reconquista

The “Jewish Question”: European attitudes toward Jews have not changed much since before World War II, and even today Europeans are more concerned with “fighting the Jews” than with the Islamization and fall of their own civilization…

By: Y.K. Cherson

The main bill pertaining to Jews was passed in the 30s by the “great German people” and their no less “great leader” Adolph Hitler who felt occupied, humiliated and insulted by the Jews on the territory of Germany. The claim was readily and happily supported by Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians and the European small fry like Lithuanians, Estonians, Croatians… In joined efforts, they had initiated a project known as “The Final solution to the Jewish question”, that was later called the Holocaust. Some of the authors were hung after the Nuremberg trials, but most were generously spared and lived a long and happy life- unlike those Jews they killed.

For the sake of justness; this project was not purely European, it was European/American. Although Great Britain, the US and Canada did not parade their participation in the project, their governments’ policies do not leave Continue reading “Myth of How the West Was “Saving Jews” and the European Reconquista” »

Europe’s ‘Diplomatic’ War on Jews

Old habits die hard. European anti-Semitism along with the Islamic Jew hatred Muslim immigration has brought, make for a lethal combination.

By: Rachel Molschky

no-Jews-allowedA blacklist of Jews who will be banned from Europe is being created by the European Union. Lori Lowenthal Marcus of The Jewish Press has reported on the news of “European diplomats” who “are frustrated with Israel and are searching for ways to whack the Jewish state hard enough to bring it to its knees.” This “blacklist” is, as Lowenthal Marcus writes, “a tool intended to be used to force Jews to submit to the will of the haters [...] essentially, a Blacklist of Criminalized Jews, otherwise known as Settlers.” More on this at The Jewish Press.

Such a list only adds fuel to the fire. Anti-Semitism in Europe is becoming acceptable once again, as Muslim immigration has allowed the lethal combination of both Islamic Jew hatred and old European anti-Semitism which feed off one another. Political correctness has created the perfect guise. Slap on a politically correct and politically accepted word, “anti-Zionism,” Continue reading “Europe’s ‘Diplomatic’ War on Jews” »

The Rise and Rise of UKIP

The people have spoken. They are tired of massive immigration, the EU, and politicians who are out of touch. UKIP is gaining ground…

By: Paul Wilkinson

UKIPThe British public has been treated harshly and with contempt by the mainstream politicians, acting in their own self interests, without mandates and ignoring the clear consensus of the constituency they were elected to serve.

Various issues have lead to many people, particularly the working class, feeling abandoned. Years of an open door immigration policy is just one example among many such as Continue reading “The Rise and Rise of UKIP” »

Kerry Pledges $212 Million for Gaza

By: Rachel Molschky

Hamas_terroristsAt a conference in Cairo, donors pledged $5.4 billion in aid to rebuild Gaza, with Secretary of State John Kerry offering immediate US assistance of $212 million. The response far exceeded Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ request of $4 billion.

Among the donors are the European Union, which pledged 450 million euros ($568 million), and Qatar, which will be giving more than any other nation with nearly $1 billion, no surprise there since Qatar is a big supporter of Hamas. In all, 50 nations and 20 organizations offered financial support. Continue reading “Kerry Pledges $212 Million for Gaza” »

Palestinian Death Toll in Syria Provokes- Nothing

Photo source: Reuters

Photo source: Reuters

The Palestinian death toll in Syria has exceeded the number of Palestinian fatalities during Operation Protective Edge. The “Elder of Ziyon” website reports that the number of Palestinians killed in Syria so far is 2512 according to the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria. This number is far higher than the reported Arab fatalities in Gaza, which is somewhere around 2100, depending on the source, and that “source,” whether it is the UN, a “human rights” group or a major media outlet, generally originated with the numbers Hamas provided. Continue reading “Palestinian Death Toll in Syria Provokes- Nothing” »

Spotlight: Why ISIS and Hamas Wear Masks

An ISIS fighter who is possibly American. The FBI is asking the public to help identify him and others like him who hide behind masks.

An ISIS fighter who is possibly American. The FBI is asking the public to help identify him and others like him who hide behind masks. (

“Evil flourishes when concealed. Brutality thrives in fog.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach analyzes the tradition of committing unspeakable acts of evil while hiding behind a mask:

“… So many people in a position to support nations who stand for freedom and justice choose instead to support forces of evil, all in the name of compassion. Continue reading “Spotlight: Why ISIS and Hamas Wear Masks” »

Burqas: West vs. Muslim World

A Muslim woman in London. She is not wearing a burqa, but she may as well be. Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson.

A Muslim woman in London. She is not wearing a burqa, but she may as well be. Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson.

In the West, Muslim women often declare their love for the headscarf, face veil or burqa. The latter is the Islamic garment which completely covers a woman, like a tent. While it may seem abusive to non-Muslims to essentially make a woman invisible by throwing a sheet over her like a ghost for Halloween, Muslim women in the West are constantly telling the rest of us how “freeing” it is. If it really is so “freeing” to be invisible, why Continue reading “Burqas: West vs. Muslim World” »

Iftikhar Ahmad: British Schooling Is the Home of ‘Institutional Racism’

By: Rachel Molschky

Iftikhar Ahmad's profile photo from his Facebook page.

Iftikhar Ahmad’s profile photo from his Facebook page.

According to Iftikhar Ahmad, master propagandist for Islamic schooling, Britain is racist.

This is interesting considering the fact that some years back, a Gallup poll found that British Muslims are the most anti-Western, despite Britain being the least ‘Islamophobic’ country, and David Cameron’s assurance to the British public that Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism, a reoccurring theme in his speeches, much like his annual Ramadan greetings and praise for British Muslims. If Britain’s frowning upon its Muslim citizens running off to join ISIS and counter-terror measures to try to stop them from returning is racist or ‘Islamophobic’, then so be it. But British schooling?

Long before the Trojan Horse plot came to light, Continue reading “Iftikhar Ahmad: British Schooling Is the Home of ‘Institutional Racism’” »

An Incident in Obama’s Family: Who Is to Blame?

Michelle_Obama_2013_official_portraitA terrible tragedy happened in Obama’s family: The First Lady had a white child. That is how Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the State Department, explained it at a press conference.

Psaki:  Russia and President Putin personally are without any doubt the culprits of this incident, and we have iron-clad proof of this, but we cannot make our sources public due to National Security reasons.

Journalist: And how can you explain that in the nine months previous to the incident, Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko had lived in the Obama family home as personal guest? Or you think it is unrelated to this incident?

Psaki: Absolutely unrelated. Your insinuations are groundless. The Ukrainian President was in the US as a private person. Besides, he could have just come to visit his grandmother. Next question, please.

Journalist: And how can you explain that the newborn does not resemble President Putin at all, but is an exact reduced copy of President Poroshenko? Continue reading “An Incident in Obama’s Family: Who Is to Blame?” »