28 Truckloads of Cement Go to Gaza; Hamas Must Be Happy

What will Gazans do with this cement? Build homes- or something else?

By: Rachel Molschky


A total of 400 truckloads of goods entered Gaza on Tuesday, November 25, from Israel. Those “poor” Gazans, who got a beating this summer during Operation Protective Edge when Israel finally fought back after thousands upon thousands of rocket and other  terror attacks, received goods which included 28 truckloads of cement.

Now remember, these convoys delivering goods to Gaza are a routine occurrence, typically facilitated by the IDF. Even during the war, the IDF transferred truckloads of goods, medical supplies, food, gas and humanitarian aid to Gaza and set up hospitals for Gazans, which Hamas tried to block in order to prevent its people from receiving the medical care they needed.

Also keep in mind that although Gazans need cement to build homes, schools, hospitals, etc., and they were recently awarded over $5 billion in pledges from governments and humanitarian groups around the world to rebuild after those “evil Jews” defended themselves, wiping out a large portion of Hamas’s arsenal and terror sites, if the past is any indication of the future, much of that cement will not be used for its intended purpose.

This summer, Israel Defense Forces destroyed 32 terror tunnels, 14 of which opened up into Israeli territory. How did these tunnels come about?

The answer is simple. The truckloads of goods that are supposed to be “humanitarian aid” to Gazans, which Israel helps to transfer to the “poor people in need,” contain building supplies, like this recent convoy with 28 truckloads of cement. Rather than help Gazans to build homes and other structures, Hamas uses the money to build tunnels.

The IDF blog reported that one terror tunnel requires 350 truckloads of building supplies. Each tunnel costs $3 million, and with those same supplies, Hamas could have built 86 homes, six schools, 19 medical clinics and seven mosques (although mosques are hotbeds of terror activity, so we’re better off without those seven mosques.)

Now the $3 million per tunnel, multiplied by the 32 terror tunnels destroyed by the IDF during Operation Protective Edge equals $96 million, wasted on hate and violence, rather than helping people. Incidentally, Egypt has also been finding and destroying Hamas tunnels, and we may never know the total amount spent on these tunnels. What we do know is that much of the “humanitarian aid” Gaza receives is allocated for terror.

So 400 truckloads in one day, 28 of which are cement, and Hamas terrorists must be laughing at the world’s stupidity.

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Real Reason for Muslim Interest in Temple Mount: Football!


Grasping at straws and pulling out all the stops in order to incite hatred and violence against Jews, a Palestinian news agency has reported the story of a young boy unable to play football at the Temple Mount. The poor child’s routine of playing football (or soccer) at Judaism’s holiest site has been disrupted. Justice must be served! Who is to blame? The “evil settlers” of course!

Elder of Ziyon has the story: Deprived Arab boy complains he cannot play soccer on Temple Mount every day, H/t PW

Photo credit: Antti Eintola / Yle

Cannibal Diet Forced onto Unsuspecting Westerners

How far will appeasement go, and should freedom of religion apply to those who actively contribute to our possible pending destruction?

By: Rachel Molschky

The cannibal tribespeople of a distant island so far removed from the rest of the planet, the name is impossible to pronounce, have been arriving in droves to the United States, Canada, Australia and countries in the European Union. After brutal attacks from a neighboring tribe, attempting to conquer the small territory made up of a series of islands whose name can be loosely translated as “Blood Suckers Islands,” (BS for short), Western leaders are appalled.

Seeing the horrific imagery of the savage attacks from one cannibal tribe on another, Western authorities visited the BS to see for themselves. The media accompanied world leaders along with UN representatives to document the ongoing tribal war and show the world the victims of this dreadful conflict, sadly, many of them children. A pact was made between the nations, who reached  the only decision possible, which was to bring over the cannibalistic victims as refugees. After all, it would be heartless to forsake them.

Before long, cannibals began arriving to Western nations. It wasn’t easy. The cannibals needed financial help, and our governments did not disappoint. New employees were hired to handle the overwhelming demand for welfare checks to the new refugees, who collected their checks but otherwise had nothing but criticism for their adopted countries. As it turned out, Westerners did “serve” a purpose, one which occurred in the temples the cannibals were able to build, complete with fire pits and specially designed pedestals for sacrifices to the gods.

These temples were perfectly legal with building permits approved by the government, along with security provided after threats were made from angry, racist, right-wing natives who mysteriously did not want to see cannibal temples in their hometowns.

The townsfolk of Christianville deep in America’s heartland were dumbfounded when the neighboring city, known affectionately by its inhabitants as “PC,” not only built a mega-temple but also hosted a parade in honor of the cannibal refugees, a new tradition which the city plans to continue on an annual basis. New commemorative days and months were also added to the calendar, in honor of our new cannibal friends, their BS culture and above all, their tremendous contribution to our nations. Still, it seems PC is not enough to make the BS happy.

Others have tried to appease them, and their rich BS culture is  celebrated in many towns across the world, including artwork depicting their religious acts, plays portraying their history, told purely from the BS point of view, and even new restaurants that are popping up everywhere.

“Not in my town!” said the mayor of Christianville when the cannibal refugees began moving into his suburban town and applied for a permit to build a new temple there. “We’re taking it all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to!” exclaimed the mayor.

And that’s what he did. The Supreme Court decided in favor of the cannibals because everyone deserves freedom of religion, and to deny them their temple would be racist. Besides, who wouldn’t support the BS culture?

These temples are only one battle the cannibals have fought and won. Despite what the racist natives think, the cannibals are people too, and they have rights. These rights include their religious dietary laws.

This strict diet of the cannibals has caused confusion in the school system, where cannibal parents have complained when their children were refused human meat. Massive protests ensued, quickly turning into violent riots. Cannibals repeatedly demanded their rights, fighting with the native counter-protesters, throwing firebombs and stones, and on multiple occasions, the police quickly shuffled the counter-protesters away, even arresting some for disturbing the peace. The cannibals, however, were free to “protest.”

The racism got so bad that a few cannibals even found broccoli plastered on the front of their temples, which was completely offensive, as their religion forbids broccoli, and they are persecuted refugees, who have rights like anyone else.

Eventually after so much chaos, schools began including a cannibal diet in school lunches, but it became too confusing to get the right meals to the right students. As a result, and to appease the refugees, many who have since become citizens, the cannibal diet was given to all students. This practice spread, and soon human meat was sold in most major grocery stores because if not, it would be racist, and no one wants to be called a racist.

But who is supplying this meat? There have been odd disappearances of those who have protested against the appeasement of the cannibal refugees from the BS culture. No one can explain them, but anyway, there has been no shortage of cannibal-approved food in the school system or grocery stores.

Sadly, a select few from the cannibal group abandoned their former religion, despite receiving death threats. One woman wrote a book about her life as a cannibal, revealing the shocking news that, “their holy book is a cookbook!”

The woman appeared on CNN but was shouted down by competing commentators, two who were cannibals and two who were Western natives, and all four of them apologists for the cannibals and their BS culture. Soon, the ex-cannibal woman appeared on a website created by cannibals about crazy, loony anti-cannibals and their hateful anti-cannibal propaganda.

When a reporter asked one of the commentators about these anti-cannibal allegations, he stated that the woman is nothing more than a racist.

“A racist?” the reporter asked. “But she came from the BS culture herself!”

“Racism knows no bounds,” he retorted.

“But what about the claim that your holy book is a cookbook? We’ve had it translated, and it does appear to be a series of recipes for eating people.”

“No, no,” the apologist answered, explaining that, “Our language cannot be translated. Our holy book is beyond comprehension for Western liberals. Your translation cannot possibly be accurate, and besides, you are taking it all out of context.”

“But don’t you eat human meat?” the journalist asked.

Chuckling, the apologist told the reporter, “What we eat is a humanesque meat-like substance, which is sanctified by a cannibal priest in a process which cannot be duplicated by any Westerner and cannot be described in your language. Furthermore, we have a right to our religious practices, as we are living in a democracy where freedom of religion applies to all. If you disagree, you must be a racist.”

“The name of your holy book is ‘The Blood of Man.'”

“You as a Westerner will never be able to comprehend the meaning of that.”

“Your worshippers arrive at the temple with axes, forks and knives.”

“I’ve had enough of this interview and your racism!”

With that, the apologist stormed out.

There were more riots that followed, more disappearances, but the West was determined to continue bringing over swarms of cannibals from the BS culture. And it continues to this day. The bottom line is, the poor cannibals must be rescued, as their very existence is under attack. Racist Westerners must come to terms with the fact that cannibals from the BS culture are here to stay, and multiculturalism is our new way of life.

Disclaimer: The above article is a work of fiction, meant to illustrate a point. In anticipation of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, a little “food” humor… Any similarities to real people, places or actual events are purely coincidental. Purely.

Bill to Define Israel As Jewish State Amid Muslim Terrorism

Arabs attack Jews, yet Israeli politicians argue over whether or not to define Israel as Jewish…


The Israeli cabinet voted to draft a law to define Israel as the Jewish State.

According to the Times of Israel: “The final bill, which will be formally proposed in the Knesset by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, seeks to ‘define the identity of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and to anchor the values of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the spirit of the principles of the Declaration of the Independence,’ according to the cabinet decision.”

“The new Basic Law would enshrine many of the defining characteristics of the Jewish state in a constitutional framework, asserting that ‘the right to express national self-determination within the State of Israel is [reserved] only to the Jewish people.'”

Yet something which seems like a no-brainer is being criticized. Israel is already known as the Jewish State, and with so many attacks on Jews endorsed by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and even the mainstream Arab news, to vote against a bill defining Israel as Jewish based on the argument that it would not be “democratic” is ludicrous. Israel is not America, and its democratic nature has allowed the presence of Jew hatred, even in the Jewish State. Still, this bill does not change the freedoms or basic democracy that already is Israel:

According to Netanyahu, the law would also affirm Israel’s democratic nature, stipulating equality in civic and personal rights for all its citizens, including affirming a right to “the preservation of one’s culture, heritage, language and identity” for “every resident of Israel, irrespective of their religion, race or ethnicity,” in the words of the cabinet decision…

Israel “has equal individual rights for every citizen and we insist on this. But only the Jewish people have national rights: a flag, anthem, the right of every Jew to immigrate to the country, and other national symbols. These are granted only to our people, in its one and only state,” Netanyahu said at the start of the cabinet meeting…

 “There are those who want the democratic (element) to take precedence over the Jewish, and there are those that want the Jewish (element) to take precedence over the democratic. And the principle of the law that we are proposing here today — both of these values are equal and we must consider them equally,” he said, according to a statement from his office… Read on at The Times of Israel

Meanwhile, as I already mentioned, the mainstream Arab news supports Muslim terrorism against Jews. Elder of Ziyon found an op-ed on Al Jazeera in Arabic. It was not on the English version of the site, a common practice in the Arab media where Arabic is one thing, and English is another.

Professor Abdel Sattar Qassem wrote an op-ed in Al Jazeera praising the murder of innocent Jews

“The daring operation carried out by two Palestinians in a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem left a big impact and it wil leave a big impact on the Palestinian scene for a period of time. It is clear that this operation comes in the context of the Zionist attacks on Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the day after the hanging of the Palestinian bus driver by Jewish settlers. “The operation carried symbolic importance in targeting the synagogue… Read on at Elder of Ziyon

But it is not only the media. Palestinian leaders themselves incite terror. The IDF Blog has put together quotes from various Palestinian leaders, quotes that are just a tip of the iceberg of the indoctrination process, where Palestinian Arabs learn to hate Jews and are taught that killing Jews is the right thing to do:

In the west, the leaders of terrorist organizations speak moderately and responsibly in their speeches. But in the middle-east, when speaking to their people and their allies, they do not hesitate to deny the existence of the State of Israel and to call for Jihad, battles, and suicide attacks.

Members of terrorist organizations have not hesitated to bless the perpetrators of recent attacks such as stabbings and car rammings. They also praised the kidnapping and murder of three young Israelis in the summer of 2014.

Below is a collection of quotes by Palestinian leaders that will make you think twice about their true intentions.

Go to the IDF Blog to see what the Arab leaders the West supports have to say about Israel and killing Jews.

So while Arabs have 22 states, and Muslims altogether have over 50 states, arguing against Israel defining itself as Jewish is just really mindboggling.

No Foul Play in Bus Driver Suicide According to Palestinian Coroner

Palestinians disregard science when medical findings are “inconvenient.”

By: Rachel Molschky


A Palestinian coroner agreed with Israeli authorities that Yusuf Hassan al-Ramouni, the Arab bus driver who was found hanged in his bus late on Sunday, November 16, committed suicide.

“It is very hard to hang a conscious person against his will without leaving signs (of violence) other than those caused to the neck by the actual hanging,” Dr. Chen Kugel, Director of Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, said. The doctor added that Palestinian examiner Dr. Saber al-Alul, agreed with the initial findings that there was no foul play.

Now the Palestinian doctor won’t return his calls, not surprising since the supposed “murder” of al-Ramouni was used to incite violence, resulting in widespread rioting. The doctor’s medical opinion is no doubt interfering with the “politics” of the Palestinian government.

The news of the death Palestinians are blaming on Jews is also linked to the Har Nof attack on Tuesday, when two Arab terrorists stormed a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayers and savagely attacked multiple people, killing four Rabbis and a police officer before meeting their end.

After al-Ramouni’s body was found, Hamas released the following statement: “This murder proves Israel’s racism and the reaction to it should be an escalation of resistance by any means.”

And Palestinian groups called for Arab bus drivers and other workers to go on strike. All because an Arab killed himself, and they need an excuse to attack Jewish civilians, even Rabbis praying inside a synagogue in a peaceful, religious neighborhood.

The Forensic Institute is still waiting for the results of more testing to see if any drugs or poison were present before coming to a final conclusion. However, Palestinian rioters could not wait that long.

On the other hand, instead of rioting after the horrific mass attack at the synagogue, Jews have gotten together at the Kotel to pray for security, and at the site of the attack on the synagogue, hundreds of people attended a mass-prayer on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas justified the murder of “Rabbi terrorists.” This is in spite of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s public condemnation of the murders, which was clearly just for show.

Rabbis are slaughtered by madmen, and Palestinian groups can justify it. An Arab is found dead, more than likely in a suicide, and all hell breaks loose. Amazing.

The Fathers Who Will Never Come Home


The four Rabbis who lost their lives in the horrific attack on a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday were all fathers, as well as the police officer who later died from his wounds after a gun battle with the terrorists at the scene. He had a four month-old baby girl.

The following article is a touching piece written by Sally Abrams, who is reminded of the death of her own father. “You never realize that you are seeing someone for the last time. Until afterwards…” Continue reading “The Fathers Who Will Never Come Home” »


Israel Demolishes Home of Baby Killer Terrorist; More to Follow

By: Rachel Molschky

In a move to deter terrorism, Israel has returned to the “controversial” policy of demolishing the homes of terrorists. It is controversial because Palestinians don’t like to be punished for their crimes, and therefore take issue with Israel destroying their homes. It is often brought up in Palestinian propaganda with the media slant that this is some sort of ethnic cleansing. Of course it is only a punishment for terrorism, and if not for murderous acts, the families would still have their homes. But that part of the story is never told in anti-Israel propaganda.

On Wednesday morning, Continue reading “Israel Demolishes Home of Baby Killer Terrorist; More to Follow” »

Masked Palestinian distributes sweets as he celebrates with others an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Listen NOW: The Inside Story of the Jerusalem Synagogue Terror Attack

A live report following the horrific attack. Listen to witnesses describe what happened. H/t Shirlee Finn, Jews Down Under Continue reading “Listen NOW: The Inside Story of the Jerusalem Synagogue Terror Attack” »

Israel: The Terrorists Are Not the Victims

The West’s unreasonable, incomprehensible war on Jews is getting old.

Why? What is the sense of this? (Photo credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO/Flash 90/israelnationalnews.com)

Why? What is the sense of this? (Photo credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO/Flash 90/israelnationalnews.com)

By: Rachel Molschky

Four Rabbis were murdered at a synagogue in Jerusalem during morning prayers. It does not get more depraved than that. Several others were injured in the savage attack, and after police arrived and killed the two Arab terrorists responsible who were screaming, “Allahu Akbar,” a CNN reporter wrote of the massacre with the headline: “Israeli police shot dead two Palestinian civilians.” Those two “civilians” were the assailants in the attack.

This is what Israel has to contend with. But it is not only the media fueling Jew hatred. Continue reading “Israel: The Terrorists Are Not the Victims” »

The EU Wants Israel to Make Peace with the People Who Slaughter Jews

EU’s new foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini . (Photo Credit: REUTERS, JPost)

EU’s new foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini . (Photo Credit: REUTERS, JPost)

Not long before the Jerusalem synagogue massacre, when two Arab terrorists savagely attacked peaceful Jews during morning prayers, killing four Rabbis and injuring several others, the EU told Israel, “If you want to get along with us, make peace.”

Make peace with people who attack civilians minding their own business. Make peace with people who celebrate the slaughter and praise the murderers. Peace with savages. Continue reading “The EU Wants Israel to Make Peace with the People Who Slaughter Jews” »

Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre: Arab Terrorists Murder Four Jews

Bloodied prayer book in Har Nof attack

Bloodied prayer book in Har Nof attack. (Photo credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO/Flash 90/israelnationalnews.com)

Palestinian terrorists screamed, “Allahu Akbar,” as they savagely attacked worshippers at a synagogue in Jerusalem Tuesday morning.

Two Arabs entered the Kehillat Bnai Torah Yeshiva Synagogue with guns, axes, and knives and began Continue reading “Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre: Arab Terrorists Murder Four Jews” »

‘Palestinians’ Riot and Blame Israelis after Apparent Arab Suicide


After the body of a Jerusalem Arab bus driver was found hanging in his bus in an apparent suicide, “Palestinians” are rioting, blaming Jewish “extremists” or “settlers” (as they call Jews who live on Jewish land) and using his death to incite violence. Hamas released Continue reading “‘Palestinians’ Riot and Blame Israelis after Apparent Arab Suicide” »

Obama, Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. (Photo credit: Associated Press)

Senator McCain Instructs Ukrainian Butchers on How to Behave in Prison

In anticipation of VP Biden’s upcoming visit to Ukraine, some information about his son’s new position and hypocrite John McCain’s advice…

By: Y.K. Cherson

Official Ukraine is holding its breath: on November 21, US Vice President Joseph Biden comes to Kiev on an official visit to inspect and give an approving- or disapproving-nod.

Of course, Ukrainian politicians have already prepared the claims: Poroshenko for sure will tell Biden, what a piece of treacherous trash Kolomoiskiy is, and  Kolomoiskiy  will without any doubt inform Biden, that Poroshenko is nothing but scum. What’s curious is that both are telling the pure truth, and Biden Continue reading “Senator McCain Instructs Ukrainian Butchers on How to Behave in Prison” »


ISIS Claims American Hostage Beheaded

UPDATE: The White House has confirmed the death of Peter Kassig.

A new video is said to show the severed head of American aid worker Peter Kassig, aka Abdul-Rahman Kassig, a Muslim convert from Indiana. The US government has not yet confirmed if the video is authentic, but previous beheading videos of two American and two British hostages proved to be true. Continue reading “ISIS Claims American Hostage Beheaded” »


Jihadi John Wounded in US Airstrike

Jihadi John, the British Muslim ISIS executioner responsible for the beheadings of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines and Alan Henning, has reportedly been injured along with Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in a US airstrike. Ten top commanders for the terror group were said to be killed in the mission and 40 others were injured. Continue reading “Jihadi John Wounded in US Airstrike” »


Hamas on Campus

Hamas is infiltrating our nations in many ways, and the liberal environment at our colleges and universities allows for terror organizations like Hamas to exist under the guise of “peaceful” student groups.

From Hamas on Campus, H/t SF, Jews Down Under: Continue reading “Hamas on Campus” »

Photo credit: http://www.freeisraelphotos.com/

Temple Mount Drama and the US Playing Favorites with Terrorists

Temple Mount tensions, the religious significance, the blame game, and John Kerry sticking his nose in again…

By: Rachel Molschky

When it comes to Israel lately, the headlines are all about tensions in Jerusalem over the Temple Mount. Palestinians are doing what they do best: playing the victim and blaming those “overbearing” Jews who are “trying to take over.” The US is “concerned” as usual, not for the six Israelis who have been murdered by Arabs recently or the many other wounded in Muslim terror attacks, but over the possibility of Israelis building 200 homes in a Jewish, yes a JEWISH, part of East Jerusalem. Continue reading “Temple Mount Drama and the US Playing Favorites with Terrorists” »


Russia, France And the Fuss About ‘Mistrals’

France has found itself in a pickle over a deal to sell warships to Russia, which Europe does not want now that Russia is a supposed “enemy”…

By: Y.K. Cherson

Europe, USA and NATO are having a hot debate over what Russia must and must not do to get two Mistral-class warships- named “Vladivostok” and “Sevastopol”. Kremlin, by the opinion of the Western experts, must immediately stop this and must not lead any military exercises on its own territory if they are close to Ukrainian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and so on borders- and in general, be a good boy and behave well. If not- France will not deliver Mistrals to this terrible Putin. Continue reading “Russia, France And the Fuss About ‘Mistrals’” »


John Kerry Gives ‘Sermon': US ‘Biblically’ Responsible for Muslims

It’s all in the Scriptures, according to John Kerry. Yep. Right there in Genesis: first G-d created Man, then commanded the US to take care of Muslim countries. Our faiths are linked, Kerry says, even regarding the environment, because we must take care of G-d’s creation. Now somehow, Muslim majority countries are the most “vulnerable.” Kerry explains that our responsibility comes from G-d.

Such a “religious” man, yet he doesn’t Continue reading “John Kerry Gives ‘Sermon': US ‘Biblically’ Responsible for Muslims” »

What Will Israel Do to Fight this Terror Wave? Netanyahu Responds…

Arabs smashing the security fence on November 8, 2014. (Photo credit: STR/Flash90, Times of Israel)

Arabs smashing the security fence on November 8, 2014. (Photo credit: STR/Flash90, Times of Israel)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the current situation in Israel with the spike in terror attacks from “Palestinians” against Jews. Obviously, something must be done after two deadly attacks yesterday, several attacks over the past month as well as the ongoing violent Arab rioting, but the Israeli PM spoke only of steps to increase security and harsher punishments. Is it enough? Continue reading “What Will Israel Do to Fight this Terror Wave? Netanyahu Responds…” »

Silence can be tantamount to being an accomplice to a crime.