Obama to Change No Fly List Rules

By: Rachel Molschky

security-checkpointPresident Obama has been easing security wherever he can. Under his watch, restrictions on asylum-seekers with terrorist ties have been lifted; the NYPD has ended its mosque surveillance program, which has proven to be imperative in uncovering terror plots; the Justice Department has changed its definition of “racial profiling” to incorporate religion in order to prevent investigations on individuals based on their Muslim faith, the doctrine at the heart of terrorism today; and the government has been stepping away from counter-terror training. Next up: the No Fly List.

There are approximately 48,000 people on the No Fly List, and as a precaution, those on the list are not notified but can make assumptions when they attempt to fly and are not permitted to board the plane. Some believe they are being unfairly targeted, and as a result, Obama has promised to make changes to the process of getting a name removed from the list of suspected terrorists.

But consider this: at the end of 2009, there were around 3400 people on the list. As of last summer, 48,000. That is over 14 times higher than what it was just five years ago. Additionally, the more complete terrorism database has doubled over the past few years. Between March 2010 and the end of 2013, that database jumped from 550,000 to 1.1 million. There are terrorists among us. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

There is an obvious trend here. As Muslim immigration grows, so too does the terror list. Is it because of “racial profiling” or “stereotyping”? That is what Muslim civil rights attorneys claim. However, with a constant series of thwarted terrorism plots uncovered by authorities and the terror attacks carried out, along with the current popularity of groups like ISIS among Western Muslims, security should be high, and we should be on edge.

Muslim apologists can make any claims of “Islamophobia” they want, but facts are facts. No one can deny that American, European and Australian jihadists have been joining the brutality in Syria and Iraq, creating fan bases for ISIS, with the sale of hoodies, hats and T-shirts representing the group responsible for the horrific bloodshed so barbaric and on such a tremendous scale, it finally got the attention of the leftwing media. ISIS has also been selling smartphone apps on Google Play as a part of its efforts to entice more bloodthirsty Muslims to join the killing spree. And Western Muslims are paying attention. American journalist James Foley was beheaded by a British jihadi, one of hundreds of British Muslims in this savage fight. It is not “Islamophobic” to say it. It is simply the truth.

Homegrown terrorism cannot be ignored, and chipping away at the security the No Fly List brings is a step in the wrong direction. There is a reason why the list has multiplied, and the government does not haphazardly put people on it.

The Muslim population in the US is estimated to be approximately 5-7 million, depending on the source. If there are 48,000 people on the No Fly List, assuming most are Muslim, that does not add up to even one percent of the total Muslim population in the country. If it were a case of “racial” profiling, that 48,000 would be in the millions.

As usual, political correctness triumphs over security, common sense and the overall good of the nation.

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Boko Haram Kills Nearly 1000 Christians; Where Is the Media?

Boko-HaramAs Hamas breaks yet another ceasefire, the mainstream international media remains intent on focusing on the “poor” Palestinians and the Gazan casualties. Celebrities, easily conned by heartbreaking propaganda in the form of Pallywood, come out against Israel and demonstrate their anti-Semitic tendencies. The entire world, it seems, is fixated on Israel.

Yet when Boko Haram kills nearly 1000 people in a Christian town in a matter of days, it does not make the headlines. There are no movie stars shedding tears, no politicians condemning the terrorism, little to no interest at all. The last time Boko Haram made front page news was when Michelle Obama tweeted a pitiful photo of herself with the sign “#Bring Back Our Girls” several months ago.

Townhall Magazine, H/t TROP:

The death toll from Boko Haram’s takeover of the predominantly Christian town of Gwoza is nearly 1,000, not the 100 included in many reports, Nigerian relations expert Adeniyi Ojutiku told Baptist Press.

The Nigerian military abandoned their weapons and fled Gwoza as Boko Haram attacked Wednesday (Aug. 6), burning government buildings, killing residents and taking hostages. Some residents managed to flee to the mountains bordering Cameroon and are without food or water; others made it 85 miles north to Maiduguri, Associated French Press (AFP) and others reported.

News surfaced just today (Aug. 15) of a separate Aug. 10 attack on the remote village of Doron Baga in northeastern Nigeria, where Boko Haram kidnapped dozens of boys and men, leaving women, girls and young children abandoned there.

Boko Haram has escalated its attacks to a new level, capturing towns and hoisting Boko Haram flags instead of killing residents and fleeing, Ojutiku said. He compared them to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). As such, a concerted global effort is needed to conquer the rebels, he said.

Read on…

Back in May, former US Ambassador John Price addressed this issue of Boko Haram and the lack of interest in the group’s murderous attacks. “There have been thousands of people killed, many attacks mostly against Christian churches …” Price stated.

Fox News:

Former U.S. Ambassador John Price told Fox News’ Lauren Green the U.S. is putting “blinders on” and ignoring the threat posed by the Nigeria-based terrorist group Boko Haram.

He says the militant group’s current violent streak is a result of Africa “not being on our radar screen.”

“Congressional [leaders] don’t know much about what is going on there,” Price said.  “We don’t get in there and talk about the real issue which is radical Islam is growing.”

Read on…

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Middle East to Obama: Hit The Road, and Don’t Come Back No More

By: Y.K. Cherson

Photo: AFP/Getty

Photo: AFP/Getty

Just hours before the expiration of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, US President Barack Hussein Obama II, speaking before the leaders of African and American countries, called on the “international community” to ensure the “end of the Gaza blockade.” This is nothing more than an effort to stop Israeli control over the never-ending Hamas attempts to enter more lethal arms to Gaza in order to be able to murder more Jews. It remained a secret, in exactly what manner the “international community,” with Hussein Obama at the head, is going to envisage this murder, but Hamas at once caught the ball– and in the early morning the next day, renewed missile attacks on Israeli cities, declaring that the mandatory condition of any ceasefire treaty with Israel will be  “to put an end to the blockade of Gaza.”

The following day, Obama developed and clarified his position in an interview to Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, known by his hostile approach to the State of Israel. At first, Hussein Obama informed  the American public that the Arabs have the right to the Land of Israel, because “they have legitimate claims, and this is their land and neighborhood as well.” He then complained that Netanyahu had much more support in Israel than he, the US President, has in USA, and as a result, Netanyahu would hardly agree to Obama’s demands for more “painful concessions” – that in the end get painful only for Israel, but are always good for Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

Obama’s complaint was again immediately heard and interpreted correctly, and the coalition of Israeli Left-wing parties attempted to organize in Tel Aviv a manifestation against the war on Hamas. Because of the threat of missile attacks by that same Hamas, the police did not permit the manifestation, which caused an uproar among the organizers who accused the Israeli government of “oppressing freedom.”

Hanin Zoabi, an Arab Knesset Member who praises Hamas terrorism and is equally esteemed by the terror group.

Hanin Zoabi, an Arab Knesset Member who praises Hamas terrorism and is equally esteemed by the terror group.

Maybe it would be better for Israel to grant the permission; with luck, if Hamas struck, it could save Israel the presence of such unpleasant personages as Zehava Gal-On of Meretz, Yariv Oppenheimer of Peace Now and- with a bit more luck, who knows, even Hanin Zoabi.

Hamas, fueled by how the American President and Israeli Left evidently support its strenuous efforts of killing Jews, hurried to declare that it would never agree to a ceasefire if all its demands are not met.

And it’s not Obama’s poor professionalism of an amateur in international policy that push him to torpedo the efforts by Egypt and Israel to stop the war. It’s not even Obama’s particularly hostile attitude toward the Jewish State, although it’s beyond doubt that no other President harmed USA-Israeli relations more than Mr. Hussein Obama. It’s the US current resident of the White House’s GENERAL LINE about the situation in the  Middle East, it’s Obama’s POSITION. And this general line is, although perverted, logical and coherent. It finds the manifestation not only in the defense of interests of Hamas and its allies, but also in the support Obama rendered to the Muslim Brotherhood who toppled Egyptian President- and obvious US ally- Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and then in an actual rupture of ties with the new secular Egyptian President Al-Sisi who declared the Muslim Brotherhood illegal in the Country of Pyramids .

It can be seen also in Obama’s criticism of Bahrain for quelling Shi’a terrorism. But most clearly Obama’s vision of the future Middle East is seen in his stubborn attempt to establish close ties with Ayatollah’s Iran, turning a blind eye on the evident ambitions of Teheran to get a nuclear bomb. Moreover, in order to get Iran, Obama is ready to even put at risk US relations with America’s traditional Middle Eastern allies: Israel and Saudi Arabia. Obama made an obvious stake on “political Islam,” being it the Sunni variant including the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad- or its Shi’a variant personified by Iran.

Political Islam is pragmatic. It is not hindered by some innovations and even some “democratic ideas” and is ready to use them for achieving its main goal. But the goal remains the same: Islam must rule the world.

Salafi ideology, unlike Political Islam, is more… I do not even know what word would be more appropriate for describing something that in the XXI century proclaims its goal to restore the Caliphate: maybe romantic? But, call it anything you wish; it is absolutely unrealistic. And this utopian and fundamentalist Islam that plans to establish the Caliphate on the ruins of Iraq and Syria denies anything that is not “the original source of Islam”- except the modern weapons to kill infidels, of course.

Obama with Iran's Rouhani

Obama with Iran’s Rouhani

If the political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood can be conditionally called an analogy of Stalin’s dictatorship and Ayatollah’s regime is similar to the Soviet “developed Socialism” of the Brezhnev era, then Militant Islam with its Caliphate restoration idea-fix is the Military Communism of Trotzky. And Obama offers to America and the world a very “logical” choice: of course, we must  support Political Islam!

And why not the secular regimes, like Mubarak’s or Al-Sisi’s Egypt, or Assad’s Syria, or Saddam’s Iraq, or even Qaddafi’s Libya? Because they are tyrannies, says our brave paladin of freedom, Hussein Obama, and we, as a Bastion of Freedom and a Champion of Democracy, cannot support tyrannies.

So for 40-plus years, the USA could support Egypt and could supply weapons to Iraq, and the problem of their tyranny did not trouble America’s political establishment in the least- but with Obama, it started to trouble them to such an extent that America was supporting crazy fanatical Islamist rebels in their attack on Assad to such an extent that only a direct threat from Russia and Saudis to start massively supplying Assad with weapons stopped Obama from repeating in Syria the Libyan scenario? The rule of the Muslim Brotherhood would be more democratic and freedom-orientated than the “tyranny” of Mubarak? Are you sure?

Why is Obama so obsessed with the idea of making the Middle East Islamic? Is it a result of his Muslim roots, or his studies in a Muslim school, or living in a Muslim country for many years at a “tender age”? I leave the answer to psychiatrists who will without any doubt get very interested in Hussein Obama’s personality once he leaves the post of the President of the United States of America. But that he IS obsessed with this idea and that his exaggerated sympathies to Islam go against the interests of the USA is beyond doubt.

Just a glance at those who give Obama advice:

Muhammad  Elibiari, a senior Department of Homeland Security advisor, recently tweeted that a Caliphate is inevitable and compared it to the European Union. Elibiary has a history of pro-Muslim Brotherhood advocacy and has close ties to a Hamas financier. He is also known as a great fan of Ayatollah’s regime.

Another Obama advisor- and another Muhammad, this time, Muhammad Magid, is the President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization that just a couple of years ago was accused of being a cover and a laundry for Muslim Brotherhood fundraising activities in favor of Hamas. In spite of that, in 2011, President Barack Obama appointed this guy to serve in a Countering Violent Extremism Working Group with the DHS. On January 22, 2013, Magid took part in the inaugural ceremonies of President Obama.

Here you can find  information about more Muslims in Obama’s Administration and about their “hard work” for the benefit of the United States of America.

And this list is far from being complete; in Obama’s Administration there are more Muslim fans, and many more.

However, in spite of the efforts of Hussein Obama and his Muslim advisors, the Muslim Brotherhood lost both in Egypt and in Syria. But Iran, due to our restless “Champion of Democracy,” is successfully crawling out of the crisis- without giving an inch of his ambitious nuclear project. And Qatar goes on funding the Muslim Brotherhood, while Hamas is also afloat, as well as Hezbollah.

It remains unclear how all this can benefit the US, but Hussein Obama is evidently not going to pull back a gear on his projects of bringing peace to the Middle East by passing it into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian Ayatollahs. It means that the next two years left to a liberal American sweetheart in the White House will not be calm.

The dominant hope in the Middle East is that this guy’s ideas leave with him after 2016.

Hit the road, Hussein!

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Palestinian Flag Flies High in Chicago Suburb to ‘Promote Diversity’

By: Rachel Molschky

The Palestinian and American flags fly together in Lincolnwood. (Photo credit: Jessica Tezak, Chicago Tribune)

The Palestinian and American flags fly together in Lincolnwood. (Photo credit: Jessica Tezak, Chicago Tribune)

The Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood, Illinois, has included the Palestinian flag in its display of 60 flags to promote “diversity.” It seems the flag terrorists wave while preaching the destruction of Israel represents “diversity.”

It is important to note, there is no “Palestinian State,” and other flags displayed, including the Israeli flag, represent recognized countries.

Earlier this week, around 200 people attended a meeting in Lincolnwood to discuss the presence of the Palestinian flag along Lincoln Avenue. Those who protested were outnumbered by the Palestinian supporters, and one man, who wanted to make his voice heard regarding the terrorism the flag has come to represent and the terrorist supporters in the room, was shouted down by the crowd and reprimanded by Lincolnwood Mayor Jerry Turry, who was angered over the man’s remarks.

That man was David Makowsky, who has contributed photos to us from Chicago pro-Israel rallies. Makowsky was accused of using the words “terrorist scum” at the meeting which he fully admits but says, “it was directed at their supporters in the corner who started to get loud.”

He denies another accusation of supposed “vicious provocations,” and explains, “we were outnumbered by a lot. As I walked out just prior to when the cops were about to throw me out (and possibly arrest me), I went into the hall where an overflow crowd made up almost exclusively of Arabs and other Muslims cheered my exit.”

Why so much controversy? Why is the flag there in the first place? As it turns out, it only costs $50 for a resident to purchase a flag for Lincolnwood’s annual “Diversity Month Flag Display.” I wonder if other flags which are becoming more commonplace in America, gaining more acceptance in the mainstream, will be added in the future. For the time being, the flag must be one accepted by the UN. (Though “Palestine” only has non-member observer state status at the UN.)

However, with the UN’s anti-Israel bias and apparent support for terror groups, including Hamas (who could doubt it after Hamas used UNRWA schools to store rockets, and the UNRWA returned those rockets to the terror group), who knows what the future holds?

For a $50 contribution, could someone in the future buy the black flag of jihad, for example? This flag is often seen at Muslim rallies including the anti-Israel demonstrations during Operation Protective Edge. Those protests often ended in violence, becoming anti-Jew riots with the common presence of the Palestinian flag alongside the flag of Hamas by Palestinian supporters who spewed hatred and called for the destruction of the Jewish State. Anti-Semitism at these “rallies” could not be denied with attacks on synagogues, Nazi slogans, and physical attacks on Jews.

But diversity is important after all.

Perhaps next will be the flags of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram, or Al Qaeda, many of which are some version of the black flag of jihad. Each group has supporters in the US, and if we are to celebrate the diversity in our local communities, it would only be fair to fly these terror flags.

"Hamas" is printed on the Palestinian flag at a Paris anti-Israel riot. (Photo credit: FRANCE 24/Mehdi Chebil)

“Hamas” is printed on the Palestinian flag at a Paris anti-Israel riot. (Photo credit: FRANCE 24/Mehdi Chebil)

What is the Palestinian flag if not a flag of terror? The Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize Israel as the Jewish State and calls the land in its entirety “occupied Palestine.” PA President Mahmoud Abbas pays Palestinian terrorists, prisoners in Israeli jails convicted of terrorist acts including murder, and the families of suicide bombers, who are known as “martyrs.” Abbas’ group, Fatah, along with Hamas, glorify terrorism to children, promote “martyrdom” and the killing of innocent Israeli civilians. They also encourage the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and celebrated when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped in June. But the greatest jubilation came when news of the teenagers’ murders reached the Palestinian population, and the same Palestinian flag on display in Lincolnwood was waved by the revelers as candy was distributed.

But none of this matters when we’re talking about diversity. Mayor Turry made his position known when he said, “This is a community that has talked about embracing diversity for a long time, and here it is right now that we have the opportunity to stand up and live what we preach.”

Diversity is one thing; flying a flag closely associated with terror is another.

Harry Friedman, a longtime Lincolnwood resident, commented on the issue of diversity:

“I have no issues with diversity, but I find it highly insulting to have to face this flag,” Friedman said. “If we wanted to hang flags from other nationally-recognized Arab countries, I’d have no problem with it, but to have to face this issue, where I drive past a flag every day [of a country] that supports my country’s destruction, I don’t feel it’s right in a town like Lincolnwood.”

Another Lincolnwood resident, Aaron Shafter, who was present at the meeting, sent me the following message (posted with permission) explaining exactly how the meeting came about and what happened:

David [Makowsky] first called out, “shut up terrorist scum” when the terror supporters shouted down Sherry Friedman as she was relating some truths they didn’t like. He then spoke out in quieter tones at the Mayor (technically the Village President) when the Mayor began to address the audience. This was after the Mayor reacted to the tumult in the crowd by telling Sherry Friedman to sit down and shut up.

The different flags fly in a pair with the US flag alternating sides as one goes down the street. The flag program has been in existence since 2004 with a small amount of flags along Pratt Avenue. Pratt is not heavily traveled. It has expanded since then and for several years has been along Lincoln Avenue which is heavily traveled. It started small and the flags were of several nations meant to show the Village’s ethnic diversity. It attracted attention and Village residents were allowed to sponsor a flag for $50 and have it fly. I was told by a member of the Human Relations Council (HRC) that the HRC decided to look to the UN when they were faced with many different flags and that if a flag was recognized by the UN they would allow it.

Apparently, last year the Palestinian flag flew. I may have seen it in glancing and thought that it was the Jordanian flag as they are exactly the same except the Jordanian flag also has a small white star in the red triangle. The flag of Western Sahara is also the same except it has a red crescent moon and star in the white bar. The flags of Egypt, Syria and Iraq are also somewhat similar.

This year, there has been construction along Crawford Avenue which crosses Lincoln, Pratt and other major streets. The construction has caused long delays at the intersection of Crawford and Lincoln. I noticed the flag the other day and started mentioning it to friends. I do not think I would have realized it was there except that the construction caused such long delays. The same may be true for others. A day later I emailed one of the Village Board Members about the flag. He emailed the Mayor and the Village Manager and complained about the flag. The Board member then informed me that there would be this meeting of the HRC this past Monday in an email late last Saturday night. I sent out two mass emails and posted about it on Facebook.

I was disappointed at the turnout of those I thought would be opposed to the flag. We were heavily outnumbered by the pro-Palestine crowd in the room. My friend on the Village Board had to watch from a monitor in the hall outside the room as he arrived after the room was already standing only. He said the situation in the hall was similar. There were very few of us who asked to address the HRC.

Those of us opposed to the flag generally followed the rules. It was supposed to be about the flag and not the current conflict in Gaza nor the broader Arab-Israeli conflict. Most of the speakers who spoke in support of the Palestinian flag did not follow the rules and neither did those in the audience. One lying woman really went too far and was stopped twice by the Chair of the HRC and told to stick to the rules. The most offensive moment was when one speaker (it possibly happened again according to another friend of mine who was there) engaged in some holocaust denial when he (and the other person was female) claimed that 2 million Jews were killed instead of 6 million. Perhaps that they spewed such garbage as holocaust denial shouldn’t be surprising since the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) received his doctoral degree for a dissertation that denied the holocaust.

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The Scapegoating Continues: “ISIS a ‘Zionist’ Conspiracy”

Do they look like 'Zionists'??

Do they look like ‘Zionists’??

When things are not going well, blame the Jews. Now a Dutch Justice Ministry employee named Yasmina Haifi has resorted to that old familiar scapegoating tactic. If ISIS gives Islam “a bad name” (by following the religion according to its doctrine), then it must somehow be the fault of “the Jews,” right?


A senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry said the jihadist group ISIS was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation.

Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, made the assertion Wednesday on Twitter, the De Telegraaf daily reported.

“ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name,” wrote Haifi, who described herself on the social network LinkedIn as an activist for the Dutch Labor Party, or PvdA…

Many Dutch Muslims support ISIS:

… A series of rallies supporting ISIS, which is considered a terrorist organization in many Western countries, were held in the Hague in July and earlier this month. Some demonstrators called for violence. The demonstrations on July 2 and 24 featured calls to kill Jews.

When anti-ISIS demonstrators tried to march through the heavily Muslim neighborhood of Schilderswijk on Aug. 10 to express their disapproval, a crowd of approximately 200 men barricaded the main street and staged an illegal counterdemonstration in support of ISIS…

The Dutch site, De Telegraaf, has reported further. This is just a rough Google translation:

The Ministry of Security and Justice Yasmina Haifi suspended following its ruling on ISIS terror group. Immediately Haifi was at the Ministry, National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) seconded as project leader of the National Cyber ​​Security Center. Because her statements relate directly to the work of the NCTV, which gives rise to end ‘, her secondment activities at NCSC / NCTV immediately reads the explanation

Haifi Wednesday caused great excitement when she tweeted that ISIS is a conspiracy by Zionists to Islam. Black The Ministry takes, completely away “from the words of its official.

Or Haifi still comes back to the department is very questionable. The leadership is in the short term with her ​​in conversation about how to continue.

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Mein Kampf a 2013 Bestseller

Mein Kampf Aficionados

Happy Eid from George Galloway’s Bradford, England

Our guest blogger, Paul Wilkinson, took this photo of Eid lights on “Hall Ings” road in Bradford city center tonight:

Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson

Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson

Incidentally, Bradford is the city MP George Galloway has declared an “Israel-free zone.”

George Galloway wants a ‘Judenrein’ Bradford, Winds of Jihad:

As we can see in the UK, ‘hate-speech laws’ don’t deter Jew-haters. Those laws are cooked up to persecute truth tellers and those who oppose the Islamisation of western countries.

George Galloway declares Bradford ‘an Israel-free zone’ and warns away ‘Israeli tourists’

Brave UK Jews Bring Israeli Flags to ‘Israeli-Free’ City, Arutz Sheva

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Anti-Israel UN Grants Legitimacy to Terrorists; Investigates Israel Instead

William Schabas is one of three lawyers who will investigate any violations of international humanitarian and human rights law in Gaza.

William Schabas will investigate Israel, yet he’s already shown his anti-Israel bias, though he denies it.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the UN on Wednesday for granting “legitimacy to murderous terrorist groups such as Hamas and ISIS” for investigating Israel for war crimes in Gaza. The UN investigates Israel yet when UNRWA schools were used by Hamas to store rockets, the UN removed the rockets yet returned them to the terror group. With actions like those, the UN is not an unbiased entity and therefore has no right to investigate anyone when the outcome of the investigation has already been decided before it’s even begun.

Times of Israel, by Raphael Ahren:

Rather than investigating potential Israeli crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge, the UNHRC should look into Hamas firing rockets at Israel and using Gaza’s civilian population as human shields, or Bashar Assad’s slaughter in Syria, or ISIS’s murder of Kurds in Iraq, Netanyahu fumes.

“The report of the UN commission has already been written,” the prime minister alleges. Its head, William Schabas, “has already decided that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, so he has nothing to look for here.”

Arutz Sheva:

Speaking in a 2013 panel, Schabas clearly revealed his great eagerness to bring about the prosecution of Israel over its actions in Gaza, even if that involved “twisting things and maneuvering” in the international legal arena.

Asked about the possibility of prosecuting Israel for “ecocide” as well, Schabas expressed optimism on gradually enlarging the scope of legal accusations against Israel. “Years ago there were no courts at all,” he noted. “When [the term] ‘genocide’ was invented there was no court at all. There was no court for crimes against humanity, but we have them now. And with a bit of luck and by twisting things and maneuvering we can get them before the courts.”

The Daily Beast, by Gideon Resnick:

“I’m not anti-Israel,” Schabas said. “I think that’s just what unconditional supporters of the current regime and extremists within Israel [say] who think that anyone who might disagree with the policy of the government of Israel at the present time is anti-Israel. It’s a slur. It’s a slander. And it’s not fair to do it.”

He’s not anti-Israel, yet he calls the Israeli government a “regime”!

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Western Sanctions Can Be Mortal… For the West

By: Y.K. Cherson

Putin has a sanction of his own: no more fruit from Europe.

Putin has a sanction of his own: no more food from the US and no more produce from the EU.

At this point none of the serious experts have any doubts that the US and the European Union were behind the bloody mess in Ukraine. America recognized that the cost for its role in the Ukrainian crisis exceeded $5 billion, and by the European Commission’s confession shown on the commission’s own “Financial Transparency” website, its “investment” between 2004 and 2013 rounded €496 million.

Now that Russia has lost patience and answered to the US/EU sanctions with its own, Europe starts to count its losses. And they are very serious. While America’s trade volume with Russia floats around some miserable $27 billion a year, which gives the US the chance to proudly “stand for democracy” without having to pay for it, European commerce with Russia exceeds $400 billion a year. And the sanctions against the European agricultural sector means $12 billion in direct losses alone for the EU.

As a matter of fact, Russian counter sanctions break the entire refined Western concept. The West got accustomed to those it strikes not striking back. Sanctions as the USA and Europe see them, suppose that an evident  criminal punished by the unbiased trial should humbly accept the sentence, cover his head with ashes, repent – and beg for a pardon. But if “a criminal” refuses to bow to the sentence of the High Court and kicks the Court in the… well, where it really hurts- then what? Oh, those terrible Russians, who refuse to accept the verdict and the High Court itself, do not respect the self-proclaimed European and American authorities, and now “good guys”, like the Polish, must start the campaign that can be called “let our apple stick up our throat”, the Dutch “we shall smell our tulips (or weed)” and Finns’ “we shall stick our salami up our ass.”

Obama_PutinMoreover, the West was sure that Russia got out of the abyss of the 90s due only to the “candy” it got from the West in the form of the credit strangle of the IMF that leads to the destruction of  sovereign economies, and that the only threat to take the “candy” away would make Russia surrender. But all of a sudden, it turned out that there was not any special “candy”, and that actually, there is nothing serious the West can do. To bite- yes. But as it turned out, Russia can successfully- and painfully- bite back.

And of course, it annoys. Because how good and didactic it would be if Putin crawled on all fours to the Polish capital, begging humbly for apples and tomatoes because scurvy is decimating Russians, and then- also on all fours- to Oslo, miserably asking Norway to give them a bit of fish… And receiving in answer something like: “Well, whose is Crimea, Mr. Putin”?- and then the EU and the US would generously send American chickens and Polish and French tomatoes and apples to Russia, saving the Russian people from starving and dying from scurvy- and making Russia absolutely dependent and obedient… And naturally, condescendingly patting those in Russia who would start singing “Russia is a country of European culture. We are Europeans…”

Europe is not what it was.

Europe is not what it was.

Yes, Russia IS a country of European culture. But the problem is that the countries of the modern Europe are NOT countries of European culture anymore. Russians in Europe ask directions on how to go to Notre Dame and the Pantheon, how to see the Mona Lisa and Venus – and in answer get: what Notre Dame, guys, you mean the gay bar on Notre Dame Square?

Our European Western culture today consists of gay parades, same-sex marriages and Jennifer Psaki! And Russians, with their Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, feel lost: that’s how it goes, that is what Europe is now?

A law of any international relations is simple: if one side gets relatively stronger- another side gets relatively weaker. In our case, she who gets stronger is Europe. And America understands it very well, and tries to take measures.

The heaviest pressure the US exercised on Europe was in three main directions: reducing or eliminating Europe’s complete dependence on Russian gas, substituting it with American shale gas which is much more expensive; breaking strong economic ties between Europe and Russia that were beneficial for both but left America out; and increasing European military expenses and modernizing European military arsenals.

The American position is cynical- but logical. Europe will pay more for gas, and as a result, its economy will be less competitive. Moreover, it will depend on the American gas supplies which will make America the biggest gas exporter in the world. Europe will also become a very big market for American military equipment and weapons. All main programs for the purchase of military equipment and weapons envisaged by the NATO concept of the “smart defense”; drones, jumbo planes, fighters, radars and missiles, will be united by one simple idea: Made in USA.

America readily recognized that “Russian sanctions will hit the EU”- with the unpronounced part being “and this is exactly what we want.” Europe will suffer? “F… the EU”, as Ms. Victoria Nuland said. And Europe understands it; the number of politicians, business leaders and analysts who say the sanctions induced by the US transformed from being a “boo” for Russia into a serious problem for Europe, and refuse to suffer for America’s political and economic ambitions. But Obama cannot stop now and slowly leads the world to a nuclear war: something about which even experts very loyal to America speak openly.

The situation in the world each day more closely resembles the situation in 1914, when Europe was sleepwalking into WW1- and finally entered it.  How could European and American leaders expect that Russia would obediently bow to the Western attempt to suck the original cradle of Russian identity into the Brussels empire, and accept the perspective that its only warm-water ports, in Crimea, would soon host NATO warships is something that only psychiatrists can explain.

Seems that the Russian counter-strike in Crimea caught Europeans and Americans absolutely unprepared. The operation in Crimea was really a masterpiece, and it left the West with only two options: to come to terms with Russia and mark the “influential areas” in Ukraine, leaving Crimea to Putin and taking most of the country in exchange- or start an open confrontation blaming Russia for “aggression”, comparing Putin to Hitler and demonizing him, pressuring Russia, surrounding it with NATO bases and building around it a shield of the stupid “new EU members”: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and finally, Ukraine – whose role would be receiving the first strike and die  defending Germany, France and Italy, although any military expert knows that in a nuclear war on the European continent, the only possible victor will be the US.

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There Is No Draw in Religious Wars

By: Y.K. Cherson

It's not about land for peace. There is one Jewish State surrounded by all of these Muslim countries. (http://imreallygoingthere.blogspot.com/2014/07/heres-thing-about-israel-and-quote-of.html)

It’s not about land for peace. There is one tiny Jewish State surrounded by all of these Muslim countries. It is a religious war.(http://imreallygoingthere.blogspot.com/2014/07/heres-thing-about-israel-and-quote-of.html)

Among the numerous reasons for wars, the first place by right belongs to looting. This one, together with the fight for females is also one of the oldest. But not a single war in Antiquity was ever waged to prove that “my” religion is better than ”yours” or to place Jupiter over Zeus. The Antiquity did not know religious wars.

But after Islam appeared, the world learned far too well what a religious war was. In Islam, jihad is the basic postulate of the Holy Book for Muslims, the Koran, and the aspiration of one of the belligerent sides to make its faith dominant and subordinate all others. At the beginning of the 7th century, Muhammad personally headed jihad to make the mostly Pagan, Jewish and Christian Peninsula Arabica Islamic- and succeeded. Continue reading “There Is No Draw in Religious Wars” »

US Terrorism Database Has Doubled

By: Rachel Molschky


In just a few short years, the US terrorism database has doubled. In March 2010, there were about 550,000 people on the list according to the National Counterterrorism Center, but by the end of 2013, that number had grown to 1.1 million. Those on the list are known or suspected terrorists and people associated with terrorists in one form or another.

This is remarkably consistent with Muslim immigration to the US, which had doubled over the past ten years. Continue reading “US Terrorism Database Has Doubled” »

Hamas Has Violated the Ceasefire

Israel Defense Forces have reported that terrorists in Gaza have violated the ceasefire by firing 2 rockets that hit southern Israel.

This occurred not long after the UN urged an extension of the ceasefire for humanitarian purposes. Unfortunately, the only humanitarian concern Hamas has Continue reading “Hamas Has Violated the Ceasefire” »

Obama’s Golf Swing Must Be Good

By: Rachel Molschky

Obama_golfingPresident Obama spends almost as much time on the golf course as he does delivering carefully crafted speeches designed for nothing more than a good show. With empty phrases about “red lines,” meaningless threats to Russia and double talk in his shaky support for Israel, this President is certainly a charismatic speaker, which of course helped to get him elected. But that charisma seems to end when the cameras go away. Fortunately, none of that matters when he dedicates his focus to what is really important in this world: golf.

That’s right- golf. As the world falls apart, Continue reading “Obama’s Golf Swing Must Be Good” »

Operation Protective Edge: What Israel Has Accomplished

Israeli-flagDuring Operation Protective Edge, the IDF has intercepted 584 rockets, neutralized 32 tunnels and destroyed 4762 terror targets, including rocket launching and weapons facilities and terror command centers. It’s safe to say, Hamas is not the same as it was when all this began.

The IDF Blog has published some interesting numbers:

Of the 3360 rockets fired at Israel from terrorists in Gaza between July 8 and August 6; 2303 hit Israel, with 115 striking populated areas. A whopping 475 of Gaza’s own rockets landed in Gaza. Continue reading “Operation Protective Edge: What Israel Has Accomplished” »

Support for Israel in NY, Tokyo, Denver, Chicago…

Israel supporters rally in Chicago. (Photo credit: David Makowsky)

Israel supporters rally in Chicago. (Photo credit: David Makowsky)

Israel supporters rally in their respective cities around the world to makes their voices heard and back Israel in the fight against terrorism.

Spontaneous pro-Israel rally shuts down pro-Hamas supporters in NY, by Allen West:

It is said that “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Those who support Islamic terrorism seem to be banking on that happening – here’s an example. Continue reading “Support for Israel in NY, Tokyo, Denver, Chicago…” »

Ukraine Is Fleeing to Russia

By: Y.K. Cherson

Photo credit: RIA Novosti/Yulia Nasulina, rt.com

Photo credit: RIA Novosti/Yulia Nasulina, rt.com

The UN has officially recognized that the number of refugees escaping to Russia from Ukrainian collective punishment military units exceeds 700,000.

How the US, which identifies itself as a champion of democracy and defender of human rights, can support a Ukrainian fascist regime is difficult to understand- if only we do not accept the monstrous idea that America started all this mess in Ukraine that led to thousands of casualties and hundreds of thousands of refugees, only in order to start selling shale gas to Europe.

But honestly, I do not see any other reason.

Under these circumstances, the Ukrainian army now starts to disintegrate. Continue reading “Ukraine Is Fleeing to Russia” »

Tractor Terror Attack: Murdering Jews is ‘Natural’ and ‘Brave’ According to Hamas

Screenshot from video footage of the aftermath of the tractor terror attack in Jerusalem.

Screenshot from video footage of the aftermath of the tractor terror attack in Jerusalem.

After a terrorist killed one Israeli and injured six others with a tractor in Jerusalem on Monday, August 4, the response from Hamas was nothing but praise and encouragement for more of the same.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said that “the action in Jerusalem was very brave, a natural response to the occupation.”

Apparently it is “natural” to kill Jews and “brave” to attack civilians on a bus. Continue reading “Tractor Terror Attack: Murdering Jews is ‘Natural’ and ‘Brave’ According to Hamas” »

US Foreign Policy: Maybe a Bikini Would Help?

By: Y.K. Cherson

Obama_Middle_EastAmerican officials keep surprising the world. Every day it looks more like they get their salaries not in money but in cannabis. After the sensational statements made by Jennifer Psaki about sending the US 6th Fleet on a mission to “the shores” of Belorussia, (look on a map to understand that one), another State representative, deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf, decided to compete with Psaki for the laurels of the most absurd declaration– and brilliantly succeeded, declaring that 250,000 Ukrainian refugees that left their homes in East Ukraine and fled to Russia from continuous artillery shelling by Kiev government troops went there “to see their grandmothers.”

On July 31, she shared another sensational discovery, that the Ukrainian troops “have shown remarkable restraint” and that the USA cannot confirm multiple civilian casualties. After the information about Ukrainian government troops shooting ballistic missiles on densely populated cities, such statements sounded especially absurd and cynical.

Of course, it was a strong blow to Jennifer Psaki; such an amount of deceit and absurdity is really hard to beat. So our brave Jennifer decided to defeat the arrogant rival in extravagancy- and appeared at the daily briefing in one boot. Continue reading “US Foreign Policy: Maybe a Bikini Would Help?” »

IDF Soldier Thought to Be Kidnapped Is Declared Dead

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin HY"D

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin HY”D

Baruch Dayan Ha’emet. May his memory be blessed.

Times of Israel:

Israeli soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed in Gaza on Friday morning, the IDF’s Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz and other officials told his family late Saturday night.

The family said it accepted the news with deep sorrow. Goldin is officially listed as a fallen IDF soldier whose burial place is unknown… Read on…


Israeli Officer Kidnapped in Gaza

Hamas Uses Mosques for Terrorism

Hamas_mosques_terrorismFrom the IDF:

“Hamas uses places of worship in Gaza to store weapons, fire rockets, and conceal tunnels. An organization that uses mosques for military purposes should not complain when mosques may become legitimate military targets.”

But this is nothing new. Mosques are centers for terrorism, even in the West. We have written on this many times: Continue reading “Hamas Uses Mosques for Terrorism” »

Israeli Officer Kidnapped in Gaza

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin

Times of Israel:

Hadar Goldin, feared kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza on Friday morning, more than an hour after a 72-hour truce went into effect, is a British-born Givati Brigade officer who is set to get married in the next few weeks.

Two other Givati Brigade soldiers were confirmed by the IDF to have been killed in the attack — Major Benaya Sarel, 26, from Kiryat Arba, and 1st.-Sgt. Liel Gidoni, 20, from Jerusalem. One terrorist blew himself up near the group, while other gunmen kidnapped Goldin and escaped into a tunnel…

Kerry urges Hamas to free seized soldier; father sure IDF will ‘do everything’ to find him: …The US and UN announced a 72-hour truce from Friday morning to be followed by negotiations, but the truce quickly collapsed as Hamas carried out an attack in Rafah in which a soldier was kidnapped and two soldiers were killed. Thursday saw 90 rockets fired at Israel, several Israelis hurt by mortar fire, ongoing IDF strikes at Hamas targets in Gaza and tunnel demolitions, and US criticism of an Israeli strike that killed a reported 15 people at a UN school in Gaza on Wednesday.

Five IDF soldiers were killed late Thursday in a mortar attack inside the Israeli border; 63 soldiers and three civilians have been killed on the Israeli side in the 25 days of fighting…

Arutz Sheva Interviewed Abducted Soldier:

Late last year, Arutz Sheva spoke to Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin and his twin brother as both completed the IDF’s officers’ course…