Palestinians ‘Forbidden’ to Sell Land to Jews

kotel2Israel’s supposed “partner in peace,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, has stiffened the punishment for Arabs who sell land to Jews, even in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. While the former sentence for the “crime” of selling or renting land to citizens of “hostile countries” was life in prison, a new law has added hard labor to the punishment.

The US fully supports Mahmoud Abbas and has recently pledged over $200 million to the rebuilding of Gaza as part of a worldwide effort totaling over $5 billion in pledges going straight to the Palestinian Authority, which finances terror. Additionally, to further demonstrate the Obama Administration’s anti-Israel stance, contrary to its public support of the Jewish State, US Secretary of State John Kerry has just declared Israel to be responsible for the terror is ISIS. That’s right. No better than any lunatic Imam throwing around ridiculous accusations that Jews are to blame for earthquakes, tsunamis, the coal mine disaster in Turkey, essentially any crisis which comes upon us, or that Jews spy with Jinns or Zionist animals, Kerry, who denies accusations that he is anti-Semitic, is pointing the finger at Israel for the rise of ISIS.

The absurdity of it all is beyond belief. Israel’s efforts to keep the peace are constantly met with hostility- even from supposed “allies.”

More on the law against selling land to Jews:

Arutz Sheva:

… According to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Penal Code, property sales to Israelis are actually considered an act of treason punishable by death. However, such sentences must be approved by the PA president, and Abbas has preferred to authorize life sentences as well – possibly weary of an international backlash.

It comes as Arab rioters attempted to violently force several Jewish families out of their homes in Kfar Shiloach in Jerusalem, known by Arabs as Silwan, just hours after they moved in.

No one was injured in the incident in the Kfar Shiloach neighborhood (known as Silwan in Arabic) late on Monday, which saw a group of Palestinians firing flares and throwing petrol bombs at the building, a police statement said.

The building was one of two structures housing 10 apartments that were purchased by Jews before dawn on Monday in nine housing units in “Beit Ovadia” and “Beit Frumkin,” located in the “Yemenite Village” area of Shiloach that was founded by Jewish immigrants from Yemen in the 1880s, who were ethnically-cleansed in 1938 following violent Arab rioting…

More on this from Arutz Sheva:

Terrorists Attack Jerusalem Home with Firebombs

Abbas Calls Jews Visiting Temple Mount ‘Herd of Cattle’

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Britain Has Lost Its Moral Compass

The suicidal transformation of Britain has led to a week of questionable decisions and declarations, including the support for Muslim terrorism…

By: Paul Wilkinson

moralcompassOver the past week, in the span of only a few days, the lunatics have finally, officially, taken over the asylum of ‘Great’ Britain.

Firstly, following years of terrorism by Hamas against Israel, the elected British parliament held a ‘symbolic’ vote to recognise the existence of the ‘State of Palestine’. The vote was 274-12 in favour of recognising the ‘Palestinian State’ but less than half of MPs actually voted, and it has been suggested that many abstained through fear due to the pro-Palestinian climate.

Mike Freer, the Tory MP for Finchley and Golders Green resigned his government role over the House of Commons’ ‘Palestine’ in order to vote ‘No’ in the debate, but the majority of MPs who felt the same, simply went AWOL. What a sad sign of the times that democracy cannot function due to fear of violence. It is the obvious consequence of allowing millions of Muslims to live in the UK, as one anonymous source described in an interview with Arutz Sheva:

“Today Muslims are taking over large areas in London, as well as large areas in Europe,” the source reflected. “ISIS is also starting to bud in the UK. Whether Britain will not be determined enough to face terrorism will be revealed, once again, in a few years in London.

“Anyone who lives in London and has a big heart feels concern for his children and grandchildren who will suffer the London Muslim takeover, as well as of all Europe as a whole,” he continued. “It’s a shame world leaders lend a hand, passively or actively, to Muslim organizations whose goals are clear.”

This rigged vote is certainly ‘symbolic’ alright, but only highlights the political, spineless and morally warped climate we British now find ourselves living in, allowing Islam to flourish and Muslim violence and intimidation to succeed.

Last week, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah/Palestinian Authority (PA) concluded a reconciliation deal with Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since 2007.

One only needs to read the Hamas Covenant written in 1988 to realise in their own words the terrorists’ real agenda. Hamas has never denounced this charter which declares the terror group as being part of the Muslim Brotherhood and to follow violent Jihad instead of peaceful means to achieve their goals – namely the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews.

Muslims enjoy equal rights, freedom and democracy in Israel like nowhere else in the Middle East, yet no Jews live in the Gaza strip today- what Jews would want to- and the Christian population has shrunk drastically.

The violent Jihad has apparently achieved more on the international stage than the concessions and desire for peace from the Israelis. Thousands of rockets are fired at Israel’s citizens before Israel ever responds, but thanks to the media, Hamas wins the resulting PR war every time, by showing the Palestinian casualties caused by terrorists hiding amongst the population, including schools and hospitals, as well as recycled photos of dead children from other wars. All of this then increases support for Hamas.

This is what Hamas desires. Holding no value to human life, it is the “cause” that is important. It is seemingly what Gaza’s population wants too because they choose Hamas, knowing that in turn Hamas chooses terror.

Hamas has used enormous amounts of foreign aid to build an extensive terror tunnel network to import weapons and attack Israel. No mention of the countless terror tunnel construction workers, including children, who are either worked to death or even shot, because they now know the location of the tunnels. The security fence around Gaza is not an “apartheid wall” but an effort to keep Israeli citizens safe from terror, which includes suicide attacks, bus bombings and other murders, but somehow the media legitimises and even romanticises their ‘struggle’, pointing the finger instead at Israel, which does what any other country would do in order to protect its citizens.

None of this matters to the British parliament, many of the MPs being too scared to do their elected jobs by even attending.

‘Islamophobiaphobic’ to Condemn Islamic State?

Then if that were not enough, the National Union of Students, in their infinite and self-righteous wisdom, held another seemingly ‘symbolic’ vote, this time to determine their position on the brutal, sectarian Islamic State.

“A student of Kurdish descent has submitted a resolution to the UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) to condemn the Islamic State (IS, ISIS), but the motion has been rejected because it offended the sensibilities of the Union’s Black Students Officer (BSO) who led a voting bloc to defeat it.”

The vote clarified in their minds of the NUS participants, and they achieved what every sane person would think was impossible; that they could not condemn IS because by doing so, it may then be construed as the NUS being ‘Islamophobic’, and in their minds, ‘racist’ too. Imagine if an NUS delegation headed to Mosul to inform Islamic State of their decision? Of course what a committee consisting of Marxist students does or does not do has no consequence in the real world, only to their own self-importance.

Despite NUS’s knowledge of the true nature of Islam being nil, at least, inadvertently anyway, the NUS have not declared that the Islamic State is not ‘Islamic’, like mainstream politicians have. However NUS is quick to condemn for example, Israel or the UK Independence Party, both of whom do not indulge in ethnic cleansing, beheading of children, keeping of sex slaves, etc. Yet deciding to condemn the Kurds to their fate in Kobane means the NUS consequences are ‘clear’, for at least they have not aligned themselves with an American military campaign.

It just goes to illustrate that lefty NUS students, especially in their Socialist Workers Party-aligned ‘Unite Against Fascism’ guise, cry ‘fascist’ at differing opinions however legitimate they may be, or throw the term ‘racist’ around like confetti. It obviously depends what the ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ in question is, who is being oppressed and who are the violent oppressors, and how it can further their own political agenda.

Israel defends herself- bad; Palestinian terrorism- good! Islamic State debauchery and violence is not to be condemned, the Kurds and Yazidis do not matter! Clearly suffering ‘Islamophobiaphobia’, an irrational fear of having a ‘mental illness’ relating to fearing Islam, is far worse than being smeared with ‘Islamophobia’. ‘Islamophobia’ is such a strong stigma to overcome for some that, for example, the authorities enabled and facilitated the rape of over 1,400 children by Muslim gangs in Rotherham. Therefore it considered best by the NUS not to condemn the killing, raping, looting, etc. by the Islamic State to avoid any detrimental ‘Islamophobia’ labels.

Holding forth: Adebolajo at the rally on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north London

One of Lee Rigby’s killers, Michael Adebolajo, filmed encouraging 1,500 followers to turn against Britain at a ‘Unite Against Fascism’ rally.

Maybe psychologists could diagnose the NUS committee with ‘Islamicstatephobia’, which could perhaps be the lowest phobia in a new hierarchy of phobias? It has to be much better than Islamophobiaphobia, surely? At least it keeps the leftist’s love affair with Islam going strong.

To me this is all too typical of living in modern, invigorating ‘Blair’s Britain’, a term I often use to refer to ‘Great’ Britain in post-Labour government’s Britain, a result of Blair who, with no mandate, performed a radical, yet suicidal transformation of the nation. Although Prime Minister Tony Blair’s decade of power came to an end in 2007, his legacy lives on and still has devastating, far-reaching consequences. (Blair’s evangelical preaching continues to cause damage in his role as a ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’).

In Labour’s thirteen years of government, (three of which under Gordon Brown’s leadership), amongst many things there was a disastrous foreign policy and a deliberate open door immigration policy, including from many countries with no connection to Britain. The Muslim population almost doubled as a result in that short space of time, and there was and is absolutely no emphasis on integration. On the contrary, many native Brits are not happy with this transformation, scared by political correctness and latterly the Equality Act 2010, were downtrodden and ordered to ‘celebrate’ this super-diversity. However worryingly there is a significant minority that is not only content with this, but some of whom wield power and influence.

It is in this morally bankrupt, meaningless climate, that Islam, which itself detests multiculturalism, uses it to further Islam’s own cause. The mainstream media is also culpable and the ignorant masses, like the NUS, are suitably empowered and look up to people like the multimillionaire Hollywood actor/‘comedian’ Russell Brand and other hypocrites who declare a revolution is coming and that Islam is harmless.

Of course many people see reality for what it really is, but this week has aptly summed that far too many people have lost their moral compass in Britain. Some happen to be NUS committee members who are easy to ignore. Unfortunately some others are tasked with governing ‘Great’ Britain!

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Hamas Leader’s Daughter Treated at Israeli Hospital

tel-aviv-hospitalThe daughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was treated at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. She is one of thousands of Gazans who receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals each year.

Haniyeh is the Hamas leader who calls for the destruction of Israel and inspires so-called “martyrdom” from the followers of his terror group. Not long ago at the graduation of a Hamas youth camp, he gave the graduates the following “words of encouragement“:

“The best way for us to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday is to walk in his footsteps and provide the future generations a Jihadi education. We shall walk in his footsteps in educating the future generation to love death for the sake of Allah as much as our enemies love life.”

About a year ago, his granddaughter Continue reading “Hamas Leader’s Daughter Treated at Israeli Hospital” »

Condemning the ‘Islamic State’ Does Not Make it ‘Un-Islamic’

By: Rachel Molschky

A militant waves a black ISIS flag in Iraq. (Source: Stringer/Reuters)

A militant waves a black ISIS flag in Iraq. (Source: Stringer/Reuters)

ISIS has grown powerful and popular within many factions of the Muslim community, and our politicians and media cannot deny the acts of pure savagery from the terror group. What they can and DO deny however, is that the brutality we are seeing from the “Islamic State” is influenced by Islam.

To admit that the history of the Islamic conquests and the many verses of violence in the Quran exemplify the true nature of Islam, currently on display by ISIS, is to admit that the millions of Muslim immigrants in our countries today are following not the “religion of peace” but the religion of hatred, terror, rape, death and destruction. Somehow that does not fit the politically correct narrative of the multiculturalists and leftists who count on the immigrant vote in order to maintain power- for now.

Muslim scholars recently released an open letter to ISIS, informing them that their ideology is “un-Islamic.” The 18-page letter signed by over 120 Muslim scholars is written in Arabic. Using the standard Muslim argument that non-Muslims cannot understand Islam Continue reading “Condemning the ‘Islamic State’ Does Not Make it ‘Un-Islamic’” »

Myth of How the West Was “Saving Jews” and the European Reconquista

The “Jewish Question”: European attitudes toward Jews have not changed much since before World War II, and even today Europeans are more concerned with “fighting the Jews” than with the Islamization and fall of their own civilization…

By: Y.K. Cherson

The main bill pertaining to Jews was passed in the 30s by the “great German people” and their no less “great leader” Adolph Hitler who felt occupied, humiliated and insulted by the Jews on the territory of Germany. The claim was readily and happily supported by Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians and the European small fry like Lithuanians, Estonians, Croatians… In joined efforts, they had initiated a project known as “The Final solution to the Jewish question”, that was later called the Holocaust. Some of the authors were hung after the Nuremberg trials, but most were generously spared and lived a long and happy life- unlike those Jews they killed.

For the sake of justness; this project was not purely European, it was European/American. Although Great Britain, the US and Canada did not parade their participation in the project, their governments’ policies do not leave Continue reading “Myth of How the West Was “Saving Jews” and the European Reconquista” »

Europe’s ‘Diplomatic’ War on Jews

Old habits die hard. European anti-Semitism along with the Islamic Jew hatred Muslim immigration has brought, make for a lethal combination.

By: Rachel Molschky

no-Jews-allowedA blacklist of Jews who will be banned from Europe is being created by the European Union. Lori Lowenthal Marcus of The Jewish Press has reported on the news of “European diplomats” who “are frustrated with Israel and are searching for ways to whack the Jewish state hard enough to bring it to its knees.” This “blacklist” is, as Lowenthal Marcus writes, “a tool intended to be used to force Jews to submit to the will of the haters [...] essentially, a Blacklist of Criminalized Jews, otherwise known as Settlers.” More on this at The Jewish Press.

Such a list only adds fuel to the fire. Anti-Semitism in Europe is becoming acceptable once again, as Muslim immigration has allowed the lethal combination of both Islamic Jew hatred and old European anti-Semitism which feed off one another. Political correctness has created the perfect guise. Slap on a politically correct and politically accepted word, “anti-Zionism,” Continue reading “Europe’s ‘Diplomatic’ War on Jews” »

The Rise and Rise of UKIP

The people have spoken. They are tired of massive immigration, the EU, and politicians who are out of touch. UKIP is gaining ground…

By: Paul Wilkinson

UKIPThe British public has been treated harshly and with contempt by the mainstream politicians, acting in their own self interests, without mandates and ignoring the clear consensus of the constituency they were elected to serve.

Various issues have lead to many people, particularly the working class, feeling abandoned. Years of an open door immigration policy is just one example among many such as Continue reading “The Rise and Rise of UKIP” »

Kerry Pledges $212 Million for Gaza

By: Rachel Molschky

Hamas_terroristsAt a conference in Cairo, donors pledged $5.4 billion in aid to rebuild Gaza, with Secretary of State John Kerry offering immediate US assistance of $212 million. The response far exceeded Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ request of $4 billion.

Among the donors are the European Union, which pledged 450 million euros ($568 million), and Qatar, which will be giving more than any other nation with nearly $1 billion, no surprise there since Qatar is a big supporter of Hamas. In all, 50 nations and 20 organizations offered financial support. Continue reading “Kerry Pledges $212 Million for Gaza” »

Palestinian Death Toll in Syria Provokes- Nothing

Photo source: Reuters

Photo source: Reuters

The Palestinian death toll in Syria has exceeded the number of Palestinian fatalities during Operation Protective Edge. The “Elder of Ziyon” website reports that the number of Palestinians killed in Syria so far is 2512 according to the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria. This number is far higher than the reported Arab fatalities in Gaza, which is somewhere around 2100, depending on the source, and that “source,” whether it is the UN, a “human rights” group or a major media outlet, generally originated with the numbers Hamas provided. Continue reading “Palestinian Death Toll in Syria Provokes- Nothing” »

Spotlight: Why ISIS and Hamas Wear Masks

An ISIS fighter who is possibly American. The FBI is asking the public to help identify him and others like him who hide behind masks.

An ISIS fighter who is possibly American. The FBI is asking the public to help identify him and others like him who hide behind masks. (

“Evil flourishes when concealed. Brutality thrives in fog.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach analyzes the tradition of committing unspeakable acts of evil while hiding behind a mask:

“… So many people in a position to support nations who stand for freedom and justice choose instead to support forces of evil, all in the name of compassion. Continue reading “Spotlight: Why ISIS and Hamas Wear Masks” »

Burqas: West vs. Muslim World

A Muslim woman in London. She is not wearing a burqa, but she may as well be. Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson.

A Muslim woman in London. She is not wearing a burqa, but she may as well be. Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson.

In the West, Muslim women often declare their love for the headscarf, face veil or burqa. The latter is the Islamic garment which completely covers a woman, like a tent. While it may seem abusive to non-Muslims to essentially make a woman invisible by throwing a sheet over her like a ghost for Halloween, Muslim women in the West are constantly telling the rest of us how “freeing” it is. If it really is so “freeing” to be invisible, why Continue reading “Burqas: West vs. Muslim World” »

Iftikhar Ahmad: British Schooling Is the Home of ‘Institutional Racism’

By: Rachel Molschky

Iftikhar Ahmad's profile photo from his Facebook page.

Iftikhar Ahmad’s profile photo from his Facebook page.

According to Iftikhar Ahmad, master propagandist for Islamic schooling, Britain is racist.

This is interesting considering the fact that some years back, a Gallup poll found that British Muslims are the most anti-Western, despite Britain being the least ‘Islamophobic’ country, and David Cameron’s assurance to the British public that Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism, a reoccurring theme in his speeches, much like his annual Ramadan greetings and praise for British Muslims. If Britain’s frowning upon its Muslim citizens running off to join ISIS and counter-terror measures to try to stop them from returning is racist or ‘Islamophobic’, then so be it. But British schooling?

Long before the Trojan Horse plot came to light, Continue reading “Iftikhar Ahmad: British Schooling Is the Home of ‘Institutional Racism’” »

An Incident in Obama’s Family: Who Is to Blame?

Michelle_Obama_2013_official_portraitA terrible tragedy happened in Obama’s family: The First Lady had a white child. That is how Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the State Department, explained it at a press conference.

Psaki:  Russia and President Putin personally are without any doubt the culprits of this incident, and we have iron-clad proof of this, but we cannot make our sources public due to National Security reasons.

Journalist: And how can you explain that in the nine months previous to the incident, Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko had lived in the Obama family home as personal guest? Or you think it is unrelated to this incident?

Psaki: Absolutely unrelated. Your insinuations are groundless. The Ukrainian President was in the US as a private person. Besides, he could have just come to visit his grandmother. Next question, please.

Journalist: And how can you explain that the newborn does not resemble President Putin at all, but is an exact reduced copy of President Poroshenko? Continue reading “An Incident in Obama’s Family: Who Is to Blame?” »

Muslim Tradition of Incestuous Marriages Is Accepted by the West

Political correctness has gone too far. Now in the name of tolerance, we are to allow the destruction of society…

By: Y.K. Cherson

Muslim_couple2Inbreeding. By definition it is the production of offspring from the mating or breeding of individuals or organisms that are closely related genetically, in contrast to outbreeding, which refers to mating unrelated individuals. While the word can pertain to animals and plants, it is the term most often used when we talk about incestuous human relationships. But across the board, it has significant consequences: lower crops in plants, smaller and weaker species in animals, anomalies and deformations, diseases and disabilities.

In Christianity there is a direct prohibition on inbreeding. In Judaism too. But in Islam there is none. As a result, by minimal estimates, over a half of all marriages in the Islamic world are incestuous.

A breakdown by countries shows that 70% of all marriages in Pakistan are between cousins, and even in “civilized” Turkey, their share reaches 30%, as well as in Algeria. In Bahrain, it is 46%; in Egypt- 33%; in Sudan it’s 63% (but in Nubia, a region located in Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt, it´s over 80%); in Iraq it´s 60%; in Jordan- 64%; the same in Kuwait; 42% of all marriages are incestuous in Lebanon; 48% -in Libya; 54% in Qatar; 67% in Saudi Arabia; 40% in Syria; 54% in United Arab Emirates; 39% in Tunes.

And what about those Muslims who immigrated to the West? Continue reading “Muslim Tradition of Incestuous Marriages Is Accepted by the West” »

Swastikas on Jewish Fraternity House

Colleges and universities are becoming a dangerous breeding ground for anti-Semitism. Now Jewish students at Emory University are being targeted…

By: Rachel Molschky

Swastikas_EmoryFollowing a growing trend of outward displays of anti-Semitism on university campuses, at supposed “protests,” and on Jewish establishments, another episode occurred over the weekend. Shortly after Yom Kippur ended on the evening of October 4, swastikas were painted on a Jewish fraternity house at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. It wasn’t the first time the school’s Jewish students were targeted. Last month, the Nazi symbol was found at the university’s library.

Emory’s president, James Wagner, denounced the act, a sign of hatred against the university’s Jewish student body, which accounts for around one third of the school’s students.

An article called, “Grits and Gefilte: How did a southern Methodist college become a destination for America’s Jews?” for the Emory Wheel, the university’s newspaper, states that Continue reading “Swastikas on Jewish Fraternity House” »

Ukrainian Government Troops Accused of Mass Murder, Rapes, Organ Theft

Mass graves of 400 people were found near Donetsk, and an examination of the victims has produced disturbing conclusions…

By: Y.K. Cherson


Strange statistics: on the territories of the rebellious Donbass occupied by Ukrainian government troops, the number of losses among women is five times higher than among men. As if women were purposefully running under the bombs and shells, while men were accurately hiding in the shelters.

But on the territories controlled by the antigovernment Donbass militia, the ratio is Continue reading “Ukrainian Government Troops Accused of Mass Murder, Rapes, Organ Theft” »

Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?

It’s very easy to let a Jinn out of the bottle; driving him back into it is much more difficult.

By: Y.K. Cherson

Imam_Ali_and_the_JinnThe epoch of the Crescent Moon that started in the Balkans in the 90s, where Muslim expansion supported by NATO resulted in the creation of the criminal Muslim den in Kosovo on the land of Serbia, continues. The attack on the Christian world is gaining momentum everywhere. All Western countries in an attack of the collective suicidal liberalism, are accepting millions of immigrants from Muslim countries, a very substantial part of whom are dreaming about becoming the grave-diggers for those who accepted them and are paying taxes so they could live on welfare. But there are differences.

In Latin America, the US and Australia the process of integration goes faster and deeper than in Europe. Of course Muslims remain Muslims everywhere, but these countries are less sentimental to immigrants and there the law that if you came, you must respect not only the norms and rules of your community but above all, those of the country- is really A Law.

In Europe, unfortunately, it’s not so. Continue reading “Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?” »

Oh, the Poor, Disenchanted, Would-Be Jihadis!

By: Rachel Molschky

Just a few of the Minnesota jihadis

Just a few of the Minnesota jihadis

We’ve been hearing a lot on the recruitment of jihadis right here in America, but the mainstream media continues its victimization of those who support ISIS and its violent war against all non-Muslims. A new Associated Press article highlights the Somali community in Minneapolis and makes an effort to place the blame for the jihadists who have already left Minneapolis to fight in Syria or with Al-Shabab in Somalia, as well as those who have yet to leave, on mysterious outsiders who come to recruit Somali youth.

Oh, these poor, disenchanted, would-be jihadis! Continue reading “Oh, the Poor, Disenchanted, Would-Be Jihadis!” »

Western Media Covers Up Mass Graves of 400 in Ukraine

By: Rachel Molschky

A Donetsk People's Republic militiaman is at the site of the graves of peaceful residents discovered near Mine 22 "Kommunar" outside Donetsk (still from video courtesy of the Ruptly international news agency, via

A Donetsk People’s Republic militiaman is at the site of the graves of peaceful residents discovered near Mine 22 “Kommunar” outside Donetsk (still from video courtesy of the Ruptly international news agency, via

Mass graves of 400 people, around 350 of whom were civilians, have been found near Donetsk in the Ukraine. Many of the victims were civilians killed execution style, but Western media outlets have been quick to cover it up, claiming the facts have been distorted and blaming it on misinterpretations. To admit that the Ukrainian government the West is backing is guilty of war crimes does not fit the agenda, and after all, Russia is the “bad guy,” right?

According to The Telegraph, the grave of 400 people is actually only nine. Of course it’s easy to confuse 400 with nine! Continue reading “Western Media Covers Up Mass Graves of 400 in Ukraine” »

Oregon Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Terrorist Is Sentenced

Mohamed_MohamudMohamed Mohamud, 23, was sentenced today to 30 years in prison for his terror plot to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon four years ago. The FBI was successful in catching Mohamud in a sting operation in which he thought he was being recruited by Al Qaeda.

More details at ABC News

Mohamud was born in Somalia and is a naturalized US citizen.

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