Islamic Terrorism Hits 23 Countries in 30 Days

Nothing speaks the truth like statistics. The numbers show how widespread Islamic terrorism is…


By: Rachel Molschky

They are but a few mentally ill extremists who know far less about their own religion than liberal Westerners, but somehow Muslim terrorists have managed to spread violence to 23 countries in only 30 days.* It is racist of course to point this out, as many have debated, despite the various races of Islam’s adherents, who also share the same races as those who practice Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and so on. Yet somehow the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists of those same races do not feel compelled to kill civilians in the name of their religion. (Though when they fight back to defend themselves against Muslim aggressors, the finger-pointing and racist claims miraculously disappear, and it is no longer considered racist, according to the media, to demonize people of any religion other than Islam, regardless of their skin color. The victims are always Muslim, even as nearly 100 percent of all terrorism in the world is perpetrated by Muslims and Muslim terror groups.)

The countries afflicted in the last 30 days are:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, CAR, Chad, DRC, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda and Yemen.

However, these are only the countries where Islamic terrorism has occurred in the last 30 days. The violence has hit closer to home in recent months, taking place in such countries as the US, France, Denmark, Australia and Canada.

During this 30-day period from mid-March to mid-April 2015, the results of the violence are over 2000 dead and nearly as many injured, all from Muslim terrorism specifically. These are not crimes where the perpetrator just happened to be Muslim, but pure savagery committed out of Islamic piety.

Furthermore, this data omits the terror plots foiled by law enforcement, which is met with endless obstacles from our governments that limit what counterterrorism authorities are able to accomplish because certain methods, like mosque surveillance, are now considered too intrusive and “racist.” Let them monitor churches, synagogues and temples, and no one will complain- nor are they likely to find anyone cooking up some terror plot. If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear. Still, somehow authorities are able to thwart Islamic terror plots every day. But again, it is not kosher to point that out unless the words “radical” or “extremist” are incorporated into the report.

Isn’t taking a religion to the extreme just another way of saying the adherent is very religious, “extremely” devout? Yet piousness in Islam equals violence. It is a religion which commands followers to kill the unbelievers, to fight for Allah, to cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, thus making “terrorism” a natural part of the doctrine.

These are not some vague or obscure verses. They are realized, and statistics demonstrate this. Over 25,000 Islamic terror attacks have been committed since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and it is believed that over 270 million people have been killed by jihadists since Islam’s inception.

Numbers don’t lie.

UPDATE: Some of the attacks from that 30-day period were not yet added to the list. The final numbers are even worse: 25 countries hit in 30 days resulting in nearly 2800 dead and 2400 injured. Some of those injured may later end up on the list of fatalities.

The two extra countries were Cameroon and Italy.

*Data compiled by TROP.

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Islamic Terrorism: Why There Is None in Japan

With all this Muslim terrorism plaguing the world, perhaps it is time to take a look at a country not suffering the same fate and analyze exactly why that is…

Map of Japan

By: Y.K. Cherson

In 2011, Sunni Muslims accounted for the greatest number of terrorist attacks and fatalities for the third year in a row. Over 5,700 incidents were committed by Sunni Muslims, responsible for nearly 56 percent of all attacks and about 70 percent of 12,533 fatalities.*

Another 24 percent of the fatalities are on Shi´a Muslims. So in 2011, Muslims were responsible for 94 percent of the fatalities in terrorist attacks. Since 2011, with ISIS on the scene, the number of the fatalities –victims of the Muslim terrorist attacks- sharply grew, together with Muslims´ share in the world terrorism that is steadily closing in on 100%.

In 2013, according to the US Department of State, a total of 9,707 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide, resulting in more than 17,800 deaths and more than 32,500 injuries. In addition, more than 2,990 people were kidnapped or taken hostage. Information about perpetrators was reported in source materials for 32 percent of terrorist attacks in 2013.

And of these 32 percent, or 17,800 deaths, only three Muslim terrorist groups, namely the Taliban, ISIS and Boko Haram, were responsible for 5,655 fatalities, or for 31.76 percent! That means that  31.76 percent out of the 32 percent of terrorist attacks which had reported information about the attackers were perpetrated by only three Muslim terrorist groups, out of a good 50 more that exist in our turbulent world!

Muslim terrorists can be proud: their share in world terrorist attacks is now close to 100%.

Seems there is not a single country where Muslims would not show their true colors… But no! There is such a country. It’s one of the most developed countries on Earth, and its democratic nature is recognized worldwide, a true ally of the USA and a member of NATO. However, with all this, there was not a single terrorist attack perpetrated by Muslims in this country. Moreover, there was not a single, even minor, riot, disturbance or protest, no matter how many citizens of this country support cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in some Danish newspaper or in a French magazine.

The name of this lucky country is Japan.

Of course, Japan achieved this by some super effective integration policy, through using the most advanced technologies and assigning billions of yen on the building of thousands of mosques and Islamic schools all over Japan, banning pork in all public places, introducing separate hours for boys and girls in swimming pools in all public schools, and Japanese male doctors do not dare touch their female patients, Muslim women get immense social aid each time they have a child, Shari´a courts were introduced in the judicial system of Japan, and the Koran is considered a Holy Book in Japan…

No, nothing of the kind. What Japan did to avoid problems related to Muslims was much simpler and cheaper; Japan is practically closed to Muslims.

Officially, immigration to Japan is not closed to Muslims. But the number of the immigration permits given to the applicants from Islamic countries is very low. Obtaining a working visa is not easy for adepts of Islam, even if they are physicians, engineers and managers sent by foreign companies that are active in the region. As a result, Japan is “a country without Muslims”.

There is no reliable estimate on the Japanese Muslim population. However, claims of thirty thousand made by some researchers are without doubt an exaggeration. Some claim that there are only a few hundred. This probably amounts to the number of Muslims openly practicing Islam. Asked to give an estimate on the actual number of Muslims in Japan, the ex-president of the Japan Islamic Association Abu Bakr Morimoto replied, “To say frankly, only one thousand. In the broadest sense, I mean, if we do not exclude those who became Muslims for the sake of, say marriage, and do not practice then the number would be a few thousand.”

One of the leaders of the Muslim community in Japan,  Nur Ad-Din Mori, was asked: “What percentage of Japan’s total population are Muslims?” He responded, “The answer at the moment is: One out of a hundred thousand.”

Japan’s population is 130 million people, so if these Muslim leaders are correct, then there must be around 1300 Muslims. But even those  Muslims who obtained immigration permits and lived many years in the country have very poor chances of becoming Japanese citizens.

Japan officially forbids exhorting people to adopt the religion of Islam (Dawah), and any Muslim who actively encourages conversion to Islam is seen as proselytizing to a foreign and undesirable culture. Too active “promoters of Islam” face deportation- and sometimes even a jail sentence.

The Arabic language is taught by very few academic institutes; I could find only one such institute: The Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo. But even the International University of Japan in Tokyo does not offer courses on Arabic or Islamic languages.

Importing the Koran in Arabic is practically impossible, and the only one permitted is the “adapted” version in Japanese.

Until recently, there were only two mosques in Japan: Tokyo Jama Masjid and Kobe Mosque. Now, the total number of Muslim praying sites in Japan is counted in some 30 single story mosques and about a hundred apartment rooms set aside for prayers.

And Japanese society expects Muslims to pray at home: no collective “prostrating” in the streets or squares; in Japan, for such “shows” the actors can get pretty high fines, and in those cases Japanese Police consider “serious”, the participants can be deported.

Quite often, Japanese companies seeking foreign workers specifically note that they are not interested in Muslims.

There is not even a trace of a Shari´a Law in Japan, and halal food is extremely difficult to find in there.

The Japanese tend to perceive Islam as a “strange  and dangerous religion” that a true Japanese should avoid, and the recent murders of two Japanese nationals, Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto, by ISIS have not contributed to any improvement in the opinions of the Japanese on this matter.

And the most  interesting thing in the Japanese approach to Muslims is the fact that the Japanese do not feel any guilt for such a “discriminatory” approach to Islam, and they evidently do not think they should  apologize to Muslims for the negative way in which they perceive their religion. Arab gas and oil- yes, and Japan maintains good relations with Arab exporters. But Islam – no, and Muslim immigration- neither. Islam is something that is suitable for others, not for Japan, and therefore the Muslims must remain outside.

And Muslims in Japan do not riot, they do not brand the Japanese “racists”, they do not burn cars, smash windows, behead Japanese soldiers for having been in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else on Earth – and not a single Japanese has been victim of a Muslim terrorist attack on Japanese soil in the last 30 years.

Maybe Europe and the USA should look at the Japanese model of dealing with Muslims more closely?

*This information comes from the National Counterterrorism Center’s (NCTC) unclassified report.  The NCTC provides the State Department with the statistical data it needs and was created to provide government agencies with this type of information.

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Immigration: Good or Bad?

A very simple solution to our immigration problems…

(Original photo source unknown)
(Original photo source unknown)

By: Y.K. Cherson

Immigrants created the USA. It’s a fact nobody can deny. The United States is a developed and prosperous democratic country. So… immigration is good?

But immigration destroyed Rome. After Caracalla’s edict which granted Roman citizenship to all inhabitants of the Roman Empire, people from Eastern parts of this Empire poured into Rome- and just a hundred years later the history of Rome ended.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy: Enemy to Friends, Friend to Enemies

Does Obama have any idea what he’s doing in the Middle East? From his policies and opinions on Iran, Israel, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., experts agree: Obama is a disaster.

Screenshot from Fox News
Screenshot from Fox News

By: Rachel Molschky

“Our allies don’t trust us; our enemies don’t fear us,” Former Governor of New York George Pataki said in an interview on Fox News.

Dick Cheney agrees. In a radio interview on Continue reading “Obama’s Foreign Policy: Enemy to Friends, Friend to Enemies” »

Muslim Immigrants: Law-Abiding Citizens or Parasites?

Welfare abuse and the cost of immigration are a part of the problem; Islamic “religious” beliefs are another…


By: Y.K. Cherson

For Muslim immigrants, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and any other Western country are not the places where they come to honestly work  and live; they are a battlefield. The enmity to Christians and Jews had been prescribed by Muhammad and unequivocally fixed in two sources most important for Muslims: Continue reading “Muslim Immigrants: Law-Abiding Citizens or Parasites?” »

Muslim India

Pakistan is not enough. India is set to have the largest Muslim population. The creation of Pakistan is one example of Islam’s violent history in the Hindu-majority nation…

(Photo Source: AP/Rafiq Maqbool)
(Photo Source: AP/Rafiq Maqbool)

By: Rachel Molschky

Projections for the year 2050 have India housing the largest Muslim population in the world, Continue reading “Muslim India” »

Muzaffarnagar Riots

The Muzaffarnagar Riots were an eruption of violence between Muslims and Hindus in India in 2013, which resulted in at least 62 dead, many more injured and tens of thousands displaced. The series of violent riots is virtually unknown in the West- until now.


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Americans Do Not Support a Palestinian State

Recent poll results do not jibe with the actions of the Obama Administration…

By: Rachel Molschky

Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90, Times of Israel
A State for terrorists and terror supporters? Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90, Times of Israel

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Palestinian Arabs Support Terror: More Poll Results

The newest poll results on how Palestinian Arabs on both sides (PA and Gaza) feel about the use of terror against Israel

Since 2001, more than 15,200 rockets and mortars, an average of over 3 rocket attacks every single day, have targeted Israel. (Source: IDF Blog)
Since 2001, more than 15,200 rockets and mortars, an average of over 3 rocket attacks every single day, have targeted Israel. (Source: IDF Blog)

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American College Campuses: Israel, No; ISIS, Yes

The brainwashing going on at American universities

Image source:
Image source:

By: Rachel Molschky

To support Israel is racist; to support ISIS is a demonstration of diversity. This is the atmosphere at American college campuses today. “Higher learning” has become synonymous with “liberal brainwashing.” Continue reading “American College Campuses: Israel, No; ISIS, Yes” »

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Uncontrolled immigration has contributed to a dissipating economy, disturbing crime statistics, a high rate of unemployment among natives, swollen welfare rolls so out of control they are practically bankrupting Western countries, and has even led to an unprecedented wave of terrorism. But the gravest problem of massive immigration, that which dwarfs all the rest, is the supplanting of the native populations of Western countries with people who quite often do not share those values that were and are the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Moreover, they often come to the West with the intent to destroy it. The sharp growth of the number of immigrants often openly hostile to the West, combined with the distortion of traditional Western values by liberals and leftists pose a serious threat to the very existence of Western civilization.

The truth is simple: immigration builds cheap houses but ultimately destroys the country.

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Obama Administration Keeps ‘Losing’ Weapons to the Enemy

When will the Obama Administration be held accountable?

"Property of the US Government" in the hands of the enemy. (Photo source:
“Property of the US Government” in the hands of the enemy. (Photo source:

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In at least three separate cases, the US government under Obama’s watch has lost track of weapons and other military equipment. While the President is quick to point the finger at former President George Bush for the Iraq War, he conveniently stays mum when it comes to his own administration’s negligence in allowing the enemy to gain control of American weaponry. Continue reading “Obama Administration Keeps ‘Losing’ Weapons to the Enemy” »

World Duped Again: Gaza Cement Not Used for Rebuilding Houses

Surprise! The cement going to Gaza is not being used for its intended purpose…

 A Palestinian worker adjusts bags of cement loaded on a truck which entered the Gaza Strip from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip on November 5, 2014. (Source: Flash90,

A Palestinian worker adjusts bags of cement loaded on a truck which entered the Gaza Strip from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip on November 5, 2014. (Source: Flash90,

By: Rachel Molschky

After a desperate plea to the international community, PA President Mahmoud Abbas was able to secure pledges of over 5 billion dollars to rebuild Gaza after Operation Protective Edge. Now, Qatar donors are admitting that most of the cement allocated for reconstructing homes is actually being sold on the black market.

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Palestinian Response to Israeli Election Results

Palestinian Arabs are not joining in the celebrations, perhaps because no Jews were killed in the process?

Photo Source: EPA/Abir Sultan
Photo Source: EPA/Abir Sultan

(See the update at the end of this article regarding Netanyahu’s comments about a Palestinian State and what his full statement was.)

By: Rachel Molschky

Israelis have spoken- they want more Bibi. Despite all the efforts of the liberal Israeli media, and regardless of President Obama’s whining about Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and the subsequent Israeli fear of alienating the US, Israelis remain content with their leader.

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Refugees Who Want a Better Life- of Crime

Refugee programs are responsible for bringing over some people in need- and some people in need of a jail cell…

An al-Shabab video called for attacks against the Mall of America, not far from a Somali refugee enclave. (ABC News)
An al-Shabab video called for attacks against the Mall of America, not far from a Somali refugee enclave. (ABC News)

By: Rachel Molschky

Refugees claim to want a better life, desperate to leave war-torn nations. Yet upon entering stable and peaceful countries, whether legally or illegally, instead of settling into that so-called “better life,” many transplant the violence to their new homes. While there are those who are truly seeking refuge, too many troublemakers are in the mix, generating a recurring theme of crime, violence, and even terrorism. And it’s everywhere.

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Faceless Women of Saudi Arabia

A look at the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia…

By: Shirlee Finn

A few days ago I received a newsletter from MEMRI, a site everyone should subscribe to.  The newsletter was about a TV programme in Saudi Arabia concerning Saudi women and driving.  Truly mind boggling how the minds of Saudi men work.  The sheer ignorance is not believable.

It’s worse than the ‘dark ages’  when civil authorities burnt people ‘ at the stake’ judged to be heretics under the medieval Inquisition. Burning heretics was a customary practice in the latter half of the twelfth century in continental Europe.

During a TV show on the January 11, Saudi historian Saleh Al-Saadoon said that women should not be allowed to drive on the grounds that they might be raped if their car broke down on the roadside! Continue reading “Faceless Women of Saudi Arabia” »

The Arab Womb Is Not So Fertile after All, at Least in Israel

Wishful thinking? The Palestinian Authority’s ever-changing demographic predictions don’t add up to the demographic truth…


By: Y.K. Cherson

The “Arab demographic threat” is a boo the Left have been using to scare the Israeli public for decades. This terrible threat was also the main reason why Israel, in the opinion of the Left-wing politicians and journalists, should have urgently signed a peace treaty, Oslo accord,  Camp David agreement and other treaties which invariably supposed that Israel must agree to all Arab demands in order to save at least something. The fear before that unbelievingly fertile “Arab womb” was also feeding the “peace process” and Western pressure on Israel; the West was sure it was “saving the Jews.”

However, these sinister forecasts failed Continue reading “The Arab Womb Is Not So Fertile after All, at Least in Israel” »

Britain’s Shame: Rotherham’s Muslim Child Sexual Exploitation Gangs

The Pakistani Muslim child rape gang epidemic, and the failings of British authorities…

The headline says it all but the Daily Mirror deliberately calls the perpetrators as being ‘Asian’ gangs instead of ‘Pakistani Muslim’ gangs. Source:
The headline says it all but the Daily Mirror deliberately calls the perpetrators as being ‘Asian’ gangs instead of ‘Pakistani Muslim’ gangs. Source:

By: Paul Wilkinson

The issue of large scale Muslim immigration is multi-faceted. There are no apparent notable benefits but many problems arising, ranging from victimhood seeking, demanding special privileges, self-segregated areas, infiltration of political parties, unproductiveness, restrictions on free speech for the majority, terrorism,  and security surveillance that costs the taxpayer £billions.

However another serious issue has been Continue reading “Britain’s Shame: Rotherham’s Muslim Child Sexual Exploitation Gangs” »

Canada Watching ‘Anti-Islam’ Movement

Canada’s Security Intelligence Service is watching the online “anti-Islam” movement, considering it an “ongoing risk”…


By: Rachel Molschky

Canada, like many other Western nations these days, is suffering from a severe case of liberalism. This can happen when political correctness goes to the extreme, and the government is overtaken by supposed “do-gooders” who put the demands of those who scream the loudest above the good of the nation. What’s happened now? The CSIS has decided to watch the “threat” of an online “anti-Islam movement.”

Canada’s Security Intelligence Service keeps an eye on Continue reading “Canada Watching ‘Anti-Islam’ Movement” »

Silence can be tantamount to being an accomplice to a crime.