Australia’s top sexual fetishes revealed

From the rise in popularity of OnlyFans and celeb backed sex toys – 2020 was a year for celebrating our sexual wellness, preferences, and freedom.

Now a new study by Slotsup has revealed the most popular fetishes around the world, using google trends to see where different fetishes were the most popular in countries including Australia.

couple having sex
A new study has revealed the favourite fetishes around the world. Photo: Getty

Sexual fetishes are just another way people all around the world choose to embrace their sexual-self – and there are many different ways people choose to do so across the globe.

There are plenty of people out there that enjoy spicing up their sex life, according to research 1 in 6 people – or 1.3 billion – say they have a fetish.

You might have heard of BDSM and Dominatrix, but there are plenty of other fetishes Aussies have been looking up.

From the 20 popular fetishes used in the study, Australia came top in the world for searches of Urolagnia.

sexy woman wearing lace lingerie and black mask on her eyes.
Australia came top in the world for searches of ‘Urolagnia’. Photo: Getty

‘Urolagnia’ is the most searched fetish in Australia, and is best described as the tendency to derive sexual pleasure from the sight or thought of urination.

Each to their own, of course.

Australia also came in the top 5 in the world for searches of:

  • Wax play – involves dripping candle wax onto your partner (or yourself)
  • Swinging – the practice of engaging in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners within a group, especially on a habitual basis
  • Dogging – a slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so
  • Furries – in a nutshell it refers to having a sexual interest in anthropomorphic creatures. These are animals who have human-like qualities and people dress up as them
  • Choking – also referred to as edgeplay or erotic asphyxiation
  • Dominatrix – is a woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM activities
Riding crop, a whip flogger and blindfold mask on red satin, kinky sex toys for dom / sub sexual games and other forms of kink
BDSM takes the top spot as the most popular fetish in the world. Photo: Getty

BDSM is the umbrella term that covers all kinds of fetishes, fantasy, dominance, and submission play, so it’s no surprise the term took out the top spot with 1.7 million global searches per month.

It comes after another study confirmed even people in the over 60s category were keen on keeping their sex life active and exciting. recently surveyed 2,381 over 60’s, asking them questions about their bedroom antics such as: Has your sex drive increased as you have aged?, Would you be happy to embark on a new sexual relationship? dnd Do you have any specific kinks/fetishes?

Astonishingly, BDSM came out on top as the most popular kink amongst the over 60s. BDSM includes such acts as tying your partner up, spanking them or playing submissive or dominant roles.

Age play came in second on the list of kinks the over 60s are interesting in learning more about, with group sex coming in third third.

When it comes to the popularity of Swinging, Sex therapist Matty Silver, the author of Sex Down Undersays many couples find the thought of having sex with people other than their partners arousing, and swinging can be a catalyst for improving their sex life and relationship.

“They like the excitement of an anticipated encounter with another couple or a single person,” Matty told Yahoo Lifestyle previously.

From: Yahoo Finance