Sweden: Death by Immigration

by Ingrid Carlqvist

Mass immigration is continuing to claim victims in Sweden. Murder, assaults and rape have become everyday occurrences in this small country, with a population just short of ten million, which last year opened its doors to almost 163,000 immigrants. The latest victim is 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher. She was stabbed to death last week by a so-called unaccompanied refugee child at the asylum house where she worked.

Although the massive influx of asylum seekers has decreased drastically since January 4, when Sweden implemented border controls on the Swedish/Danish border, the people who are already here pose a giant problem to municipalities, police and citizens. The police are fighting a losing battle against street crime, as well as daily incidents at asylum houses – general disturbances that include fights, rapes and threats.

The asylum houses are in a state of anarchy. On January 27, police were dispatched to a home for teenagers in Lindås, where a riot had erupted. Policeman Johan Nilsson told the local paper,Barometern:

“One [of the youths] was refused when he tried to buy candy, and got angry with the staff. He gathered some 15 friends, and the staff was forced to lock themselves in while the mob smashed windows and other things. The instigator, supposedly 16 years old, is suspected of having started the riot, and another one is suspected of making unlawful threats and of violent rioting.”

That suspect was later released, after producing a document that stated he was under 15, and thus not criminally responsible.

Another, more serious incident occurred at the asylum house Signalisten in Västerås on January 20. Ten policemen arrived at the facility due to reports of the repeated rape of a 10-year-old boy. The policemen were met by a large mob standing in a corridor, shouting and shaking their fists. The situation escalated to the point where the police were forced to flee for their lives. One of the officers later wrote in his report that it was only due to the presence of a police dog handler that he and his colleagues were able to escape:

“Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And I heard someone yell that there is an emergency exit. I felt that we could easily have been outmaneuvered, considering the environment and the number of counterparties.”

The policeman also wrote in his report that he hoped for more training in the future, on “how to handle crowds in confined spaces.”

That the Swedish police are no longer able to do their duty is evident. National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson recently demanded 2,500 more officers and 1,600 more civilian employees for the police, to handle the heightened terror threat and the increased influx of refugees. Considering the length of time needed to train policemen, it will probably be a while before the police can increase its numbers. Eliasson also demanded a budget increase of between 1.8 and 2.8 billion kronor ($214 million – $332 million), because the “migrant situation means a significantly higher workload for the police.”

He identified at border controls and asylum houses as especially in need of greater resources, all over the country: “We need to be there often, there are fights and disturbances.”

On January 26, what everyone had been dreading finally happened. The police arrived at an asylum house for “unaccompanied refugee children” in Mölndal early in the morning, after reports of a knife fight. By the time they arrived, it was too late. Asylum house employee Alexandra Mezher lay bleeding on the floor, stabbed by one of the “children” she cared for. She died in hospital a few hours later.

The police arrested a person claiming to be a 15-year-old from Somalia on suspicion of murder, as well as the attempted murder of one of the youths who allegedly tried to intervene. He was later remanded. According to the local daily, GT, the staff had previously warned on several occasions that the suspect had psychiatric problems.

The Mezher family are Lebanese Christians who fled the violence in Lebanon 25 years ago. Alexandra’s mother, Chimene Mezher, told the British paper, The Daily Mail:

“We left Lebanon to escape the civil war, the violence and the danger. We came to Sweden where it was safe, to start our family. But it is not safe any more. … And I just want to know why… why Alexandra? She wanted to help them, but they did this. I just want answers.”

Chimene Mezher now accuses Swedish politicians of murdering her daughter. The dramatic recent population increase in Mölndal, a suburb of Gothenburg, has scared many of the 60,000 residents. In less than a year, 8,000 asylum seekers have moved in — half of whom are so-called “unaccompanied refugee children.”

It has now emerged that staff at the asylum house where Alexandra Mezher was murdered had repeatedly complained about unreasonable conditions. A year ago, employees warned about being understaffed and working alone: “So far, nothing serious has happened, but it will,” said a desperate employee who called the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (“Inspektionen för vård och omsorg” or IVO). IVO inspected the asylum house, but found everything was in order. When Mezher was murdered, she was alone in the residence with ten asylum seekers. So far, no motive for the murder has emerged.

When the National Police Commissioner appeared on the “Good Morning Sweden” TV show, the day after Mezher’s murder, he expressed sympathy for the murderer, but barely mentioned the victim. This sparked frenzied outrage on social media. Eliasson said:

“Well, you are of course distraught on behalf of everyone involved. Naturally, for the person killed and her family, but also for a lone young boy who commits such a heinous incident. What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries? This entire migration crisis shows how unfair life is in many parts of the world. We have to try to help solve this best we can.”

The atmosphere on social media is now almost revolutionary. People are posting videos of themselves accusing the government of murder, of filling Sweden with violent people and completely ignoring Swedes.

Alexandra Mezher (left) was murdered in the home for “unaccompanied refugee children” where she worked. She was stabbed to death by a resident who claims to be 15 years old and from Somalia. When National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson (right) spoke on television about the murder, he expressed sympathy for the murderer, but barely mentioned the victim.

What does the Swedish government really think? Does it maintain that the right of asylum is more important than everything else — even the safety of its own people?

Gatestone Institute called Sofia Häggmark, a non-partisan official at the Department of Justice unit for migration rights. Here is the Q & A:

Should everyone get to seek asylum in Sweden, even if it leads to Sweden’s undoing?

“The right of asylum is very strong. We have international rules and EU rules that say that if a person comes to an EU country, that person has a right to seek asylum.”

Is it all right to say no if there are groups in your country that are being threatened by the asylum seekers — minority populations such as Roma, Jews and Sami [Lapp]? Or that Sweden cannot afford it?

“No, if a person has grounds for asylum or risks the death penalty or torture in their home country, you cannot deny them asylum.”

Is it not the Swedish government’s primary task to protect Sweden and the Swedish people?

“We need to abide by international rules; we are obliged to do that. We can be dragged before the Court of Justice of the European Union if we do not allow people to seek asylum.”

Which is more important – Swedish lives, or the risk that you might end up before the Court of Justice of the European Union?

“I cannot answer that question; I can only tell you what the rules are.”

So you are saying that if 30 million people come here to kill us, we have no defense, we cannot stop it?

“I can only tell you that the right of asylum gives very strong protection.”

But not for the Swedes?

“If a person kills someone here in Sweden, the criminal justice system handles that and tries them. We need to look at every individual asylum case.”

Do you think it has ever happened at any time in the history of the world that a country cared more for the citizens of other countries than its own?

“I cannot answer that. But there is no rule that sets a limit for how many [asylum seekers] Sweden can accept.”

So there is no plan for what to do when the country is full and the citizens are scared?

“No, there is not.”

Do you personally think that feels okay?

“I cannot answer that. That is not my job.”

If several millions of Muslims come here and implement Sharia law, then the right of asylum has effectively contributed to abolishing the democracy in our country, replacing the Swedish people and annihilating the whole concept of Sweden. Have none of you pondered these fateful issues?

“I understand your thoughts.”

The measures taken by the government on January 4 were a way to stop immigration withoutcompromising the almighty “right of asylum,” because only those who actually set foot on Swedish soil have the right to seek asylum. The government imposed carriers’ liability for the train and ferry companies operating on the route between Denmark and Sweden, which meansthat those companies had to hire guards to refuse passage to anyone that cannot show a passport or other valid ID. This is the first time people cannot travel freely between the Nordic countries since the Nordic Passport Union was introduced in 1952.

The new identity checks have created a problem for Denmark, which was not at all keen to get stuck with all the asylum seekers headed for Sweden. Thus, Denmark introduced its own controls on the German border.

Otherwise, Denmark has chosen a different path from Sweden. Instead of preventing people from seeking asylum, the Danish Parliament adopted a new law on January 26, which includes sharp austerity measures towards asylum seekers – measures that the government hopes will discourage migrants from coming to Denmark. The new rules include:

  • Shorter residence permits
  • Postponement of the right to bring in relatives
  • The right of the state to seize a migrant’s assets to cover asylum costs
  • Stricter qualifications to get permanent residency
  • An easing of the process for revoking the residency of refugees
  • A 10% cut in cash benefits for asylum seekers
  • Asylum seekers can only keep assets worth up to a total of 10.000 Danish krone ($1500), excluding jewelry of sentimental value.

This last rule has been widely debated — and condemned, especially in Sweden. But the truth is that Sweden has a similar law, called the Reception of Asylum Seekers Law (Mottagande av asylsökande), which was introduced in 1994. Section 15 of the law states:

“A person who has a job, or other income or private assets, and lives in an asylum house, must pay a reasonable amount as compensation to the Migration Service. When food is included in the accommodation, a reasonable compensation should also be paid.”

However, Swedish authorities, with broad political agreement, ignore this law.

Even the Danish Social Democrats supported the law. In 2010, the party demanded that Europe “make way for Islam,” but now it has apparently made a complete U-turn. Social Democratic Faction Chairman Henrik Sass Larsen wrote in an opinion piece in the daily, Politiken:

“We will do all we can to limit the number of non-Western refugees and immigrants to this country. That is why we have gone far – much farther – than we ever dreamed of. We do this because we do not want to sacrifice the welfare state in the name of humanism. Because the welfare state is … the political project of the Social Democrats. It is a society built on the principles of freedom, equality and solidarity. Mass immigration – look at Sweden for example – will undermine the economic and social foundation of the welfare state.”

But protecting the welfare state that generations of Swedes have built, does not seem to be a priority for the Swedish Social Democrats. Some have long claimed that the Social Democratic affinity for immigration has to do with the party’s desire to fill the country with “election cattle,” and fuel has now been added to that fire. Muslims most often seem to vote for the left, studies show. For example, 93% of French Muslims voted for Socialist President François Hollande, and almost 90% of American Muslims voted for President Obama.

Judging by recent polls, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will indeed need the Muslim votes in order to remain in power. The respected polling institute, Sifo, recently presented a report on party sympathies for the month of January. The Social Democrats got a pitiful 23.2% – the worst result since polling started in 1967. The party got 31% in the general election of 2014, and that was considered a rotten result.

Meanwhile, after the new border controls were implemented in January, and the number of asylum seekers arriving in Sweden decreased from a peak of over 10,000 a week, to 820 (during the third week of January), no one could tell if this was due to the border controls or the wintry weather.

In total, 162,877 people sought asylum in Sweden in 2015. That is almost twice as many as the year before and many times the average during the 2000s, which was roughly 33,000 a year.

Now, Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman tells the Dagens Industri business paper that he has tasked the police and the Immigration Service with the deportations of up to 80,000 of the asylum seekers who arrived last year. The government plans on using chartered planes. Anders Ygeman describes the operation as a “very big challenge.”

Why There Are No Immigrants Riots in Singapore.

News about how migrants or “refugees” from Muslim countries rioted in France, Germany, Britain or Sweden,  or how  they sexually harassed, robbed or raped Christian women in this or that European capital have become some kind of a routine. People usually don´t get killed- and raped or abused women, destroyed properties, beaten native Europeans are considered a kind of an Minor Evil, a price Western countries pay for the insane experiments of their politicians about building a “multicultural society”.

Every year, young Muslims in France burn cars “celebrating” the riots which happened in 2005, and French take it as something inevitable; moreover, French police proudly informed , that in 2015 there were “only” 1,500 cars burnt, compared with almost 3,000 a year before. But they are not too optimistic about the future; as the number of immigrants in France grows, the number of cars which will be burnt will , in their opinion, grow too.

Europeans are getting accustomed to immigrants´ riots which can last days, to rapes committed by migrants which happen practically daily, to the lax sentences by the European courts to the perpetrators, and the news that a Muslim migrant who raped a 12-years-old girl in Sweden got 180 hours of community service does not surprise anyone, including the prosecutor.

“Tolerance” and “European values”, our politicians and media chant.They are poor, they say. And they had difficult childhood, and they come from the regions where violence is a norm of life, and they are illiterate, and they have problems with integration, and the Police have not enough personnel to control them…

And why the hell do you accept them, if they do not want to integrate, if they are inclined to violence and if you cannot control them?

But ok, it´s another question.

What´s more important now, when they are already among us and are successfully converting our life in Hell: is it true that it´s impossible to  control them?

In the most – hit by the immigrant avalanche European countries, like Belgium, Muslim immigrants make maximum 15% of the population. In most countries, their share does not reach 10%.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, 15% of the population are Muslims, and the share of immigrants in total population exceeds 35%. And on December, 8 of 2013, at  21:20 at the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road, in the area known as Little India,  Sakthivel Kumarvelu, a 33-year-old Indian construction worker, was run over by a private bus and  died.

Immediately after that, a mob of some 300 to 400 immigrants from India and Bangladesh started to act in full accord with the scenario in Europe, setting cars on fire, breaking windows and attacking anyone they could put their paws on, screaming they wanted “Justice” and that the death of this guy “would be avenged”. In Europe, it would mean a long riot, with police running after the immigrants- and from them, with fires which would last days – and with boring discussions about how the principal reason was a social injustice and that immigrants had “no hope”… But Lo! A Miracle! In just two hours, the Singaporean Police restored Law and Order, the streets were cleaned, the mob was dispersed, 27 most active rioters were arrested and put to prison, where they quietly waited for lashes and deportation. And on December, 10, they were already processed- and sentenced.

As it turned out, a Police was quite able to ensure the security, no matter how many immigrants lived in the country, where they were from- and what faith they confessed.

Just months later, in May of 2013, in Husby,  a suburb of Stockholm,  a 69-years-old immigrant from Somali decided to discuss his complicated relations with  his wife. The discussion was quite hot, and in order to make his position stronger and to make clear to the woman, Who Is the Boss, our Somali “hero” took a machete. The woman, quite naturally, started to scream, and the neighbors called the Police. When the cops arrived, they wanted to enter the flat, but the guy stood in the door with his machete like a tank, threatening to cut to pieces anyone who would put in doubt his freedom to do with his woman  anything he wanted. The cops opened fire- and killed the fool.

Other immigrants from Somali saw this as a manifestation of racism, fascism, islamophobia and tyranny of the Police. They, of course, lived in their Somali in total security and safety, while in this damned Sweden a man cannot calmly and comfortably kill his own wife with a machete  without being attacked by the Police! Time to teach these Swedes a lesson! After that, the situation was developing by the usual scenario: burnt cars, broken windows, beaten people…

The number of rioters did not exceed a couple of dozens, but they managed to keep a good part of Sweden in fear for TEN DAYS. From May, 19 to May, 28, they attacked a supermarket( and looted it), burnt over 150 cars,  two schools and some Police stations, had a good fun beating white Swedes in the Underground stations, and even made the authorities evacuate residents from more than a dozen residential blocks.

Swedish Police was mostly busy explaining to the people that nothing extraordinary was happening, and the media launched a volley of articles about  a wise immigration policy of the Swedish government.

Only 15 rioters were detained- but most of them were let free; the true reason, as Swedish politicians and journalists knew for sure, were not-completely-defeated racism, social injustice  and unemployment among immigrants, which meant that the government should launch new special programs and allocate more resources to immigrants( those who should pay for all this were of course native Swedes).

Europeans in general and Swedes in particular stubbornly stick to their neo-liberal mantra, that any immigrants´ riots and disturbances can be solved with more “special programs” for immigrants, categorically refusing to admit  that their usual argument that high taxes guarantee a high level of safety does not work anymore. Maximum rate of the income tax in Singapore is only 20%, but such an index as murders per 100,000 people is there  3 times less than in Sweden. And riots happen in Singapore once in every 40 years, and the Police end with them in just two hours, without serious losses for the population. Let´s not forget that, unlike Sweden, Singapore has very restless neighbors- Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia , that more than 35% of Singapore´s residents are immigrants, and that quite a lot of these immigrants are Muslims. However, Singaporean authorities understand that too many Muslim immigrants means serious problems, and take resolute measures not to let a share of Muslims exceed 15% of the total population.

In Sweden, share of immigrants is 15%,  maximum income tax rate is 55% – but there is less and less  safety there, to such an extent that  native Swedes frankly admit that they avoid leaving  their houses in the evening.

The problem is not in immigrants´ riots; the problem is in how the governments deal with them.

For G-d`s Sake, if you´ve been so stupid and brought to your countries millions of violent people of hostile culture- then at least stop hiding your heads in the sand, face the problem- and deal with it like responsible leaders! But no, European governments prefer to call Singapore “an authoritarian dictatorship” and tell tales that  the experience of Singapore cannot be applied in ·democratic” and politically correct Europe.

Putting the rights of your own people above the rights of foreign criminals  is a sign of dictatorship.

Whom Gods want to destroy, they first make mad.

Masked marchers beat immigrants in Stockholm

The march, the most extreme reaction seen so far to the murder on Monday of social worker Alexandra Mezher, has been linked to football gangs and far-right groups.
It was followed on Saturday morning by a demonstration at the nearby Norrmalms Torg  organised by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party, which called for the government to resign over its handling of the refugee crisis.
According to Aftonbladet newspaper, men were distributing leaflets on Friday evening with the slogan “It’s enough now!” which threatened to give “the North African street children who are roaming around” the “punishment they deserve.”
“They were scattering leaflets which had the intention to incite people to carry out crimes,” Stockholm police confirmed on its website.
By 9pm, three people had been arrested, one for punching a plain-clothes policeman, and another for carrying brass knuckledusters, although all three had been released by Saturday morning.
“We have been able to link them to hooligan gangs for Stockholm football teams,” Fredrik Nylén from the Stockholm Police told Aftonbladet newspaper.
A witness told the newspaper that he had seen a group of the men beating people who appeared to have a foreign background in the middle of Stockholm’s busy central Sergels torg square.
“They came from Drottninggatan [Stockholm’s main shopping street] and walked down toward the square and began to turn on immigrants,” a witness told Aftonbladet. “I saw maybe three people who got hit. I was quite scared so I left.”
Police on Saturday morning would not confirm whether any of the marchers had assaulted immigrants.
After the attack the Swedish Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi group, issued a statement claiming that the groups had “cleaned up criminal immigrants from North Africa that are housed in the area around the central station”.
“These criminal immigrants,” the post continued,”have robbed and molested Swedes for a long time.”
“Police have clearly shown that they lack the means to stave off their rampage, and we now see no other alternative than to ourselves hand out the punishments they deserve,” the text of the leaflet, published on the group’s website, read.
“Swedish men and women deserve security in their daily lives and we therefore urge all others who see problems to follow in our footsteps, both in Stockholm and in other locations around the country.”
Seems that the patience and tolerance of the Europeans have reached their limits.

Fascist Governments of Modern Europe

By Y.K.Cherson

In our book ( “Immigrants of Doom”, Y.K.Cherson and Rachel Molschky), we wrote that the European  policy of fiercely defending  the rights of any religious, ethnic or gender group, including immigrants, would  finally pave the road to Fascism in Europe.

We got tons of criticism with the remarks like: come on, after the WWII, fascism is absolutely impossible in Europe. However, it turned  out we were right: fascism already IS in Europe.

After the WWII Nazism was defeated,  the facts about Nazis crimes were made public and some of Nazi leaders were hung or jailed. And Europeans with enthusiasm started to build a society which would be an antipode of Nazi Germany or any authoritarian society in general. Laws have been becoming milder, human rights have been growing broader, freedom has become something like a battle cry, and humanism has converted into some sort of a new religion. By the end of the 70s, capital punishment was cancelled in practically all European countries, and human rights were declared the Highest Value; higher than anything, including the rights of The Society and The State.

A social pendulum went too far to the Left.

Fifty years later, we see the results of this beautiful wave of humanism, the fruits of the efforts by Western left, Neo-Marxists, Neo- Socialists, Neo-Liberals, those true humanists who declared that Justice, Equality and Happiness were above all.

These Justice, Equality and Happiness were planned to be achieved  through  quite traditional for Socialists and Liberals methods: to quit and to distribute. To quit from those who are rich- through taxes- and to distribute among those who are poor. And the relations between the people must be similar to the relations between family members in a very good family. Any human being  is your brother and sister, your intimate and beloved friend, in full accord with magnum opus by Professor John Rawls  “A Theory of Justice”, which was  said at the time of its publication to be “the most important work in moral philosophy since the end of World War II and is now regarded as “one of the primary texts in political philosophy”, a “must read” in all Western  Universities. European intellectual elite grows on it.

Any minority must have preferences before a majority, and a representative of any ethnic, religious or  gender minority should be given all he needs for a good life in the first turn, as soon as possible because he feels bad just due to the fact that he  is a minority, poor soul. It quite logically leads to the triumph of the concepts of the “political correctness” and “positive discrimination”.

Germany, full of  guilt for Nazism and  what it did in the WWII, has been for decades trying to be more Catholic than the Pope. And in this noble venture , Germany, the first economy of Europe  and a main motor of the creation of the  Schengen Area ,  guided by these idiotic ideas of “positive discrimination” and “political correctness” together with “multiculturalism”, has pushed  Europe to accepting millions of immigrants, mostly from Islamic countries of Africa and Middle East, i.e. representatives of some strange and quite often hostile culture, of them 1,100,000  have arrived in just one 2015 year. And as these immigrants are poor, illiterate and unhappy, they must get more than native Germans- and native Europeans in general. Native Europeans must wait at least five years to get a social flat- but immigrants get it practically immediately, and Germans are kicked out of social flats where they have been living for 30 years. Children of native Europeans must pay for the University education ( and quite often, for a secondary education too); children of immigrants get it for a symbolic fee- or free of charge.  If a wife in Germany, Britain or Sweden calls the Police and says her husband has “raped” her- the Police will be at her doors in five minutes, and the guy can easily get a jail sentence . But if a gang of immigrants rapes British, Swedish or German girls for years, or paws and robs them right in the street, like it happened in Colonia on Christmas Night- the Police suddenly become strangely meek, the judges are understanding and lenient, and the media sound like a personification of Mother Teresa, with her  “ Love, Understand and Forgive” .

To tell the truth in modern Europe is forgiven. Media were ordered to hush what happened in German Colonia in December of 2014, when a good thousand of immigrants from Muslim countries attacked, harassed and even raped more than 500 German girls. And only under the massive pressure from bloggers and social media, German Police  finally grudgingly admitted that yes, it happened, and German mainstream media started to sing “Mea Culpa” for hiding this information. If you say something which is nothing but truth that cannot be refuted but is “politically incorrect”, you are labeled as a right-wing bigot, Islamophobe, Xenophobe, Homophobe and other idiotic senseless labels, you face obstruction, you can lose your job, you risk to become a pariah, untouchable.

Sweden is today at the second place in the world by the number of rapes after Lesotho. Practically all rapes are committed by immigrants from Somali, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries of the “peaceful religion of Islam”. In the last 25 years, since Sweden started to accept massive immigration from Muslim countries, rapes grew 15 times. This is international statistics, and it´s impossible to refute it. But in Sweden, media are silent, and this fact is simply hushed.

For more than TEN YEARS,  immigrants from Pakistan were raping children aged between 11 and 15 years in British Rotherham; only white native British girls, because if they did it to a Pakistani, her family would have cut the rapists to pieces, and they knew it. The authorities refused to act effectively against the rapists; moreover, they were even refusing to acknowledge that the abuse was talking place, the Police did not want to accept claims out of fear of being accused of “racism and islamophobia, and British media were  obediently silent, preferring to write about  “human rights abuses” in China, Russia or Nigeria, not noticing what was happening 140 miles from London.


To reveal the ethnicity of the criminals is forbidden.

To reveal the religion they confess- too.

Freedom of Expression, you say? Free and objective media?

But when people in Germany, Sweden, Britain organize the groups of volunteers with the goal to stop all this humiliation they suffer on their own land, those same media raises hell: Fascism raises its ugly head! And the Police all of a sudden start to act quite efficiently and even ruthlessly, using water cannons and gas against PEGIDA without caring about any “Democracy”. Seems that the main preoccupation of the Police in European countries now is to protect immigrants1 Moreover, when immigrants rape European women or beat up European men- it´s qualified as a common crime. But if immigrants are attacked in response- it´s qualified as a “hate crime”, and the sentences are much harsher.

Can the authorities stop this wave of crimes committed by immigrants and restore Law and Order in the areas which these immigrants converted in some strongholds where the Police, as our media regularly inform us, do not even dare to enter?

Without a slightest problem, in maximum a week.

For more than a year, we´ve been shown the pictures from France about some no-go zone nicknamed “Jungle” immigrants created near Calais. The comments behind the pictures were simply blood-chilling; a centre of drug-.trafficking, prostitution, slave-trafficking, arms smuggling guarded by thousands of desperate well-armed strongly-built blacks and  bearded Islamic fanatics, where the Police and even Army cannot enter …

But when the Police got the order, they entered that same dreaded “Jungle” immigrants created under Calais, arrested whom they were ordered to arrest, handcuffed them- and calmly left, taking the arrested and handcuffed  criminals with them.

And nobody in all that terrible “Jungle” did not dare even to mew.

The only thing the Police needed was a clear  order.

People feel defenceless before this “immigration”, which more and more looks like invasion. But the political parties which are in power fear to lose this power. This is their main problem, and this is what preoccupies them most. And their enemy in this fight for power are not some “fascists” or even less immigrants, even if they attack the people whom the governments in theory must defend and protect. Their enemy are those who disagree with the official policy and with that nightmare that ´s happening in their countries; they are the main threat. And immigrants are natural allies of the government which let them enter, like those illegal aliens Obama made legal have become loyal supporters of the Democrats. So, let immigrants rape women and rob whoever they can; after all, it´s not Merkel, Hollande or Cameron they rob, and it´s not their  daughters, wives or sisters they rape.

And mainstream media is under control and goes on brainwashing people with fairy tales about how we must defend our “European values”, demonstrate  “tolerance” to those who invade our countries, destroy our culture and rape our  wives and daughters- but be absolutely intolerant to those “fascists” and “racists” who call to stop this madness.

This new European reality is very similar to that same fascism born in the 30s of the 20th century – but there is a very serious difference. Fascists of the past were destroying other countries and genociding other peoples, while fascist European governments today DESTROY THEIR OWN COUNTRIES, THEIR OWN CULTURE – AND GENOCIDE  THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

What would you call a regime which bans any opinion different from the official one, which forbids freedom of speech, where the Courts have lost any independence and obediently follow the orders of the government, where mainstream media under government´s control have lost any objectivity together with any shame, where the government can easily cancel any manifestations, holidays or celebrations, like it happened with Christmas in hundreds of European cities or with manifestations by the PEGIDA, and where any attempt for self-defence is ruthlessly punished?


If it is not fascism- tell me what it is.

Russian Red Scare No Longer Works

The American and British governments are launching yet another media campaign to demonize Russia, with tall claims that the Kremlin is infiltrating European political parties and news media. The dastardly Russian aim, we are told, is to destroy the European Union.

Pedestrians near a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Puitn on a wall of a building in Yalta
We’ve already seen versions of this scare tactic with regard to Ukraine and “Putin the new Hitler”. But what this yawn-inducing exercise illustrates is that the old former spell over the Western public held by their rulers no longer works. The opiate of Western propaganda has expired.Never mind Russia. The EU has no-one else to blame for its present stresses and strains but itself, owing to its craven subservience to Washington’s reckless policies.

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington and its trusty sidekick in London are desperately seeking to turn back the clock to the “good old days” when they could control their public through scare stories.

Recall those hoary old bogeyman themes of “Reds under the bed”, the “Red menace”, “Evil Empire”, and so on, when the Western authorities mobilized their populations out of fear and trepidation that “the Russians are coming”.

Looking back now, it seems amazing how this Western brainwashing managed to get away with such scare tactics. And to a large degree it worked back then. It allowed the US and its NATO allies to build up a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons that could annihilate the planet many times over; it permitted the US in particular to militarily interfere in dozens of countries all over the world, subvert their governments and implant brutal dictatorships — all on the pretext of defending the “free world” against “evil Russians”.

Last week, we got a reprise of the Cold War brainwashing formula. Britain’s Daily Telegraph, a notorious purveyor of psychological warfare, ran a report which cast Russia and President Vladimir Putin as a malign specter trying to break up European unity by “funding political parties” and “Moscow-backed destabilization”.

The newspaper, mockingly known as the “Torygraph” because of its deep links with Britain’s rightwing political establishment, quoted anonymous British government officials as saying:

“It really is a new Cold War out there. Right across the EU we are seeing alarming evidence of Russian efforts to unpick the fabric of European unity on a whole range of vital strategic issues.”

It was also reported in the same article that the American Congress has ordered James Clapper, the US National Intelligence Director, to “conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade.”

European political parties suspected of alleged Russian manipulation include Britain’s Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn, France’s National Front led by Marine Le Pen, as well as others in Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Austria and Greece, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Not one scrap of evidence was presented to substantiate the story of alleged Russian conspiracy to destabilize European politics. Typical of old Western Cold War propaganda dressed up as “news” the accusations leveled against the Russian government relied on innuendo, prejudice and demonization. Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin are “malign” because, well, er, we say they are “malign”.

What’s really going on here is that the European Union is indeed straining at the seams because massive numbers of ordinary citizens have become so disillusioned with the undemocratic monstrosity. That disaffection with the EU applies to voters of both rightwing and leftwing parties.

Economic policies of unrelenting austerity, rising unemployment and poverty, and draconian cutbacks in public services — while banks, corporate profits and a rich minority keep getting richer and richer — has alienated vast swathes of the EU’s 500 million population.

The EU’s political leadership, whether called Conservative, Liberal, Socialist or whatever, has shown itself to be impotent to create more democratic policies and meet the needs of the public. In the eyes of many Europeans, the established political parties are all the same, all slavishly following a form of capitalist welfare for the already super-rich.

A big part of the problem is that the EU has shown no independence from Washington. The European governments under the harness of the American-led NATO military alliance have blindly joined the US in its disastrous, illegal wars for regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Those wars have in turn rebounded to bequeath Europe with its worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.Compounding the hardship is the totally unnecessary and futile standoff between Russia and Europe over the Ukraine crisis. European farmers, businesses and workforces are suffering on account of Washington and Brussels’ policy to have destabilized Ukraine in order to isolate Russia for some geopolitical agenda. On this score, the European governments are especially execrable, since it should be clear that Washington wants to isolate Russia for its own self-interest of displacing Russia as a major energy supplier to the continent. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Given all these strands of trouble it is no wonder that European citizens are discontent with their so-called political leadership. The popular contempt for Brussels has grown to record levels, and rightly so.

Europe’s pathetically servile deference to Washington’s economic and foreign policies is manifesting in forms of protest and dissent towards the entire EU project. The rise of Poland’s rightwing, nationalist ruling party is another sign of the times.

But rather than facing the music for the widespread discontent across Europe, what Washington and its pro-Atlanticist allies like Britain are trying to do is make Russia the scapegoat.

The irony is that Washington and London are seeking to blame the woes and growing disunity in Europe on Russia. When it is Washington and London who are the main reasons for why Europe appears to be coming apart at the seams.

To that end, the US and Britain are re-launching the old Cold War epithets to demonize Russia as a way to distract from their own malign and destructive influence on the rest of Europe.

Decades ago the anti-Russian vilification may have worked on the public. Especially when Western news organizations and their CIA, MI6-infiltrated “journalists” enjoyed an effective monopoly over public opinion. Those days are over. The Western public are no longer under the sway of scary stories like little children. There are many alternative information sources out there for them to avail of in order to obtain a more accurate picture.

And that accurate picture of European problems does not fit with alleged Russian malfeasance. Rather, the malfeasance is plentifully ascribed to Washington and itslackey European governments.

The attempted rewind of the “red scare” by Washington and London can be easily dismissed for sure. But the interesting thing is that it betrays a deep sign of how these two actors have run out of propaganda ideas with which to distract increasingly restless and angry Western populations.

The people want real solutions to mounting social and economic problems, not stupid scare stories that expired decades ago. The more that the Western public is insulted by such nonsense the more contempt they have for their rulers. The Western capitalist powers, bankrupt and impotent, are at a dead-end. Bring it on.

By Finian Cunningham

A Gruesome Christmas under Islam

On Christmas Day in the West Bank, two Muslims were arrested for setting a Christmas tree on fire in a Christian-majority village near Jenin. On the same day in Bethlehem, Muslim rioters greeted the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem with a hail of stones. Authorities subsequently arrested 16 “Salafi radicals” who were planning to carry out terror attacks against tourists celebrating Christmas.

If this was Christmas in Bethlehem — Christ’s birthplace and scene of the Nativity — Christmas in other parts of the world experienced similar abuse.

In the United States, a 46-year-old Christian mother of three was among the 14 people killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack targeting a Christmas party. Ironically, Bennetta Bet-Badal had fled Iran for the U.S. when she was 18 to escape the persecution of Christians after the 1979 Islamic revolution. After graduating from college with a degree in chemistry and marrying and raising three children, the jihad caught up with her. She was attending a Christmas luncheon and bringing gifts to her co-workers when Muslim terrorists burst in and massacred them.

Belgium resembled Bethlehem: A video appeared showing a number of youths lighting a firebomb under a Christmas tree in Brussels. Seconds later, there is an explosion, and the tree is engulfed in flames. Young men shouting “Allahu Akbar,” [“Allah is Greater”] run away. The person who originally uploaded the video, Mohamed Amine, has since taken his Facebook page down.

In Germany, four Eastern Orthodox Christians were accosted in the early morning hours after Christmas Day in Berlin by a man shouting, “I am a Muslim! What are you?” The man and his friends then attacked and violently beat the Christians.

The few anecdotes of Muslims terrorizing, beating, and even killing Christians on the occasion of Christmas in the West — where Muslims are minorities — were expanded in Muslim-majority nations.

Stifling Christmas

In Syria, the Islamic State “arrested, if not executed, some youths [five] in the city of Raqqa for befriending and greeting Christians on the occasion of Christmas.” ISIS reportedly told the five youths that “they are being detained after an investigation [including their personal computers], found that they greeted the Christians and wished them a Happy New Year.” When one of the youths tried to clear himself, an ISIS member replied: “Shut up! You accompany the Christians — is that not so?” The five youths were then hauled to an unknown location. There has been no further information on their fate.

ISIS was not alone. The governments of three countries — Somalia, Tajikistan, and Brunei — formally banned Christmas (celebrating its Gospel message, putting up trees, dressing like Santa Claus, and giving gifts). Transgressors can face up to five years in prison. Some Islamic clerics in Brunei stated: “Using religious symbols such as crosses, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings … are against the Islamic faith.”

In Bangladesh, churches skipped traditional Christmas midnight mass because of the increasing number of threats against, and attacks on, Christian leaders. Although Christians constitute less than one percent of the Muslim nation, more than three dozen church leaders received death threats and at least four narrowly escaped attempts on their lives.

Although not canceled, Christmas church services were tense and on high alert in the supposedly most “moderate” Muslim nation, Indonesia. More than 150,000 security personnel and others were deployed to safeguard churches around the country during Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Days earlier, on December 20, police arrested six men who had bomb-making materials and jihadi literature.

On December 25 in Iran, a group of about 10 Christians celebrating Christmas were verbally abused and arrested after plain-clothes government agents raided a private service in their home. Separately, on December 23, agents beat, handcuffed, and arrested a Christian man during a raid on his home. His books, computer, mobile phone, and a decorated Christmas tree were seized.

Christmas Carnage

On December 24 in the Philippines, Muslim jihadis terrorized the Christian-majority nation after they seized and executed 10 Christians. A military spokesman said the terrorist attack was intentionally launched on Christmas Eve “to make a statement.”

On December 25 in Nigeria, the Islamic group, Boko Haram, slaughtered 16 Christians, including children. The jihadi group has been bombing churches and massacring Christians on Christmas Day for several years in a row. One of the deadliest attacks occurred in 2011, when the jihadis bombed a Catholic church during Christmas mass. They killed 39 and wounded hundreds.

On Christmas Eve in the Democratic Republic of Congo, over 50 people of the Christian-majority nation were massacred by the Ugandan-based group, ADF-Nalu, which “has acquired in recent years the characterization of a jihadist movement.”

On Christmas Eve in Iraq, the Islamic State bombed ten Christian homes and a convent in the Assyrian village of Tel Kepe. Several people were injured. On December 30, members of the Islamic State bombed several Christian-owned restaurants in Syria; 16 people were murdered.

Left: The Miami restaurant was bombed by the Islamic State, one of three Christian-owned restaurants bombed in Qamishli, Syria on December 30, killing 16 people. Right: A number of youths set fire to a Christmas tree in a public square in Brussels, Belgium, while yelling “Allahu Akbar” [“Allah is Greater”].

Muslim governmental officials — not “ISIS” — in nations such as Brunei, Somalia, and Tajikistan continue openly and formally to express their hostility for Christmas and Christianity. And extremist Muslims — not “ISIS” — continue to terrorize and slaughter Christians on Christmas in nations as diverse as Bangladesh, Belgium, the Congo, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Philippines, Syria, the West Bank, and even the United States.

by Raymond Ibrahim

Blame Terror on Everyone but Terrorists!

by Burak Bekdil 

  • Muslims had the habit of slaughtering “infidel” Muslims for centuries when there was not a country called Syria or any “Islamophobia.”
  • The main lack of logic seems to be that innocent people are attacked repeatedly by Muslims, so they become suspicious of Muslims; this suspicion is then called Islamophobia — but it does not come out of thin air.
  • President Erdogan is explicitly saying that even non-terrorist Muslims have the potential to become terrorists if they happen to feel offended. So easily?
  • Pro-Sunni supremacists, such as the Turkish president and his top cleric, do not understand that cartoons do not kill people. But some of their friends do kill people.

There is hardly anything surprising in the way Turkey’s Islamist leaders and their officials in the clergy diagnose jihadist terror: Blame it on everyone except the terrorists. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the inventor of the theory that “there is no Islamic terror,” recently warned that “rising racism and enmity against Islam in Europe[an] and other countries” will cause great tragedies — like the Paris attacks.

Put in another way, Erdogan is telling the free world that Muslims will kill even more people “à la Paris” if they face Islamophobia in the non-Muslim countries they have chosen to attack. This reasoning, in simple order of logic, means that Muslims will not kill innocent civilians in terror attacks if they do NOT face Islamophobia. That is not a convincing argument. Erdogan did not tell anyone whether the jihadists killed more than 100 people in Ankara last October because Muslims face Islamophobia in Turkey.

In Mr. Erdogan’s thinking, there is one — and only one — culprit behind how jihadists cruelly visited Ankara, the Sinai skies, Beirut, Paris and San Bernardino in about the span of a month last year: Erdogan’s worst regional nemesis, Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad.

Erdogan willingly ignores that jihadist terror, targeting “infidels,” existed long before Assad came to power, and it will exist with or without Assad ruling Syria. Forget non-Muslim “infidels,” in fact. Muslims had the habit of slaughtering “infidel” Muslims for centuries when there was not a country called Syria or any “Islamophobia.” It is simply too manipulative to claim that the Shiite and Sunnis will stop bombing each other’s mosques because Syria is not ruled by Assad, but instead by a Muslim Brother of Erdogan.

The president’s other diagnosis (and prescription) to fight terror is that “Islam and Muslims should not be insulted because of what the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant does.” He is right that 1.5 billion or so Muslims cannot be held accountable for whatever evil a few thousand jihadists do. But he is wrong that euphemizing [Sunni] Islam in the free world will stop the terrorism committed by those few thousand radicals. In fact, by threatening the free world that there may be more terror attacks if non-terrorist Muslims feel offended, President Erdogan is explicitly saying that even non-terrorist Muslims have the potential to become terrorists if they happen to feel offended. So easily? And, if yes, why? How come other offended people do not become terrorists?

More recently, Turkey’s top Muslim cleric, Professor Mehmet Gormez joined in the childish propaganda that puts the blame for terror on people and things other than the terrorists. “Today,” Professor Gormez said, “the damage caused [by] the [Islamic State] networks, distant from any belief, reason and wisdom, who engrave the name [of God] on their so-called flags is no less than the [damage caused by] cartoons [of the Prophet Mohammed] — intolerable by any means — by the pioneers of Islamophobia.”

In this thinking, the men of Islamic State, who have the habit of beheading people and cheerfully releasing their videos, of raping “slave” women and of mass-killings in Muslims lands, do the same damage as people who just draw cartoons. And, in this thinking, cartoonists are as evil as the jihadists who killed them in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris a year ago, or as evil as the other jihadists who killed over 130 people in the French capital in just one evening.

In the thinking of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (left) and top Muslim cleric, Professor Mehmet Gormez (center), the men of Islamic State, who have the habit of beheading people, raping “slave” women and mass-killings in Muslims lands, do the same damage as people who just draw cartoons, such as Stéphane Charbonnier (right), the murdered editor of Charlie Hebdo.

Pro-Sunni supremacists, such as the Turkish president and his top cleric, do not understand that cartoons do not kill people. But some of their friends do kill people. Just as Erdogan’s presidential jet left Riyadh, the Saudi capital, after a lucrative state visit, the Saudis decided toexecute a prominent Shiite cleric, along with dozens of al-Qaeda suspects, adding more fuel to the sectarian war in the Middle East.

Erdogan is wrong. And so is his chief cleric. Muslim terrorists of this or that sect tend to kill each other in Muslim countries, not in non-Muslim lands. The main lack of logic seems to be that innocent people are attacked repeatedly by Muslims, so they become suspicious of Muslims; this suspicion is then called Islamophobia — but it does not come out of thin air. It is the same Muslim terrorists of this or that sect who bomb each other’s mosques in Muslim countries, not in non-Muslim lands. It is not the “Islamophobes” who kill Muslims and others.

At the 59th General Assembly of the United Nations in 2005, Spain’s President Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero proposed an initiative that went down in the world-politics wastebasket: “The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.” The initiative would galvanize international efforts against extremism, would forge international, intercultural and interreligious dialogue and all other niceties. It would defuse tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds.

This author has lost count of the death toll from Islamist extremism since then. Any idea who was the co-sponsor of the UN initiative? A clue: It was the Turkish “sultan,” who thinks that there is no such a thing as Islamic terror and argues that Islamophobia is to blame for any terror — not Islamic extremism, of course.






‘Unsafe on streets’: Danish women ‘sexually harassed’ by refugees in at least 3 towns


© Reuters
Danish women have reportedly been subjected to sexual harassment by asylum seekers in at least three towns, local officials said, adding that male refugees “have hard time respecting the opposite sex” while enjoying the Danish nightlife.

Several incidents took place in the town of Thisted, northern Denmark. Since November it has been hosting a refugee camp for 365 asylum seekers.

“Several young women have felt unsafe on the streets, where they have been accosted by asylum seekers. The same thing has happened on the dance floor out in the nightlife,” Lars Sloth, the director of the city’s children and families unit, told Ritzau news agency.

Several refugees from the camp were also detained for being intoxicated .

According to Sloth, there have recently been more asylum seekers who drink too much and have been put in detention.

“We recognize that there is a cultural problem, and therefore we undertake some measures to address the problem,” Sloth told TV2.

Now, the town workers will launch a campaign to tell the newcomers how they should behave in Denmark.

“First and foremost we want it to be safe and comfortable for all of our residents to move around in Thisted – including in the city’s nightlife. Therefore we are initiating extra measures that will contribute to better understanding, fewer conflicts and thus better security.”

Sexual harassment by refugees was also reported in the town of Sonderborg, southern Denmark, and in Haderslev municipality.

“We must say that a large number of the male guests who come from the local asylum center have a very hard time respecting the opposite sex. In my eyes, it is harassment when one or more men continue to touch a young woman after she has said ‘stop’,” Glenn Hollender from the Sonderborg club Den Flyvende Hollænder told TV Syd.

First Syrian asylum seekers arrived to Haderslev in 2014. The majority of them are single men, and they have begun to enjoy the local nightlife.

According to Rafi Ibrahim, a Syrian who has lived in Denmark for years, if migrant men see “a girl, they go nuts. They simply can’t handle it. The try to grab a hold of the girl’s clothes or paw her.”

“In Syria and many other countries, it is not normal for a strange woman to smile at you. Those girls who are harassed aren’t necessarily scantily-dressed or drunk. Sometimes it is enough just to be a girl,” he said.

Sexual harassment of women by refugees in Europe is the main issue that has been making headlines since New Year.

The first city to report about mass sexual assaults was Cologne, Germany. According to witnesses, “heavily intoxicated” men of “Arab or North African” origin flooded the city’s famous square between its central train station and Gothic cathedral on New Year’s Eve.

Aged between 15 and 35, individuals in the crowd began throwing and setting off fireworks as the New Year was brought in. With the festivities in full swing, some men reportedly sexually assaulted women and pickpocketed revelers. Among the criminal complaints officially filed, there is at least one allegation of rape.

On Monday, reports emerged that Swedish police were accused of covering up mass sexual assaults allegedly committed by refugees at a music festival. It followed claims that gangs of youths, mostly from Afghanistan, molested girls as young as 11 or 12 at the annual event.

No Faith, No Ideals.

I am not a great fan of feminism. Moreover, those continuous screams of different feminist organizations, about how women are “oppressed”  in the West seem to me a biased piece of crap. In my opinion, women in Western countries have so many rights that it´s time to talk about a discrimination of men. I also do not understand, why an observation like “ you look great” can be a reason for the lawsuit against a “sexist male pig”, whose only guilt consisted in telling a woman that she is pretty. But what makes me especially skeptical about feminism is how politicians who in search of women´s votes support even the most stupid declarations of the women´s rights activists all of a sudden lose steam when it comes to the REAL problems of women in such countries as our “true ally”: Saudi Arabia.


A few weeks ago Margot Wallström, the Swedish foreign minister, denounced the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia. She publicly reproached Saudis for making girls as young as 10 years of age marry men 40 years older, for prohibiting women to conduct official business or to marry  without the permission of male guardians, for not even letting women go out without being accompanied by a man…. Well, what she said was nothing but truth; moreover, we all know this truth. Wallström  did not stop there; she went  further and condemned the Saudi courts for having ordered that Raif Badawi receive ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes just for setting up a website that championed secularism and free speech. She called all this “ mediaeval methods’, and a ‘cruel attempt to silence modern forms of expression’.

Again, nothing of the social life of our “true ally”  we  do not know about.

And finally, Wallström also said that it was unethical for Sweden to continue with its military co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia. No, she did not call to cancel this military cooperation agreement; she did not even call to stop selling lethal weapons to Saudi Monarchs, although there are numerous examples that they use these weapons to arm terrorists and to exterminate entire villages, like they are doing in Yemen. No, she just said that this cooperation was unethical; something that is impossible to refute.

However, Saudis and their Muslim neighbours  felt “insulted” – how not- and reacted in quite a fierce way. Saudi Arabia called its  ambassador  in Sweden to Riyadh for “consultations”  and stopped issuing visas to Swedish businessmen. The United Arab Emirates joined the show. The Organization of Islamic Co-operation, which represents 56 Muslim-majority states, in a paroxysm of Islamic frenzy, accused Sweden of failing to respect the world’s ‘rich and varied ethical standards’. The Gulf Co-operation Council condemned her ‘unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’…

Well, a usual Muslim game about how the West “does not respect” them, how we are “racists” and  islamophobes”…

Saudis demanded that Sweden apologize and hinted  that the best way for normalizing the situation between such a great country as  Saudi Arabia and this insignificant Sweden would be a dismissal of the Swedish Foreign Minister.

Of course, the free Western media have started a true uproar about such a blatant interference of Saudi Arabia in the internal affairs of the sovereign Western country, and Western politicians have formed a united front  to support their colleague who said nothing but truth…

No, they have not.

Outside Sweden, the western media has barely covered the story, and Sweden’s EU allies have shown no inclination whatsoever to support her.

Moreover, both Swedish and European politicians and media have  joined the attack by Muslims on the European politician who dared to say the truth, and in this support of Muslims, they´ve gone truly wild.

There are very strong rumors  that Sweden may lose its chance to gain a seat on the UN Security Council in 2017 because of Wallström.

Sweden is the 12th arms exporter of the world, and its arms export to Saudi Arabia totals  $1.3 billion a year. Immediately after the Saudis backlash, thirty chief Swedish executives signed a letter saying that breaking the arms trade agreement ‘would jeopardise Sweden’s reputation as a trade and co-operation partner’. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf himself  warned Wallström that he wanted a compromise. There are signs  that she will fold under the pressure, particularly when the rest of liberal Europe shows no interest in supporting her.

Our “ high moral standards” and “democratic values” are dear to us – but money is evidently dearer.

Saudi Arabia now is not what it used to be some 20 years ago. Prices on oil today are more than three times lower than what they were just three years ago. Saudi Arabia public budget has been approved with a deficit of 3%, something this country did not know for decades. Saudi Arabia had to borrow money in  the credit markets; something it did not do in the last 50 years at least.

Saudis heavily depend on European import of food, machinery, electronics, technology, weapons…

But it did not hesitate to stand up to defend something it considers vital: its Sovereignty, its Ideals, its Faith.

And we did not dare to defend either our Sovereignty or our Faith or Ideals.

Because we have none.

The Islamization of Britain in 2015: Sex Crimes, Jihadimania and “Protection Tax”

  • Hospitals across Britain are dealing with at least 15 new cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) every day. Although FGM has been illegal in Britain since 1984, there has not been a single conviction.
  • At least 1,400 children were sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013 in the town of Rotherham, mostly by Muslim gangs, but police and municipal officials failed to tackle the problem because they feared being branded “racist” or “Islamophobic.”
  • Reverend Giles Goddard, vicar of St John’s in Waterloo, central London, allowed a full Muslim prayer service to be held in his church. He also asked his congregation to praise “the God that we love, Allah.”
  • There has been a 60% increase in child sexual abuse reported to the police over the past four years, according to official figures.
  • British intelligence are monitoring more than 3,000 homegrown Islamist extremists willing to carry out attacks in Britain.
  • A Muslim worker at a nuclear power plant in West Kilbride, Scotland, was removed from the premises after he was caught studying bomb-making materials while on the job.
  • “We try to avoid describing anyone as a terrorist or an act as being terrorist.” – Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic.

The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 3.5 million in 2015 to become around 5.5% of the overall population of 64 million, according to figures extrapolated from a recent study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe. In real terms, Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in the European Union, after France, then Germany.

Islam and Islam-related issues were omnipresent in Britain during 2015, and can be categorized into five broad themes: 1) Islamic extremism and the security implications of British jihadists in Syria and Iraq; 2) the continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law in Britain; 3) the sexual exploitation of British children by Muslim gangs; 4) Muslim integration into British society; and 5) the failures of British multiculturalism.


January 7. The British-born Islamic extremist, Anjem Choudary defended the jihadist attacks on the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. In an opinion article published byUSA Today, Choudary wrote:

“Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore, Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people’s desires.

“In an increasingly unstable and insecure world, the potential consequences of insulting the Messenger Mohammed are known to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. So why in this case did the French government allow the magazine Charlie Hebdoto continue to provoke Muslims, thereby placing the sanctity of its citizens at risk?”

January 9. Muslim cleric Mizanur Rahman of Palmers Green, north London, also defended the attacks in Paris and declared that “Britain is the enemy of Islam.” Speaking to an audience in London — his speech was also streamed online to thousands of his followers — Rahman said the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were guilty of “insulting Islam” and therefore “they can’t expect a different result.” He added: “You know what happens when you insult Mohammed.”

January 14. Zack Davies, 25, attacked a 24-year-old Sikh named Sarandev Bhambra with a machete at a Tesco supermarket in Mold, north Wales. British newspapers initially portrayed the attack as a “racially-motivated attempt” by a right-wing extremist promoting “white power.” It later emerged that Davies is actually a Muslim convert who goes by the name Zack Ali. On the morning of the attack, Davies warned on his Facebook page of his impending assault, posting four verses from the Koran that call for violence against non-Muslims.

January 16. Rahin Aziz, an Islamist from Luton, was pictured in Syria brandishing an AK-47 rifle. In a tweet, Aziz, who also calls himself Abu Abdullah al-Britani, wrote: “Still deciding to what to do with my #british passport, could burn it, flush it down the toilet, I mean realistically its not worth spitting on.”

January 16. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles sent a letter to more than 1,000 imams across Britain asking for their help in fighting extremism and rooting out those who are preaching hatred. Muslim groups responded by accusing the British government of stoking “Islamophobia” and demanding an apology.

January 17. The Telegraph reported that a convicted al-Qaeda terrorist with close links to the jihadist attacks in Paris cannot be deported from Britain because it would breach his human rights. Baghdad Meziane, a 49-year-old British-Algerian, jailed for eleven years in 2003 for running a terror network recruiting jihadists and fundraising for al-Qaeda, was released from prison five years early and allowed to return to his family home in Leicester. Since then, Meziane has successfully thwarted attempts to deport him, despite the government’s repeated insistence that he constitutes “a danger to the United Kingdom.”

According to The Telegraph, a close associate of Meziane, Djamel Beghal, mentored at least two of the suspected gunmen responsible for the killings — Amedy Coulibaly and Chérif Kouachi — while they were together in prison. Beghal’s wife, a French citizen, is living in the UK,courtesy of British taxpayers. Sylvie Beghal lives rent-free in a four-bedroom house in Leicester. She came to Britain with her children in search of a more “Islamic environment,” after deciding that France was too anti-Muslim.

January 20. The former chief of MI6, Sir John Sawers, in what can be seen as a recommendation for self-censorship, warned Britons not to insult Islam if they want to avoid Islamic terrorists from striking inside the country. He said:

“If you show disrespect for others’ core values then you are going to provoke an angry response… There is a requirement for restraint from those of us in the West.”

January 25. Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic, the largest of the BBC’s non-English language news services, said that the term “terrorist” was too “loaded” to describe the actions of the men who killed 12 people in the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

January 26. It emerged that hospitals across Britain are dealing with at least 15 new cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) every day, and that the problem is especially acute in Birmingham. Although FGM has been illegal in Britain since 1984, there has not been a single conviction.

January 29. A Sky News investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, a town in South Yorkshire, found that hundreds of new cases continue to emerge. In August 2014, the so-called Alexis Jay Report revealed that between 1997 and 2013, at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited, mostly by Muslim gangs, and that police and municipal officials failed to tackle the problem because of politically correct concerns over being branded as “racist” or “Islamophobic.”


February 4. British police arrested 45 Muslim men on charges of child sex grooming. In Northumbria, 20 suspects appeared in court to face charges including rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking. The alleged offenses involved 12 victims, including one girl aged just 13. In Halifax, West Yorkshire, 25 men were charged with a number of child-related sex offenses.

February 4. The entire cabinet of Rotherham Council resigned after a report found that misplaced political correctness, combined with a culture of denial, allowed more than 1,400 girls to be routinely abused by gangs of Muslim men over a period of 15 years. Children as young as nine were groomed, trafficked and raped by members of the town’s Pakistani community, but fear of being labeled racist meant town councilors turned a blind eye to the abuse.

February 8. More than 1,000 British Muslims protested in central London against what they called “insulting depictions” of the Prophet Mohammed by the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Crowds carrying placards with slogans such as “Stand Up For the Prophet” gathered near Prime Minister David Cameron’s office in London’s Whitehall government district. The event was organized by a group called Muslim Action Forum, which is launching a lobbying campaign as well as series of legal challenges in the English court system to establish that depictions of Mohammed are a “hate crime.”

February 25. Asif Masood, 40, an unlicensed drunk driver, apparently three times over the blood alcohol limit when he crashed his friend’s car into a fire hydrant in Nottingham, avoided a prison sentence after he persuaded a judge that he had just rediscovered his Muslim faith and had quit drinking.

February 27. A judge in Liverpool stopped a trial after he discovered that the defendant, Kerim Kurt, had sworn on the Bible and not the Koran. Judge Patrick Thompson of the Liverpool Crown Court said Kurt had taken “an oath to tell the truth which was sworn on the New Testament.” But it later emerged in cross-examination that he was a Muslim. Kurt insisted that he accepted taking the oath on the Bible because “he respected all holy books and wanted to swear on the holy book of the country in which he was residing.” But Judge Thompson said he “took the view that Mr Kurt should have sworn on the Koran as a Muslim.”

MARCH 2015

March 3. A government report found that nearly 400 British girls as young as eleven are believed to have been sexually exploited by Muslim rape gangs in Oxfordshire during the past 15 years. The report charged local officials with repeatedly ignoring the abuse due to a “culture of denial.”

March 7. A leading liberal clergyman, Reverend Giles Goddard, vicar of St John’s in Waterloo, central London, allowed a full Muslim prayer service to be held in his church. He also asked his congregation to praise “the God that we love, Allah.” It is thought to be the first time an entire Islamic service has been held by the Church of England.

March 11. Reverend Canon Gavin Ashenden, one of the Queen’s chaplains, expressedconcern about more than 100 passages in the Koran that “invite people to violence.” He was responding to comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who claimed that young people are turning to jihad because mainstream religion is not “exciting” enough.

March 12. A delegation of prominent British-Egyptians called for the UK government to proscribe the Muslim Brotherhood and ban its activities on British soil. The petition said: “Terror knows no borders, and the Muslim Brotherhood and its spin-offs know no mercy, their lust for power, quest for theocracy and desire for domination, make them all blood thirsty, and they will stop at nothing until they bring down civilization — West and East alike.”

March 15. The British government announced that it would not classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

March 20. Newly released figures showed that the population of Muslim inmates in Belmarsh prison — London’s de facto terrorist jail — has more than doubled in just four years. The number of Muslim inmates at the top-security “Category A” prison has jumped by 108% since March 2010, up from 127 to 265 in December 2014. Government data shows in spring 2010, Muslim prisoners made up just 14% of Belmarsh inmates, but fewer than five years later, that proportion had climbed to almost one-third. The proportion of Muslim prisoners in Pentonville prison jumped 40% while that in west London’s Wormwood Scrubs had increased by almost a sixth over the same period.

March 23. A report warned that Muslim women across Britain are being systematically oppressed, abused and discriminated against by Sharia law courts that treat women as second-class citizens. The 40-page report, “A Parallel World: Confronting the Abuse of Many Muslim Women in Britain Today,” was authored by Baroness Caroline Cox, a cross-bench member of the British House of Lords and one of the leading defenders of women’s rights in the UK. The report shows how the increasing influence of Sharia law in Britain today is undermining the fundamental principle that there must be equality for all British citizens under a single law of the land.

APRIL 2015

April 1. Police in Turkey detained nine British nationals from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, who were allegedly seeking to join the Islamic State in Syria. The nine — five adults and four children, including a one-year-old baby — were arrested in the Turkish city of Hatay.

One of those arrested was Waheed Ahmed, a student of politics at Manchester University. His father Shakil, a Labour Party councilor in Rochdale, said he thought his son was doing an internship in Birmingham:

“It’s a total mystery to me why he’s there, as I was under the impression he was on a work placement in Birmingham. My son is a good Muslim and his loyalties belong to Britain, so I don’t understand what he’s doing there. If I thought for a second that he was in danger of being radicalised I would have reported him to the authorities.”

April 5. Abase Hussen, the father of a runaway British jihadi schoolgirl, conceded that his daughter may have become radicalized after he took her to an extremist rally organized by the banned Islamist group, Al-Muhajiroun, run by Anjem Choudary, a British-born Muslim later remanded in custody, charged under section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Amira, 15, was one of three girls from Bethnal Green Academy in East London who flew to Turkey in February to become “jihadi brides” in Syria. During a hearing at the Home Affairs Select Committee in March, Abase blamed British authorities for failing to stop his daughter from running off to Syria. Asked by Chairman Keith Vaz if Amira had been exposed to any extremism, Hussen replied: “Not at all. Nothing.” The police even issued an apology.

Abase, however, changed his story after a video emerged which unmasked him as an Islamic radical who had marched at an Islamist hate rally alongside Choudary and Michael Adebolajo, the killer of Lee Rigby. Abase, originally from Ethiopia, said he had come to Britain in 1999 “for democracy, for the freedom, for a better life for children, so they could learn English.”

April 5. Victoria Wasteney, 38, a Christian healthcare worker, launched an appeal against an employment tribunal which found she had “bullied” a Muslim colleague by praying for her and inviting her to church. Wasteney was suspended from her job as a senior occupational therapist at the John Howard Centre, a mental health facility in east London, after her colleague, Enya Nawaz, 25, accused Wasteney of trying to convert her to Christianity. Wasteney’s lawyers said that the tribunal broke the law by restricting her freedom of conscience and religion, enshrined in Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

April 5. In an interview with the Guardian, Nazir Afzal, Britain’s leading Muslim prosecutor,warned that more British children are at risk of “jihadimania” than previously thought because they see Islamic terrorists as “pop idols.” He said:

“The boys want to be like them and the girls want to be with them. That’s what they used to say about the Beatles and more recently One Direction and Justin Bieber. The propaganda the terrorists put out is akin to marketing, and too many of our teenagers are falling for the image.

“They see their own lives as poor by comparison, and don’t realize they are being used. The extremists treat them in a similar way to sexual groomers — they manipulate them, distance them from their friends and families, and then take them.

“Each one of them, if they go to Syria, is going to be more radicalised when they come back. And if they don’t go, they become a problem — a ticking time bomb — waiting to happen.”

Talha Asmal (left), a 17-year-old from Dewsbury, is believed to have become Britain’s youngest suicide bomber when he blew himself up at an Iraqi oil refinery. Friends described Asmal as an “ordinary Yorkshire lad.” Amira Abase (right) travelled from London to Syria in February, at the age of 15, to join the Islamic State as a “jihadi bride.”

April 8. The Guardian reported that there has been a 60% increase in child sexual abuse reported to the police over the past four years, according to official figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request which made public for the first time the scale of the problem in England and Wales.

April 8. The Leicester Crown Court jailed Jafar Adeli, an Afghan asylum seeker, for 27 months after he attempted to meet “Amy,” an underage girl, after grooming her online. Adeli, 32, who is married, arranged to meet the girl after engaging in sexual conversations online and sending an indecent image of himself. But he was duped by a pedophile vigilante group called Letzgo Hunting. “Amy” was in fact a vigilante named John who was pretending to be a young girl.

April 10. Abukar Jimale, a 46-year-old father of four who sought asylum in the UK after fleeing war-torn Somalia, avoided jail time for sexually assaulting a female passenger as he drove her across Bristol in his taxi. Although Jimale was found guilty of sexual assault, he had his two-year sentence suspended. The defending counsel said that the Somali-born Jimale was a hard-working father who had lost his job and good name as a result of his crime.

April 13. Mohammed Khubaib, a Pakistani-born father of five, was convicted of grooming girls as young as 12 with food, cash, cigarettes and alcohol. The 43-year-old married businessman, who lived in Peterborough with his wife and children, befriended girls in his restaurant and then “hooked” them with alcohol in an attempt to make them “compliant” to sexual advances.

April 14. The president of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, Lord Neuberger, said in a speech that Muslim women should be allowed to wear veils in court. He added that in order to show fairness to those involved in trials, judges must have “an understanding of different cultural and social habits.” Neuberger’s comments came after a judge upheld a ruling allowing Rebekah Dawson, a 22-year-old convert to Islam, to stand trial wearing a niqab, a veil that only leaves the eyes visible.

April 20. A 14-year-old schoolboy from Blackburn, Lancashire, became Britain’s youngest terror suspect. He was arrested in connection with an ISIS-inspired terror plot in Melbourne, Australia. Police said messages found on his computer and mobile phone indicated a plan to attack the centenary celebrations of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli during the First World War. (Anzac Day — April 25 — marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.)

April 20. Police in Turkey arrested a British couple and their four young children on suspicion of seeking to travel to a part of Syria controlled by the Islamic State. Asif Malik, his wife Sara, and the four children — aged between 11 months and 7 years — were detained at a hotel in Ankara. Turkish officials said the family had crossed into Turkey from Greece on April 16 and had been detained after a tip-off from the British police.

April 22. Four Muslim men were charged with child sex crimes in Rochdale. Hadi Jamel, 33, Mohammed Zahid, 54, and Raja Abid Khan, 38, and Abid Khan, 38, were each charged with one count of sexual activity with a girl who was under 16.

April 22. The Daily Mail published excerpts of a new book, “Girl for Sale,” which describes the shocking ordeal of Lara McDonnell, who became the victim of a Muslim pedophile gang when she was only 13 years old. She wrote:

“Mohammed was selling me for £250 to paedophiles from all over the country. They came in, sat down and started touching me. If I recoiled, Mohammed would feed me more crack so I could close my eyes and drift away. I was a husk, dead on the inside.

“Sometimes, I would be passed from one pervert to another. In Oxford, many of my abusers were of Asian origin; [in London] these men were Mediterranean, black or Arab.

“Then, at the start of 2012 [some five years after the abuse began], Thames Valley Police asked to see me. They had been conducting a long-overdue investigation into sexual exploitation of young girls and wanted a chat. I told them everything, and by the end of March, Mohammed and his gang were in custody. Unbeknown to me, five other girls were telling police the same story.

“Mohammed’s defense was laughable: he claimed I’d forced him to take drugs and have sex with me. His barrister, a woman, implied I was a racist because all the defendants were Muslim.

“Because the defendants were Muslim, the case had opened sensitive issues about race and religion. My view is clear: they behaved that way because of differences in how they viewed women.”

April 23. The Birmingham Crown Court sentenced Imran Uddin, 25, a student at the University of Birmingham, to four months in jail for hacking into the university computer system to improve his grades. Uddin used keyboard spying devices to steal staff passwords and then raised his grades on five exams. Uddin is believed to be the first British student ever to be jailed for cheating.

April 25. The Telegraph reported that British taxpayers are paying the monthly rent for Hani al-Sibai, the Islamist preacher who “mentored” Mohammed Emwazi (aka Jihadi John, the ISIS executioner). Al-Sibai, 54, a father of five, lives in a £1 million home in Hammer-smith, a district in West London.

April 27. Mohammed Kahar, 37, of Sunderland was arrested after disseminating extremist material, including documents such as, “The Explosive Course,” “44 Ways To Serve And Participate In Jihad,” “The Book Of Jihad,” and “This Is The Province Of Allah.”

April 28. An 18-year-old jihadist, Kazi Jawad Islam, was convicted of “terror grooming” for trying to “brainwash” his autistic friend, Harry Thomas, “a vulnerable young man with learning difficulties,” into attacking British soldiers with a meat cleaver.

April 28. Aftab Ahmed, 44, of Winchcombe Place, Heaton, was charged with threatening to behead David Robinson-Young, a candidate for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in Newcastle East.

MAY 2015

May 3. Bana Gora, chief executive of the Muslim Women’s Council, announced plans to create the country’s first mosque run by women, for women, in Bradford. She said:

“In the Prophet’s time the mosque was the center of community life and learning and we hope to replicate that model including women-led congregational prayers for women. Through the consultation process we intend to work with diverse groups, opinions and organizations including the Council for Mosques to create the ethos and spirit of the mosques during the Prophet’s time.”

May 7. A record of 13 Muslim MPs (up from 8 in 2010) were elected in the general elections in Britain. Eight of the Muslim MPs are women.

May 14. The BBC’s Home Affairs Editor, Mark Easton, drew criticism after he compared the British-born Islamist Anjem Choudary to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Tory MP Michael Ellis, a fellow member of the last home affairs select committee, said:

“The BBC seems obsessed with giving as much airtime as possible to hate preachers. To make a comparison between historic figures who campaigned for peaceful change and a hate preacher like Choudary is appalling, offensive and inflammatory.”

Choudary himself rejected the BBC’s comparisons:

“The comparisons with Mandela and Gandhi are false. They are kuffar [non-believers] going to hellfire whilst I am a Muslim. Alhamudililah [praise Allah].”

May 26. Abu Haleema, a radical preacher from London, who posted films online attacking British Armed Forces and vowing never to “submit” to democracy, was banned from using social media to promote his views. The ban prompted complaints from his supporters about the suppression of free speech.

JUNE 2015

June 1. Karim Kazane, a 23-year-old Muslim man, demanded that Zizzi, an Italian restaurant chain, pay him £5,000 (€7,000; $7,800) in compensation after he found a piece of pepperoni in a meal at their branch in Winchester. Kazane was halfway through a carne picante, advertised as containing beef and chicken, when he discovered the meat banned under Islam.

June 4. Mohammed Rehman, 24, from Reading and Sana Ahmed Khan, 23, from Wokingham, were charged with preparing for acts of terrorism in the UK. Both are accused of buying chemicals to manufacture explosive devices and of researching and downloading instructions for carrying out an attack, including a copy of the Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire containing an article titled, “How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

June 9. Sara Khan, the head of the anti-radicalization group, Inspire, told The Guardian that British teachers are afraid to report suspected Islamist extremism among their students out of fear of being labelled “Islamophobic.”

June 10. A 34-year-old Muslim businessman from Cardiff was the first person in the UK to beprosecuted under forced marriage laws that entered into effect in June, 2014. The man was jailed for 16 years after admitting to making a 25-year-old woman marry him under duress. The man, who was already married, “systematically” raped his victim for months, threatened to go public with hidden camera footage of her in the shower unless she became his wife, and threatened to kill members of her family if she told anyone of the abuse.

June 11. A report warned that Britain is facing an “unprecedented” threat from hundreds of battle-hardened jihadists who have been trained in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It warned that more Britons are now trained in terrorism than at any point in recent memory.

June 11. Alaa Abdullah Esayed, a 22-year-old female refugee from Iraq living in Kennington, South London, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for tweeting messages that encouraged terrorism. Esayed posted more than 45,000 tweets in Arabic on an open account to her 8,240 followers between June 2013 and May 2014, with many tweets encouraging violent jihad.

June 12. Tamanna Begum, a Muslim woman living in Ilford, Essex, lost a legal battle to wear an Islamic jilbab, a head-to-toe gown, at a nursery because it posed a “tripping hazard” for children and staff. Begum filed a claim for discrimination because of her “ethnic or cultural background.” Judge Daniel Serota upheld a previous ruling by the East London employment tribunal that the gown was “reasonably regarded as a tripping hazard.”

June 13. Talha Asmal, a 17-year-old from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, who ran away from home in April to join ISIS, is believed to have become Britain’s youngest suicide bomber when he blew himself up during an assault on an Iraqi oil refinery. Friends described Asmal as an “ordinary Yorkshire lad.” That may be true in more ways than one: Dewsbury, a quaint former mill town, has been linked to more than a dozen Islamic extremists, including Mohammad Sidique Khan, the organizer of the July 7, 2005 London bombings.

June 15. An anti-Sharia group called “One Law for All” issued a statement calling on Britain’s new government to abolish Islamic Sharia courts, which they described as “kangaroo courts that deliver highly discriminatory and second-rate forms of ‘justice.'” The statement said:

“Though the ‘Sharia courts’ have been touted as people’s right to religion, they are in fact, effective tools of the far-right Islamist movement whose main aim is to restrict and deny rights, particularly those of women and children.

“Opposing ‘Sharia courts’ is not racism or ‘Islamophobic’; it is a defense of the rights of all citizens, irrespective of their beliefs and background to be governed by democratic means under the principle of one law for all. What amounts to racism is the idea that minorities can be denied rights enjoyed by others through the endorsement of religious based ‘justice’ systems which operate according to divine law that is by its very nature immune from state scrutiny.”

June 19. A British judge ruled that a terrorism suspect did not have to wear an electronic tracker because it violates his human rights. The suspect, a 39-year-old Somali-born Islamic preacher who is accused of radicalizing young British Muslims, said he thought that MI5 had placed a bomb inside the bracelet, and that wearing the monitoring device was making him “delusional.” The judge, Mr. Justice Collins, ruled this amounted to a breach of Article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which is meant to prohibit torture.

June 24. It emerged that police in Birmingham knew that Muslim sex grooming gangs were targeting children outside the city’s schools but did not alert the public out of fears of being accused of “Islamophobia.” A confidential report obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed that police were worried about “community tensions” if the abuse from predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs was made public.

JULY 2015

July 1. The director general of the BBC, Tony Hall, rejected demands from a cross-party group of MPs to stop the broadcasting corporation from using the term “Islamic State” to refer to the terrorist group. More than 100 MPs signed the letter calling on the broadcaster to begin using the term “Daesh” (the Arabic acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) when referring to the Islamic State. The letter, which was drafted by Rehman Chishti, a Pakistani-born Conservative MP, stated:

“The use of the titles: Islamic State, ISIL and ISIS gives legitimacy to a terrorist organization that is not Islamic nor has it been recognized as a state and which a vast majority of Muslims around the world finds despicable and insulting to their peaceful religion.”

The MPs made their demand in a letter following criticism from Prime Minister David Cameron, who rebuked the BBC for referring to the Islamic State by its name. During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on June 29, Cameron said:

“I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state. What it is, is an appalling, barbarous regime. It is a perversion of the religion of Islam, and, you know, many Muslims listening to this program will recoil every time they hear the words ‘Islamic State.'”

Hall said that using Daesh would not preserve the BBC’s impartiality as it risked giving an impression of support for the group’s opponents. He said the term is used pejoratively by its enemies. Daesh is close to “Dahes,” Arabic for “one who sows discord.”

July 20. David Cameron outlined a new five-year plan to fight Islamic extremism in Britain. In a landmark speech in Birmingham, Cameron called the fight against Islamic extremism the “struggle of our generation.”

July 27. The Telegraph reported that the number of children and teenagers referred to counter-radicalization programs is set to double in just two years because of the growing allure of ISIS. Youngsters are being reported to the Channel Project, a government anti-radicalization program, at a rate of more than one a day amid fears many are at risk of becoming jihadists. In one case, a three-year-old child was referred to the scheme. Other instances have included schoolchildren who have drawn pictures of bombs or made Islamist threats.


August 1. The Daily Mail reported that Shamima Begum, 15, who fled her East London home to become a jihadi bride in Syria, was radicalized at a women’s charity based at the East London Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in Britain. Islamic leaders and some of their family members initially blamed the Internet for grooming her, but the Mail discovered that Sharmeena was first radicalized inside the East London Mosque, allegedly by women from the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), a group with links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

August 5. Anjem Choudary, a British-born Islamic extremist, was remanded in custody, charged with the terrorism offense of encouraging people to join ISIS. Choudary, 48, and Mohammed Rahman, 32, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and were charged with repeatedly violating Section 12 of the Terrorism Act. Choudary said he is not afraid of going to prison, which he describes as a fertile ground for gaining more converts to Islam. “If they arrest me and put me in prison, I will carry on in prison,” he warned. “I will radicalize everyone in prison.”

August 18. A judge in London ordered a 16-year-old girl to be removed from her parents after they groomed her to become a jihadi bride. Police found her home filled with jihadist propaganda, including a book titled, “How to Survive in the West — A Mujahid’s Guide.” Mr. Justice Hayden said her “deceitful” mother and father had done as much harm to her as child molesters. Her flight to Syria was stopped by counter-terrorism officers who removed her from a Turkey-bound plane already taxiing on the runway at Heathrow Airport.

August 26. A 16-year-old schoolgirl pleaded guilty to two terror charges when she appeared at Manchester’s main youth court. She admitted the charges after bomb-making recipes were found on her phone, along with pictures of dead children, executions and ISIS propaganda.


September 17. An appeals court in London ruled that it was proper for Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir, a child molester who abused two Muslim girls, to have been given a longer sentence than if his victims had been white — because Muslim sex crime victims suffer more due to shame. Lawyers for the pedophile argued that his original sentence was too harsh. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) said:

“British justice should operate on a level playing field and children need to be protected irrespective of cultural differences. Regardless of race, religion, or gender, every child deserves the right to be safe and protected from sexual abuse, and the courts must reflect this.”

September 18. The Times reported that British intelligence are monitoring more than 3,000 homegrown Islamist extremists willing to carry out attacks in Britain. According to the report, British men and women, many in their teens, are being radicalized within weeks to the point of violence.

September 26. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Margate, Kent, apologized to Air Force Sergeant Mark Prendeville after he was moved away from other patients because some members of the staff said his uniform might cause offense to Muslim patients.

Also in September, a London art exhibition celebrating freedom of expression banned anti-ISIS artwork after police raise security concerns. “ISIS Threaten Sylvania,” a series of seven satirical tableaux featuring the children’s toys Sylvanian Families, was removed from the Passion for Freedom exhibition after police raised concerns about the “potentially inflammatory content” of the work. The police informed the organizers that, if they went ahead with their plans to display it, they would have to pay £36,000 ($53,000) for security for the six-day show.


October 9. Channel 4 News reported that Muslim convert Jamal al-Harith, who was awarded a £1 million ($1.5 million) payout by the British government after being released from the Guantánamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, has fled to Syria and joined ISIS.

October 12. Nadir Syed, 21, Yousaf Syed, 19, and Haseeb Hamayoon, 27, appeared at Woolwich Crown Court for the opening day of their trial. Prosecutors say the trio planned, in the name if ISIS, to behead people on the streets of the streets of Britain. They had also allegedly planned to use a hunting knife to murder a police officer, soldier or member of the public on Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day, a national holiday commemorating the end of World War I. The court heard that the men seemed “unnaturally interested in murders and beheadings.”

October 25. It emerged that Abdulrahman Abunasir, an immigrant who sexually assaulted a woman within two weeks of arriving in Britain, is blocking attempts to deport him by claiming to be a Syrian refugee. Abunasir submitted a claim for asylum while serving an 18-month prison sentence for the sex attack. When immigration officials questioned him, however, they found he could not answer even simple questions about Syria. British officials say there is a “very high degree of certainty” that Abunasir is from Egypt, but due to European human rights laws, they cannot deport him because they cannot prove his nationality.

October 27. A Muslim worker at a nuclear power plant in West Kilbride, Scotland, was removedfrom the premises after he was caught studying bomb-making materials while on the job. A source at the plant said: “You can’t have people with access to a nuclear core having any sort of interest in explosives. No one knows what was going through his head, but it’s not what you want to see in a nuclear power plant.”

October 29. The British Muslim Youth, an Islamic group in Rotherham, called on Muslims to boycott the police because the investigation into child sexual exploitation in the town amounts to “marginalization and dehumanization” of Muslims. In a message posted online, the group ordered fellow Muslims to immediately cut all ties with law enforcement or face being made pariahs in their own neighborhoods.

October 30. Atiq Ahmed, 32, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for threatening to behead a police officer. Police found a stash of videos of executions and beheadings at his home. After watching the videos, Judge Michael Topolski QC said: “Many of them are deeply disturbing, truly horrifying and bear no relation whatsoever to the true practices and principles of the ancient venerable religion.”


November 1. The Independent published an opinion article titled, “The Prophet Mohammed had British values — so the only way to combat extremism is to teach more Islam in schools.”

November 1. The Sunday Times revealed that government investigators found that non-Muslim inmates in several of Britain’s top security prisons are being forced to pay a “protection tax” to radical Muslim prisoners out of fear of facing violence. The “tax,” also known as “jizya,” is being imposed by gangs of Islamic extremists at Belmarsh, Long Lartin, Woodhill and Whitemoor prisons. Non-Muslim inmates said they have been bullied and threatened with violence unless they made payments with phone cards, food, tobacco or drugs. Some of the alleged victims said they were told to arrange for friends and family on the outside to transfer money to bank accounts controlled by Islamists.

November 3. Kasim Ali, 25, and his cousins Adeel Ali, 20, and Razi Khalid, 18, who were found guilty of an “honor attack” on the boyfriend of one of their sisters, were spared prison sentences. The three men, all from Blackburn, Lancashire, targeted Aquib Baig because their family did not approve of him seeing their sister. They rammed his car before chasing him into a store, where they kicked and beat him in front of horrified shoppers. The judge, Recorder Julian Shaw, said:

“There is no place for any religious or honor based violence. It’s abhorrent, it’s against your religion, and it’s unlawful. I hope you’re all truly ashamed to find yourselves standing in this court. Your families are no doubt scratching their heads thinking what did we do wrong? Here they are being humiliated and embarrassed as we watch you, a cowardly group, attack someone else. Go back to your community, your families and build your reputation again. Don’t ever come back to haunt this court with any honor-based violence.”

November 9. It emerged that Muslim teachers at Oldknow Academy, a school implicated in the “Trojan horse” scandal, an attempt to Islamize British schools, forced pupils to recite anti-Christian chants in assemblies. Former teachers Jahangir Akbar and Asif Khan allegedly led pupils by shouting, “We don’t believe in Christmas, do we?” and “Jesus wasn’t born in Bethlehem, was he?” Christopher Gillespie, the lawyer representing the National College for Teaching and Leadership, said, “An agreement was made to introduce an undue amount of religious influence into the education of Oldknow School. The distinction between a faith school and a state school was being blurred if not obliterated.”

November 12. British police arrested Bakr Hamad, Zana Abdul Rahman, Kadir Sharif and Awat Wahab Hamasalih as part of a European anti-terrorism operation linked to plots to recruit suicide bombers and kidnap Western diplomats. The four men, all believed to have been granted refugee status in Britain from Iraq, were part of an al-Qaeda splinter group using the Internet to recruit suicide bombers, establish “sleeper cells” inside Europe and attack targets overseas.

November 13. Yahya Rashid, 19, was convicted, in a trial at Woolwich Crown Court, on two counts of preparing to commit acts of terrorism. Rashid used his student loan to book flights to Turkey for himself and four others, with the intention of traveling on to Syria to join ISIS. Following pleas from his family to return home, Rashid eventually changed his mind and remained in Turkey. He was returned to London in March 2015, and arrested on his arrival.

November 17. Nissar Hussain, a 49-year-old father of six who converted to Christianity, was savagely attacked outside his home in St Paul’s Road, Manningham. A video of the attack, captured by Hussain’s home CCTV, shows two hooded men get out of a car parked in front of his house and strike him 13 times with a pickaxe. Police are treating the attack as a religious hate crime. Hussain said he and his family have endured a life of harassment, intimidation and fear at the hands of Muslim hardliners since 2008, when they appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about the mistreatment of Muslim converts.


December 9. Police officers corroborated a claim by US presidential candidate Donald Trump that parts of London are no-go areas for British police because of Muslim extremism. Trump’s claims were derided by Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson. Home Secretary Theresa May insisted, “The police in London are not afraid to go out and police the streets.” The Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying:

“We would not normally dignify such comments with a response, however, on this occasion we think it’s important to state to Londoners that Mr Trump could not be more wrong. Any candidate for the presidential election in the United States of America is welcome to receive a briefing from the Met police on the reality of policing London.”

But a Lancashire Police officer said: “There are Muslim areas of Preston that, if we wish to patrol, we have to contact local Muslim community leaders to get their permission.” Another policeman said that he and other colleagues fear being terror targets and spoke of the “dire warning” from bosses not to wear a uniform “even in my own car.” Yet another officer said: “Islamification has and is occurring. Muslim areas are not new.”

An officer from Yorkshire wrote:

“In this instance he [Trump] isn’t wrong. Our political leaders are best either ill-informed or simply being disingenuous. He’s pointed out something that is plainly obvious, something which I think we aren’t as a nation willing to own up to — do you think a US police department would ban officers from wearing their uniforms…due to FEAR of their cops being killed by extremists?”

December 17. The British government published a long-awaited review on the Muslim Brotherhood. The so-called Jenkins Report concludes that the “Muslim Brotherhood has not been linked to terrorist-related activity in and against the UK.” But it also raises concerns over the “sometimes secretive, if not clandestine” way the Brotherhood has operated in the recent past to shape Muslim thinking through three groups: the Muslim Association of Britain, the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Society of Britain.

December 17. The Waltham Forest Council of Mosques, which claims to represent 70,000 Muslims in London, vowed to boycott the government’s anti-terrorism Prevent program after accusing the policy of being a racist attack on the Islamic community. It was the first time a council of mosques issued such a boycott, and undermines the government’s attempt to involve religious communities in the fight against radicalization.

December 26. The Times reported that Muslims are boycotting the government’s anti-terrorism Prevent program; less than a tenth of extremism tip-offs are coming directly from the Muslim community. The revelation that there were fewer than 300 community tip-offs in six months will raise concern that the police are being denied information that might prevent terrorist attacks.

December 29. Mohammed Rehman, 25, and wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, were found guilty of planning an ISIS-inspired terror attack on a London shopping center or the London underground. Their plot was only foiled when Rehman, using the Twitter handle ‘SilentBomber,’ sent a tweet asking for advice on which was the best target. Officers then raided his home in Reading, Berkshire, where they found 10 kg (22 lbs.) of nitrate explosives. The prosecution said Rehman was just days away from completing the device, which would have caused many casualties if he had not been stopped by anti-terror police.

During the trial, the court heard that Khan had underlined passages in a copy of the Koran that read: “Slay them wherever you find them and drive them out from the places they drove you out… such is the reward of the unbelievers.” Another marked passage read: “Warfare if ordained for you though it is hateful for you. It may happen that you hate a thing that is good for you and that you love a thing that is bad for you.”





“In the present convention genocide means any of the acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group and deliberately inflicting on that group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, in whole or in part.”

Christmas Then… and Now

By Finian Cunningham

Demonically, in time for Christmas, we learn that the rulers of the United States of America had plans at one time to wipe out humanity with nuclear war.

As Christians around the world celebrate the birth of God’s son, Jesus, some 2,000 years ago, the revelation of a demonic plan to extinguish life on Earth by the US is a shocking realization about the nature of evil in the modern world.

This week, in the days before the annual Christmas festival, declassified papers obtained by legal force from the US National Security Archive reveal that war planners in Washington were ready in the 1950s to launch nuclear weapons on thousands of cities and other population centers of the Soviet Union in the event of war.

Nuclear explosion

The declassified documents were acquired only after nearly 10 years of legal campaigning to bring the secret papers to public knowledge.
Disturbingly, we may rightly assume that other such nefarious plans remain hidden in Washington – yet to be declassified.The latest release is said to be the most comprehensive nuclear target list ever made public. The list of 1,200 cities assigned for nuclear annihilation by the US Strategic Air Command included Moscow, Berlin and Warsaw, as well as Beijing, presumably because Communist China was considered an ally of the Soviet Union.

Two already established facts underline the vile mentality of Washington’s war planners.

Firstly, it is already known that US military chiefs at the Pentagon wanted to launch a pre-emptive nuclear war on the Soviet Union in the early 1960s. US President John F Kennedy was presented with this plan in July 1961 by his Joint Chiefs of Staff and CIA director Allen Dulles.The demonic theory then was that such a pre-emptive attack could be carried out because the US supposedly had a nuclear edge over the Soviet Union, which would be so devastated from a first strike that it would not be able to retaliate.

Kennedy to his eternal credit was disgusted by the military plan and ruled it out. On hearing about it from his Generals, led by Lyman Lemnitzer, Kennedy reportedly threw it out, saying to an aide with revulsion: “And we call ourselves the human race.”

Secondly, the US is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons, having dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945, which resulted in over 200,000 instant deaths. That any nation could carry out such an act and never to have apologized for it – indeed has continued to make excuses for the act of genocide – is truly illustrative of an exceptionally evil mentality.

Few other states have expressed such self-righteousness in carrying out mass extermination. The United States finds itself in the historical company of Nazi Germany in its professed right to wipe out millions of fellow humans on the basis of ideological supremacy.

This gives new meaning to the notion of “American exceptionalism” reiterated only weeks ago by US President Barack Obama with narcissistic and delusional belief that the United States is a paragon of virtue for the rest of mankind.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he hopes no-one would be insane enough to ever use nuclear weapons. There speaks a leader who has a modicum of morality and humanity, expressing abhorrence at the use of such indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction.

Not though the war planners in the US. It was President George W Bush who openly declared a “first strike doctrine” and the incumbent Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama has maintained that doctrine, despite in our Orwellian world of having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

In the 70 years since the end of the Second World War, the US has waged war, overtly and covertly, against upwards of 70 countries.

Estimates of the death toll from American wars and subversions run to 20 to 25 million, in countries ranging from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. No other country, including Nazi Germany, has been responsible for the death and destruction on the scale that the US has inflicted.

The warmongering and death continue to this day with smoldering ruins in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, where the US has “perfected”
the art of outsourcing subversion to terror networks under the banner of “Islamic extremism”. These extremists have killed God-loving Muslims and Christians in their demonic purpose, unleashed with the help of the US and its European, Turkish, Arab, Zionist allies in the “great game” of regime change and geopolitics.The skeptics and brainwashed will dismiss such claims as outlandish conspiracy. The United States, they will say, is the “land of the free” and champion of democracy, human rights and international law.

Well, such apologists need to focus on the reality that the US has not only used nuclear weapons, it has plans to use them again against anyone whom it designates as enemy. The skeptics and brainwashed need to stop accepting the self-righteous, deified self-justifications and focus on the fact: the US rulers appoint themselves the right to wipe out human beings.

We may, however, still hope that nuclear weapons will never be used.That indeed some day these barbaric mass-killing devices will be forever banished and that our technological prowess will be turned into peaceful means for improving the wellbeing of humanity and our one, shared planet.

At Christmas time we might hold on to hope and inspiration for human transcendence over poverty, war and suffering. But that hope should not be blind to the evil existing in our world. The evil of man-made injustice and oppression of others.

It is by no means “anti-American” to say this. But the greatest evil we face today are those rulers in the US and their global outposts who presume to wage wars for “political” reasons, in order to maintain their wealth and privileges over the rest of humanity.

The very fact that these people and their institutionalized mentality were, and presumably still are, prepared to wipe out humanity with nuclear weapons is their indictment.

People of goodwill must unite and overcome the nefarious structure of our world, whereby a tiny elite hold the great majority of humanity to ransom. Humanity is much better than that, deserves so much more than that, and is, potentially, destined for much, much more than that.


The Challenge of Jihadi Cool

An ISIS fighter in Kobani, SyriaReuters
Check out, as just one of many examples, the Twitter user “Bint Emergent”: an apparent ISIS fangirl and keen observer of the jihadist scene. (Bint Emergent has not disclosed her identity, or gender, but bint is an honorific Arabic word for girl or daughter; like umm—mother in Arabic—bint features prominently in theTwitter display names of female ISIS sympathizers.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Jihadis,” she explains on her blogBintChaos, “look cool—like ninjas or video game warriors—gangstah and thuggish even—the opposition doesnt.” She concedes that “There aren’t a lot of jihadist ‘poster-girls’ displayed—they all wear niqab [face veil], but sometimes its tastefully accessorized with an AK47 or a bomb belt.” By contrast, “Team CVE [a reference to Countering Violent Extremism, or Anglo-American counterterrorism entrepreneurs whose role, state- or self-appointed, is to challenge “extremist” narratives],” consists “mostly [of] middleaged white guys with a smidgin of scared straight ex-mujahids [ex-jihadists] and a couple middleaged women.”

“Jihadis have cool weapons. And cool nasheeds [a cappella hymns],” she continues. They also have “young fiery imams that fight on the battlefield,” whereas Team CVE “has ancient creaky dollar scholars…” Most importantly:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 [S]alafi-jihadism made being pious cool. It became cool to quote aya [verse] and study Quran. And CVE has absolutely no defense against this. … I love jihadi cant—dem, bait, preeing, binty, akhi [brother]… its like Belter dialect in the Expanse. And it borrows from all languages—because jihad draws from all races and ethnicities. The voice of youth counterculture and revolution for an underclass. Like ghetto culture in the US—the inexorable evolution of cool.

Bint Emergent reveals little to nothing about who she is, and without that critical context it’s difficult to assess her credibility. A lot of what she says in her blog posts is arcane and rambling, and she insists at the top of her prolific Twitter feed that “im not necessarily proforma pro- #IS”—a statement seemingly contradicted by the sympathetic tone she often adopts towards the group.

And yet Bint Emergent’s words, and especially her reflections on ISIS’s countercultural appeal to young people, are worth considering. “The bottom line,” she asserts in one blog entry, “is that the Islamic State is the classic scifi underdog battling a seemingly all powerful Evil Empire America against impossible odds—and in the very best scifi tradition—they are winning.”“Besides,” she observes in another entry, “IS [Islamic State] has a bottomless youth recruitment pool for the next 35 years, and like IS says, the fighting has just begun. You Are Not Prepared.”

She is scathing about U.S. counterterrorism efforts against ISIS, and dismisses the State Department’s “Think Again Turn Away” campaign as “the most utterly clumsy and doomed propaganda effort since sexual abstinence campaigns.”

In a blog post titled “Embracing Apocalypse I: the Islamic State and the Prophetic Methodology,” she expresses particular admiration for a black-and-white photo of an ISIS fighter on the streets of Kobani, Syria. He is nonchalantly holding a machine gun, with an arm raised triumphantly in the air. Behind him is a scene of utter devastation, in which orange flames—the only color in the photo—and thick smoke cascade from a truck and building. The fighter depicted isreportedly Abu Ahmad al-Tunisi. “This iconic photo,” she writes, “distills the whole conflict into one image for me. To glory in apocalypse, to embrace it…” It also distills a possible contradiction or discrepancy: Abu Ahmad al-Tunisi is wearing, in addition to a thick, righteous beard, what appear to be a pair of Nike trainers. Nike is a large American corporation, and the distinctive Nike swoosh is a symbol of American urban cool—or, at least, it used to be. Apocalypse, Bint Emergent goes on to say, unconvincingly, is “a wholly alien concept for the west.” But the idea of the righteous, brand-wearing badass certainly isn’t.

In a chapter on “Warrior Values” in John Archer’s edited collection Male Violence, the psychologist Barry McCarthy cites the Japanese samurai as the most obvious exemplar of this idea: He is “unflinching in the face of danger, strong and energetic, cunning in tactics though honorable, proficient with his weapons as well as in the arts of unarmed combat, self-controlled, self-confident and sexually virile.”

 The cross-cultural appeal of this figure is hard to deny, as Richard E. Nisbett and Dov Cohen make clear in their study Culture of Honor: “The world over, men are sent out to sacrifice and to die, not for such purely instrumental purposes as deterrence; rather they are motivated by what they and the community expect good, honorable men to do.” “There is,” indeed, Nisbett and Cohen remark, “a romance and an allure to the Masai warrior, the Druze tribesman, the Sioux Indian, the Scottish chieftain…”
For those who are bewitched by it, there is also a romance and an allure to the jihadist warrior. In a recent article, “The Soft Power of Militant Jihad,” the terrorism expert Thomas Hegghammer touches on this and the wider “jihadi culture” of fashion, music, poetry, and dream interpretation. “Jihadis,” he writes, “can’t seem to get enough anashid [nasheeds]. They listen to them in their dorms and in their cars, sing them in training camps and in the trenches, and discuss them on Twitter and Facebook.” “Jihadi culture,” he elaborates, “also comes with its own sartorial styles. In Europe, radicals sometimes wear a combination of sneakers, a Middle Eastern or Pakistani gown and a combat jacket on top. It’s a style that perhaps reflects their urban roots, Muslim identity and militant sympathies.” Hegghammer concludes that, “As the West comes to terms with a new and growing threat … we are not only confronting organizations and doctrines, but also a highly seductive subculture.”

The genius of ISIS propaganda is how skillfully it imbues the idea of jihad not only with traditional notions of honor and virility, but also a strong undercurrent of oppositional, postmodern cool.

CVE practitioners can’t possibly hope to challenge the glamor, energy, and sheer badassery of violent jihad as an ideal, still less the wider emotional resonance of the warrior ethos on which it draws. But they can reasonably hope to subvert ISIS’s claim to embody that ideal. What isn’t yet clear is at precisely whom CVE programs should be targeted, how their counter-messaging should be framed and delivered, and, crucially, by whom. Vague references to those “at risk of” or “vulnerable to” radicalization, and to “credible voices” who can offer alternatives, do little to help in this regard. Challenging ISIS’s bona fides as the true inheritor of jihad is also fraught with peril, in that it may play into the hands of other jihadist groups who profess that mantle. The bigger challenge—as Alberto Fernandez, the former coordinator of the U.S. State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, noted when I interviewed him earlier this year—is how to create a counter-narrative that is not merely negative but boldly affirmative, offering a vision that is just as exhilarating and seductive as that of jihadists. “The positive narrative,” he said, “is always more powerful, especially if it involves dressing in black like a ninja, having a cool flag, being on television, and fighting for your people.”

The problem for CVE is that in an ironic age in which few “grand narratives” remain, no one—except perhaps for the jihadists and their supporters—really knows what that narrative is anymore.

Europeans and Americans Come to Russia to Escape From Absurdity of the West


Foreigners come to Russia to escape from absurdity of the West. Welcome to Russia

In a recent trend, well-known people from different countries of the world have become Russian citizens. At the same time, Russian liberals and a certain segment of Western media never stop trumpeting about bears in the streets of Russian cities, the “Putin regime” and so on.

Every such move receives extensive media coverage. A lot of people are familiar with the story of French actor Gerard Depardieu, who became a Russian citizen and started working in Russia as an actor as well.

Roy Jones, an American athlete, became a citizen of Russia after meeting with President Putin. Rumor has it (it is not clear how reliable the rumor is) that Fred Durst, the frontman of Limp Bizkit, is thinking about a Russian passport in his pocket as well. Durst is married to a Russian woman, so it can be possible.

Another famous athlete, Olympic champion and former undisputed world heavyweight champion in boxing, Lennox Lewis, is going to become a Russian citizen, Vice President of Professional Boxing Federation of Russia Andrei Ryabinsky said.

Edward Snowden, a former CIA analyst, was forced to seek political asylum in Russia, after he had unveiled many interesting facts about US intelligence to the world. They say that Snowden is living a lot better than the pioneer of Internet revelations, Julian Assange, who has been living in an embassy for years, without being able to go outside. Snowden can travel all across Russia – this is obviously a lot more freedom.

There are foreign journalists that love Russia a lot more than their home lands. Some of them say that freedom of speech works a lot better in Russia. Tim Kirby, a video blogger and a TV presenter at RT, wants to obtain the Russian citizenship.

Foreign athletes see Russia as their second homeland as well. During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, it became known that snowboarder Vic Wild had obtained Russian citizenship. Viktor Ahn, a short track champion, became a citizen of the Russian Federation as well. There were athletes, who obtained Russian citizenship prior to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Yuko Kawaguti, a Japanese skater, became a citizen of Russia in 2008. Two American basketball players, Rebecca Linney Hammon and Deanna Nolan, received Russian passports the same year.

The list can go on and on with other names – athletes, journalists, actors, balloonists, scientists, inventors. What makes prominent people move to Russia from the West? It appears that the West has taken the tenets of tolerance and political correctness to large-scale grotesque forms, making it hard for normal people to live in the West.

In search for freedom, Europe and America have come to the point that is referred to as “liberal totalitarianism” and “dictate of minorities.” The people, who see it and do not want to live in this, – they pack their bags and go to Russia – the country of traditional values in the ocean of ultra-liberalism.

Sergei Larin






Islamic State Allegedly Opens Human Trafficking Office in Turkey

Islamic State allegedly opens human trafficking office in Turkey. Islamic State trafficks people in Turkey

AP photo


Legal experts of the Turkish city of Gaziantep filed a lawsuit against Turkish intelligence and law enforcement agencies. According to the plaintiffs, Islamic State activists have an office in the areas of the city, where they conclude human trafficking contracts.

German TV channel ARD has recently aired a documentary about the office of the terrorist organization in Gaziantep.

“According to the German channel, ISIS militants are selling Yezidis here in Gaziantep. One needs to conduct an investigation into this, and the investigation should be continued, if evidence and suspects are found,” the head of the Bar Association of Gaziantep, Bektas Sarkli said.

In the documentary, the film crew follows a Kurdish mediator, who buys prisoners from ISIS and returns them to their families. Last year, he said, he had paid $2.5 million to terrorists to release slaves, mostly women and  children , who were put up for sale in Gaziantep.

As it turned out, Turkish authorities know about the practice of slave -trade by the ISIS  in Turkish cities, but seems they are not concerned.  At least, Turkish MPs say it´s quite a usual practice both the Police and authorities  know about.

“There are thugs coming here who are not afraid to inform Turkish soldiers of their intention to join the Islamic State. The authorities still do not perceive the Islamic State as a terrorist organization, not do they see its members as terrorists,” Turkish MP from the Party of Democratic Peoples,  Mahmut Togrul said.

ISIS terrorists  quite openly bring women and children to Gaziantep, where they put them up for sale at auctions; Turkish police do not interfere.

Earlier, independent researcher at Institute of Strategic Dialogue, Emily Daglish, published a report about the gender and ethnic composition of the Islamic State.

It was found that ten percent of members of the group are European girls and women, old women and pregnant women. In many cases, terrorists train them as suicide bombers, or simply sell them, sometimes for a pack of cigarettes. Former prisoners said that blonde Christian virgins are used as sex slaves for terrorist camps.


Muslims Rape While Europeans Gape


In spite of the attempts by the authorities to put a situation with refugees from Muslim countries under control, both the Police and media have to admit that Europe has been covered by the wave of felonies, especially rapes. “Poor refugees “   from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan rape Europeans without making much distinction between adult women, teenagers, children and pensioners.   

Angola:” This Is The End of Islamic Influence In Our Country”

 In my article ISLAMIC TERRORISM: WHY THERE IS NONE IN JAPAN  I wrote about a country which managed to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism and other negative consequences of immigration from Muslim countries through creating barriers to Muslim immigrants who want to enter Japan,  through limiting the number of mosques, and before all, through perception of Islam  as a “strange  and dangerous religion” that a true Japanese should avoid.

Once Upon A Time, There Was Sweden

Once upon a time, there was a safe country called Sweden, where people rarely locked their doors.

Then in 1975, wise, extremely tolerant and very politically correct Swedish Government decided, that Sweden should be multicultural and not Swedish. A result of their multicultural efforts was an increase in violent crime  by over 300%,  and rapes have increased by an unbelievable 1,472%.

Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass

The riots in Stockholm. (Photo: rotter.net)

Now, Sweden is going to receive  190,000 unskilled and unemployed migrants from Muslim countries,  and Swedish are truly scared.  A demand for firearms licenses is increasing; more and more Swedes are joining shooting clubs and starting vigilante groups. After a slight dip in 2014, the number of new gun permits has gone up significantly again this year. According to police statistics, there are 1,901,325 licensed guns, owned by 567,733 people, in Sweden. Add to this an unknown number of illegal weapons. The tension is growing, and the authorities are just calling to demonstrate “more tolerance”.  Meanwhile, truck drivers say that when they see a thief emptying the fuel tank of their trucks, they run out with a baseball bat. It is no use calling the police, but if you hit the thief, you can at least prevent him from stealing more diesel. Many homeowners say the same thing: they sleep with a baseball bat under the bed. But this is risky: the police can then say you have been prepared to use force, and that might backfire on you.

People in  from many Swedish villages openly discuss on Facebook how they intend to protect themselves: “Sometimes you get totally freaked out when you see what they are writing. But you have to understand that Swedes are really scared when an asylum house opens in their village. They can see what has happened in other places.”

Situation became even worse when six years ago, Swedish Government decided to shut down many local police stations and move the Police to the main towns.  After that, people, shopping malls and stores  started to hire  the services of the companies which provided security guards.  But very soon it turned out that these security guards also needed the Police; when their guards caught  a burglar, they  called the police but the response times were  often very long, and quite often, the police were telling them to release the burglar they  apprehended,  because they did not have a patrol nearby.

The politicians, however, ignore the people’s fear completely. The facts that practically all rapes have been committed by immigrants from Muslim countries are hushed. Instead, the people who express concern about what kind of country Sweden has become are accused of xenophobia and racism.  Seeing that their government cannot protect them, more and more people are taking matters into their own hands. Almost every day there are reports of fires being set at asylum houses. So far, no one has been hurt- but while the number of these attacks is steadily growing, first lives lost become just a matter of time.

Swedes are losing  patience. The number of violent incidents at Sweden’s Immigration Service facilities in 2013, according to Dispatch International, was  at least one incident every day. Now the number of such incidents including threats, violence and brawls grew to  three per day.

Not that Swedish Government does not understand the consequences of trying to receive, host, feed, cure and teach some 200,00 immigrants a year; it does. But seems they are melancholically going to accept it.

Foreign Minister Margot Wallström in an interview with the daily Dagens Nyheter recognized  that Sweden is, in fact,  was heading for a systemic breakdown:

“Most people seem to think we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year. In the long run, our system will collapse.”

And what does she propose?

“ This welcome is not going to receive popular support. We want to give people who come here a worthy reception.”

So, Sweden will go on receiving hundreds of thousands immigrants a year, and may Sweden and Swedish people go to hell – but we shall give these immigrants “ a worthy reception”.

And they are trying to make this reception as “ worthy” as possible. To prevent new fires, the Immigration Service decided on October 28 that from now on, all asylum facilities would have secret   addresses. And all five Police helicopters will from now on , instead of pursuing criminals and protecting natives, patrol refugee centers.

For decades, Swedish leaders have been were assuring the public that immigrants are a treasure, an asset, an investment in economy…But at a meeting with the Nordic Council in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 27, Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, was questioned by his Nordic colleagues about the situation in Sweden. Löfven had recently said that, “We should have the option of relocating people applying for asylum in Sweden to other EU-countries. Our ability, too, has a limit. We are facing a paradigm shift.” That comment led a representative of Finland’s Finns Party (Sannfinländarna) to wonder, with a hint of irony, how mass immigration to Sweden, which for years Swedish politicians have touted as being so profitable, has now suddenly become a burden.

When Löfven was asked how he is dealing with the real concerns and demands of the Swedish people , he sounded as laconic  as famous heroes of Nordic Sagas: “Of course I understand there is concern,” Löfven said. “It is not easy. But at the same time — there are 60 million people on the run. This is also about them being our fellow men, and I hope that viewpoint will prevail.”

And what should Swedish do in response to a wave of crimes committed by immigrants against them?  “Our communities should not be characterized by threats and violence, they should be warm and show solidarity.”, said  Sweden’s Prime Minister . Seems  that the only obstacle to Mr. Löfven´s noble idea of giving “ a worthy reception” to each one of 60 million Muslim immigrants is that territory of Sweden is not big enough and there simply is not enough room for all of them.

And  what about Sweden and its people? Nothing. Swedish and European politicians have more important problem than defending native people of their respective countries: their main problem now is how  to help Muslim immigrants; don´t bother them with  stupid questions.

Silence can be tantamount to being an accomplice to a crime.