Swedish Politician Fined for ‘Hate Speech’ Against Islam

Michael Hess
Michael Hess

Fria Tider (Free Times), translated by Frau Katze:

Sweden Democrat Party politician Michael Hess of Karlskrona was sentenced today (May 8, 2014) to a fine for hate speech after having connected the religion of Islam with rape

According to the judgment, the statement is not part of a “factual and authoritative discussion” and it thus it does not matter whether or not the statement is true.

The indictment concerned a comment on Facebook that Hess wrote next to an article in Aftonbladet, which was about women who were raped in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

“When are you journalists going to realize that it is deeply ingrained in Islamic culture to rape and mistreat those women who do not abide by the teachings of Islam? [Data] is widely available showing the connection between the rapes in Sweden and number of migrants from Middle Eastern and North African countries,” wrote the SD politician.

Hess, who has lived in the Middle East for eleven years, argued that the comment did in fact initiate a debate and persuade journalists to examine the phenomenon more deeply.

As proof of his innocence, Michael Hess including a summary of studies showing that men with ancestry from Muslim countries are very much overrepresented in Swedish rape statistics. This includes official figures from the National Council, which show that men from North Africa and Iraq are involved in rapes 23 and 20 times more often than Swedes.

Fined 32,000 krona

Alderman Lise-Lotte Backstrom and the three Social Democratic jurors at Blekinge District Court, however, took no account of the politician’s objections, and  fined him  32,000 krona ($4,900 US)  for “hate speech”.

“It is […] apparent to the court that Michael Hess has meant for readers of his commentary to read the entire statement in the same context and thus readers will get the impression that it is Islamic beliefs that lie behind the rapes when the perpetrators are of Middle Eastern  or North African origin. The statement expresses  a blatant disrespect towards Islamic immigrants,” reads the judgment.

Hess’s statement is not to be regarded as “part of an objective criticism” and the research that Hess had referred to during the trial is irrelevant.

It does not matter if the statement is true

The court notes that “the question of whether Michael Hess’s statement is true, or at least for Michael Hess appeared to be true, is irrelevant to the proceedings.” The reason is that the SD politician submitted research support after [making the statement on Facebook].

In order for the  statement to be classified as “objective criticism” Hess would have had to refer to any relevant research directly in the Facebook post.

“At the time [of the initial statement] , Michael Hess made no reference either to established research or Islamic sources. It is only in connection with his prosecution that he has sought to demonstrate support from research and religious writings. The District Court therefore finds that it is clear that Michael Hess’s statement has not been a part in an objective and authoritative discussion.”

LINK to the original: http://www.friatider.se/sd-politiker-d-ms-f-r-islamkritik

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  • Fitz

    Islam encourages rape, paedophilia and sex slavery. The authority for this? The Quran.

    • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

      But you’ll get fined for “hate speech” if you say it.

      • glorybeago22

        Not in America as long as we have our guns we can keep Islam at bay.

        • righteousreverenddynamite

          Not if liberal State judges and governors overturn or veto legislation by concerned conservative legislatures that want to prohibit ANY foreign laws from being part of US jurisprudence. That just happened in North Carolina. These liberals think that we are picking on muslims and that Sharia “has never been used” despite several court trials in which the judge based the decision on Sharia prinicples. This occurred back east in NJ or PA.

          • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

            That’s not all. Now there is a new “hate speech” law being introduced to Congress by Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and in the House, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.). It’s called “The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 (S.2219).” I wrote about it in the second half of this article: http://chersonandmolschky.com/2014/05/02/brunei-sharia-law-talk/

          • mgrafius

            Unless some judge with a vested interest decides to overturn that law like what recently happened in Oregon. Face it, democracy in the U.S. is dead.

          • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

            Proof? Link? I think you actually believe that lie. If a judge makes a decision not based on law they get rid of him.

            Post the ruling.

            If a judge based a decision of Christian/Mosiac law or the wisdom of King Soloman I doubt if you would have a problem. Why do you cons on the right make fact free statements and parrot the Fox News lies?

        • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

          America is already getting Islamized, thanks to Obama’s policies.

          • Jon Benson

            Please Rachel… Bush shaking hands and dancing with Saudi princes? Really? You think Obama is the sole cause of this? Wrong – it’s political correctness and greed over big oil. If the Middle East had no oil, neither Bush nor Obama would give a rat’s ass about it. That’s just one of the many reasons we need to get off the oil standard.

            I lived in France years ago, and I remember seeing Parisian streets literally blocked off due to mass praying to Mecca during the workday. Absurdity at its utmost.

            Believe whatever you want in the privacy of your own home and your places of worship, providing it does no harm to another. But keep it out of the private sector, and most assuredly out of this country’s government — and that goes for ANY religion.

            People could learn a thing or two from Jesus when it comes to keeping your displays of faith private, and obeying the laws of the land (both Jesus and Paul.) Ironic that his most ardent believers refuse to do either when it comes to obsessing over church and state issues, or, in this case, the political correctness that defines the way we look at Islamic culture as it pertains to women, children, rights, and so on.

            All of that said, it’s tricky: this country was founded by immigrants (under less than kind standards) and has had, at its heart, an open-door policy for immigrants. The Statue of Liberty literally enshrined this spirit. But I don’t believe our Founding Fathers could have conceived of what’s going on today, and I wonder how they would reply to it.

            TRUE freedom is freedom of expression. That includes the statement of fact (as this politician did), the freedom of speech (and that includes everything from opinions on race, religion, and government), and freedom to assemble in peace. These are being eroded under the guise of ‘tolerance’. Tolerance does not truly exist unless ‘both’ sides are tolerant. I’m not banking on the other side being tolerant anytime soon. (hashtag “Ann Curry in a hijab”)

          • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

            No, I never said Obama is the sole cause, but he is serving as a catalyst. Believe it or not, I have some Bush quotes where he was whitewashing Islam in another article, but nothing he did could compare to what’s happening now. But yes, you are right about PC and greed.

            If you want to know why I say this about Obama, read some of my articles, like “Obama’s America: Safe Haven for Terrorists” http://chersonandmolschky.com/2014/02/28/obamas-america-safe-haven-terrorists/, “America Is Going Muslim” http://chersonandmolschky.com/2013/12/27/america-muslim/, and “Obama Is No Friend to Israel,” http://chersonandmolschky.com/2014/03/06/obama-friend-israel/, which is about Israel but also about Islamic terror groups.

          • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

            You are such a liar. First off, The Muslims who are here are very secular because they know how Americans hate them.. Secondly Bush never even killed one Islamic terrorist leader and Obama has killed nearly 50 top leaders. Obama never once called Islam a religion of peace. Obama had bin Laden killed,

            You CONS make these fact free statements. Back up what you have said Molschky with even one fact.

            Obama knows that Islam is crap but if he said it publicly the Muslims might attack. And BTW… Obama’s father converted to Christianity. Google it liars.

            Here is Obama’s record on gun control for all paranoid gun fondlers who call him a gun grabber. http://biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com/2014/05/obama-gun-grabber-i.html

          • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

            If you had taken the time to read the links I provided above, you would have found the facts.

          • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

            There were no facts. Conjecture and innuendo is not fact. BTW, liar I have forwarded you lies to the Whitehouse, the Whitehouse counsel, Mrs Obama and eventually I will send them to Sasha and Malika. It’s a good thing you are on welfare because they will have a massive defamation lawsuit against you and the other liars.

            I laugh at how you CONS call Obama a dictator. I laugh at how you filth compare Obama to Hitler. If he were what you say he is, he would have you eviscerated. You are lucky that Obama is a decent man.

          • Sojourner4

            “The Muslims who are here are very secular because they know how Americans hate them..” HILARIOUS!!
            No, there are some who are secular, but many are POSING as secular, as they themselves said in a link I followed up on in another Charisma article.
            Look at the links and be disturbed by the facts before you put the other foot in your mouth.

        • Huaidan

          Democrats are coming for your guns.

    • Becon

      Auschwitz is the answer.

    • Hammy Hamtaro


    • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

      It is interesting how the feminists turn a blind eye to the plight of Middle Eastern women;

      A Practical Guide To Women Click Here

    • jimmy

      all true. Mohammed’s first child bride, aaliyah, said that she had “never seen women suffer as they did under Islam.” women are literally objects to be used by men. The term used in the Quran is that they are fields for the men to plow as they please. it is truly disgusting, and these liberals are defending them while they rape our sisters, cousins and nieces. truly sad.

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  • S1999

    “thus it does not matter whether or not the statement is true…”

    Dear God. What times are we living in now?

    • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

      That sentence says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Fasdunkle

    Sweden will soon be lost

    • Fudge

      It’s already lost.

      • sonja


    • Matijas

      In next 15 years, my country will become a 3rd World place.

  • MrBalk

    Since when does anyone have to respect any culture. ISLAM does not respect anyone therefore it deserves no respect. Sad how the west continues to decline.

  • Scoffer1

    Sounds to me like Michael Hess was correct in his statement,… so why not just surrender to Islam now Sweden, and you can beat Great Britain to the finish line to be the first European nation to fall before the evil of the Religion of Hate, Rape, torture, Beheading, mutilation, Theft, Slavery, Lies and Pedophilia. If the stupidity Olympics are ever held in Sweden, Hess’s superiors will take the gold!

  • glorybeago22

    What will happen to Sweden after it falls to Islam? All those who will not covert to Islam will be taxed and treated like slaves. Disease will be rampant because Islam doesn’t believe in vaccines. TV will be monitored by Islamic laws. All Swedish women will have to cover themselves or risk rape or jail. The women will not be allowed to drive or go to college. The young girls of Sweden will be married off by the age of 16 . The young Swedish Boys will be used as girls. Sweden will slip into the dark ages. So sad for Sweden but if they are too stupid to stop it I guess they deserve it. Just don’t expect the US to rescue you! Enjoy your enslavement.

    • righteousreverenddynamite

      Can anyone explain the liberal Swedes’ need to feel like they have to keep salaaming to these belligerent immigrants? Is it that they are delusional and want to repent for non-existent Swede colonization of the Middle East and muslim Africa and assuage their milquetoast guilt? Are they trying to impress a new religious deity in their minds who looks like a tweed-coated post-graduate school sociology professor in the sky (Prof. Paul Itically-Korecht) who tells them when they are sleeping that they are guilty for everything? No wonder they call it the Stockholm Syndrome!!!! They are identifying with their captors and have deluded themselves into their goals and then castigate those who want to rescue them! These Swedes are insulting their own brave and humble ancestors by denigrating all of their centuries of struggle, productivity, civilization, and culture (that was admired throughout the world and has no equal in any muslim land). What gave them the idea that being Swedish was not good? I will happily come over there, on my own dime, and slap your leaders in the face to “snap out of it!”. Grrrrrr!!!

      • E. Murray

        The governments of Europe and America are run by Jews who are the authors of mass Muslim immigration to the West to destroy Christian culture and to try to breed white Europeans out of existence. A Jew once told me that Muslim immigration was revenge for the Jewish misfortunes of WWII.

        • LindaRivera

          The governments of Europe and America are NOT run by Jews and Jews are NOT the authors of mass muslim immigration to the West!
          The U.S. is a far left/muslim regime. Obama is a muslim. Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been placed into positions of enormous power in the U.S. gov’t.

          Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

          Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser.

          Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference.

          Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser, founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director.

          Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar, Islamic Society of North America.

          Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

          • E. Murray

            The power behind the new world order, especially the governments of America and Europe is Freemasonry, and the power behind Freemasonry is the Jews. They exercise such suzerainty over public life that only those who agree with their vision can get into politics or any prominent position.

          • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

            Freemasonry rules the world? Wow. That’s a new one. Keep on scapegoating.

            Have you seen the latest news? 70% of anti-Semites have never met a Jew. Yet the conspiracy theories live on regarding a group which accounts for only 0.2% of the world population.

          • E. Murray

            That’s not a new one, the French revolution was the beginning of Masonic power, and they continued making wars and revolutions until they got full power in the 19th & 20th century. The machinations of this sect were well documented by Papal encyclicals and by Catholic Church historians and by the boasts of the sect themselves. There is no theory only fact.
            As for your reference to the Jews, anyone who knows anything about Freemasonry knows the Jewish character of Freemasonry and the control of the Jews: “It is an easy matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few.” (1 Machabees 3: 18).
            And by the way, I have met many Jews, but that doesn’t make the knowledge I have any more or less true.

          • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

            “Take My Word for It, Jews Don’t Rule the World” by John Hawkins: http://www.rightwingnews.com/column-2/take-my-word-for-it-jews-dont-rule-the-world-2/

          • LindaRivera

            Rachel there are a number of articles about Freemasons on the internet. (For some people, Freemasons are VERY scary). Jew-haters BLAME Jews for EVERYTHING. The majority of Freemasons are NOT Jews! Here is one article:
            Secret Society of Freemasons.
            “George Washington was a Mason, along with 13 other presidents and numerous Supreme Court Justices.
            Benjamin Franklin published a book about Freemasonry on his own printing press. Nine signers of the Declaration of Independence were
            Freemasons, including the man with the biggest signature: John Hancock.”

            – MSNBC article on the Masons and Freemasonry titled “Secrets of ‘The Lost Symbol,'” 10/27/09

            Few people understand the degree to which secret societies like the Masons wield power and control behind the scenes in our world. 14 out of the 43 U.S. presidents were Masons. That is one out of three presidents. Yet most people know very little about this secretive organization. Key major media articles have given a glimpse of the inordinate power of top secret societies,
            yet the media in general seem reluctant to investigate deeply and to inform us of these powerful groups… http://www.wanttoknow.info/secret_societies/masons_secret_society_freemasons

          • PickledOnion

            We run the show? I never knew. Can you tell me the names of the head Jew co I’d like to send him a complaint. He’s doing a terrible job. I mean I certainly haven’t benefited from us running the show.

          • LindaRivera

            More Jew-hate! The power behind Freemasonry are NOT Jews. Freemasons are made up of different religions. The overwhelming majority of Freemasons are NON-Jews!
            ALL of the people I ever heard of in Freemasons were NON-Jews!

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    I hope all Swede rape victims protest in front of Alderman Backstrom’s house (I bet it is in a nice neighborhood and has good security). Does she realize that muslim ladies are probably not going to accuse their rapist neighbors as they don’t want to be killed by their families for their idiotic sense of “honor”. It is an endemic epidemic! So you have to wonder, which is stronger power: Political Correctness or Feminism? I wish European countries would take a hint from our Constitution and copy the First Amendment (and Second) into theirs that still do not recognize the unalienable rights bestowed by something greater than a error-prone/power-hungry human State.

    • LindaRivera

      Muslims specifically target NON-Muslims for rape, gang rape, torture and sexual enslavement.

      • righteousreverenddynamite

        I included the issue of muslima rape victims so as to point out to the Alderman, who hopefully will read this, that she is an “enabler” of rape against minorities if that would make her finally take action as she obviously doesn’t care about thousands of native Swede rape victims all that much but may only care to appear “multicultural”. It is a weird logic….but then again these idiots have no logic..or morals..I am not ignoring the huge number of rapes against Swedes but the combined total, if it were ever tracked, might finally get the leaders’ attention to the already huge scope of the problem. Question though: are Swedish women going to march in the streets or go on a nationwide work-strike until someone listens to them? Do they have a strong spokeswoman at all??? This stupid conviction hopefully will be the turning point that sets Swedes off and gets them off their asses. I cannot see why this would not unite all Swedes as the trauma and fear of a rape is not limited to the time of the attack; it lasts one’s whole life and can easily destroy your soul. Hopefully the people won’t wait as long like the British who only now, after 2 decades, realized that muslim gangs were openly exploiting vulnerable young girls as sex slaves despite citizens telling the government until they were blue in the face. Like a lot of more recent popular movements, I think the college-age students have to fire the first political shot as they are the prime targets for these lechers. (Sorry again for not being clear, though).

        • LindaRivera

          Thanks for clarifying. If only Sweden, all Europe and Britain would take to the streets in the hundreds of millions in protest. It’s a matter of life and death. A matter of survival against the greatest threat humanity has ever faced: ISLAM.

          I’m a member of counter-jihad, political party, Liberty GB

  • LindaRivera

    “The statement expresses a blatant disrespect towards Islamic immigrants,” reads the judgment.”

    It is an established fact that muslim monsters are waging a massive rape war against European and British female children and women.

    For infidels to protest satanic muslim evil and barbarism against women and children is showing DISRESPECT to muslim immigrant monsters! Our EVIL judges/leaders want us to show RESPECT to muslim rapists and NOT protest! Our traitor leaders require total submission to Islam and massive Islamic rape.

    UK NEWCASTLE May 17th: British BNIers, come out
    and support the English Defence League demo against Muslim paedophile gangs who turn non-Muslim little girls into sex slaves

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  • Anonymous of Boston, USA

    What happened to the freedom of speech in Sweden???? It is okay that the Muslims can say what they want, but not the non-Muslims!!!! This is hypocrisy of the evil Swedish government.

  • Fudge

    Wow. So Sweden is already lost to civilization? Do Swedes have guns? If they do, they better start using them on these cretins.

  • ScottinVA

    The Swedes are a long, far cry from their Viking origins…

    “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”
    –Jens Orback, Swedish Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality from the Social Democratic Party, 2004

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  • conan_drum

    The basic cause of Islamic aggression, quickness to take offence and their frequent death wish is sexual repression and the promise of virgins in paradise. It is also responsible for the amount of rape as they have been taught that a woman who is not in charge of a man is fair game and a loose woman.
    The liberals and left wing idealists cannot grasp this simple fact

  • Joan Lax Hamilton

    So now you get fined for telling the truth?

  • John Munro

    Perhaps the poor child molesting killers fear the truth is out?

  • Chad Woodburn

    I see nothing hateful in what he said, though I see much that certain people wouldn’t like. Sometimes the truth hurts, even when spoken in love. But the measure of hate speech is not whether it hurts, but whether it is intended to provoke harm.

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  • http://www.RestlessBoomers.com/ Restless Boomers

    Obviously Sweden has not heard of free speech. Try it for a change. You might discover that truth will reveal itself.

  • Tom Clancy

    Wahahah, dumb Sweden! It’s going to be take over by Islam in few years to come.

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  • WalterBannon

    The UN should censor Sweden for its violation of the UN universal declaration of human rights, a treaty to which Sweden is a signatory. I urge our govt to commence trade sanctions against the fascist regime of Sweden.

  • Легион Платформ

    Looks like Jews are doing their very best to breakdown individual countries best they can, can’t wait until Schulz will start bitching how intolerant and evil Europe is.

    • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

      Blaming Jews is just the typical scapegoating that has gone on for 2000 years. Take your anti-Semitism somewhere else.

  • WhiteRabbit

    Nobody is saying Asians/Africans will ever be a minority in their homelands
    So why are they saying White people will be a minority in EVERY White country in 2040?
    That’s because “anti-racists” only enforce Diversity in White countries.
    Because “anti-racists” want a world without White children.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
    Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.

    • HughManatee

      What did the moderator say, Undercover L? She specifically asked for none of your racist spam.

      • The Right Fight

        Scroll up , Hugh. If my comments remain, you might want to add your own perspective to them.

        • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

          Why should I remove your comments? There’s no reason.

          • The Right Fight

            If you had followed my suggestion, @RMolschky:disqus, and removed all traces of the Whitaker group’s spam, then you would have also removed any comments referencing their posts.

            However, replies to a Disqus user also get posted to their email (when that option is chosen), so my comment to @HughManatee:disqus was a reference to an email that might not correlate with a remaining Disqus post. Hugh would understand that and, if interested in the content, could have subsequently asked me about that reference.

            To make a long story short, he would have consequently been informed that your site isn’t concerned about the Whitaker group’s efforts to spam your pages. He would, therefore, not waste any more of his time trying to help you control their spam.

            My reply to him wasn’t an indictment against your preference, Rachel … it was an informative post for Hugh meant to relay a “heads-up” that I was communicating information more serious than merely an ‘atta-boy’ or an “I agree” response.

            Some web site moderators appreciate being informed about spam and appreciate other users flagging an inappropriate comment. Understanding your own preferences, I (and probably others with a similar mindset) will no longer waste you time by flagging a comment you won’t consider moderating.

            However, if you were still considering what to do with the Whitaker group’s spam, Hugh could have added some history that might have helped put things in perspective.

            I suspect that, now, he won’t bother.

            I appreciate entrepreneurial enthusiasm and I extend best wishes to you and your site partners.


          • Guest

            I self-deleted my other comments. They are now irrelevant and a waste of any reader’s time.

      • Andrew Morton
        • HughManatee

          No. That’s religious nonsense. I’m merely pointing out the insane rantings of white nationalist nazis.

    • The Right Fight

      Flagged … for violating the site’s request to avoid those words.

      @disqus_hRXgMFEWJv:disqus … “White Trash” would be more appropriate.

    • http://www.TheWhiteGenocideProject.org/ Antony B

      Makes sense to me. Its obvious White people have been targeted for genocide.
      Nobody says Africa’s too black – it needs more diversity.
      Nobody says Asia’s too Asian – it needs more diversity.
      Its ONLY White countries that have these conditions of Diversity, forced upon their population, its ONLY unborn White babies that suffer as a result, and it sure as hell looks like White Genocide to me.

      I guess that’s why people are starting to say that Diversity, is just an easier way of saying “Chase down the last White person”.

      Wake up and smell the White GeNOcide!

  • Lalin von Lippowitz

    Joke? I am European! Not FCKing muuu-slims!

  • John

    KILL THE MUSLIMS!!! Muslims won’t understand that we don’t want them until we kill some of them. Genocide!!!

  • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

    Please, no genocidal comments or comments with offensive language.

    • The Right Fight

      Why is @disqus_hRXgMFEWJv:disqus’s comment allowed to remain?

      • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

        Immigrants are displacing the native population, and I believe that is what “White Rabbit’s” point is. The use of the word “white” may be misguided here, as well as offensive to some readers, and of course it is not the color of skin that is the issue but the ideology of Islam. Immigrants of all colors can assimilate well, and many Muslims are white, so color has nothing to do with it. If it weren’t for the hate and violence propagated by Islam, it wouldn’t be an issue.

        I didn’t take the comment down because when I said “genocidal comments,” I was referring to the people who were writing things which could be taken as inciting violence against Muslims. Some people write those sorts of genocidal comments, which we do not agree with, or they resort to name-calling. There’s no need for that. No matter how you feel, the issues of immigration can be solved legally by making policy changes and by changing our attitudes and using common sense, rather than letting political correctness take over our lives.

        Certainly, I do not agree with every comment, and I leave up even the anti-Semitic comments or the comments where people are criticizing us. As long as it’s not inciting violence or is not a long essay of propaganda for the other side (which happened before when someone was trying to take over the site with their own propaganda), then I will leave it.

        • The Right Fight

          Ummm … well … no.

          The only “point” of the post from WhiteRabbit (aka “Undercover Lover”, aka Roderick Kenneth Bateman, aka R_O_D, aka adopserr … need I continue?) was to spam your page with quotes from “the mantra” and then have some of his other friends “swarm” your web site.

          You can follow that from his post at http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/topic/where-did-you-post-the-mantra-today-2014-05/page/8/#post-93762

          He is, of course, anti-Jewish. Those BUGS are anti-everyone … except for the very few numbers of people who agree with them.

          You are getting scammed by your own perspective, @RMolschky:disqus, which assumes that others are either pro or con on your position. That is part of their plan.

          In this case, you are merely being used by Bob Whitaker’s group to promote THEIR agenda, which is simply to post their “mantra” and generate dialog about it.

          If you don’t delete every trace of their visit, then they most certainly will return.

          You are, of course, free to leave their comments, since they have been fine-tuned to avoid any overt reference to violence and are kept relatively short. That, too, is part of their plan.

          Good luck.

          • http://chersonandmolschky.com/ Rachel Molschky

            The views of the readers are the views of the readers, whether we agree or not. If the plan is to spam our site to promote a hateful and/or violent agenda, then we’ll take care of it.

          • The Right Fight

            Okay. It’s your site, Rachel, and I support your ownership rights to manage it however you desire, I have no problem with your informed choices.

            Regards and best wishes.

  • Lynda Bateson

    It is what it is. This is outrageous. So, basically swedish woman are now allowed to be raped because if you say anything, you will be charge with harrassment crime. IT is utter nonsense and garbage. That in itself is a violation of human rights.

  • Noah

    Bravo Sweden! World needs love, it doesn’t need more people to expand the gap between people. And this should be applied on both Muslims and non-Muslims.

    • Andrew Morton

      Sadly, only one people will listen.

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  • http://www.TheWhiteGenocideProject.org/ Antony B

    “Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.” – Nicholas Sarkozy, President of France
    White GeNOcide – the worst kept secret in the world

  • Len Hobbel

    FUCK ISLAM I have been destroying ISLAM since 1984.
    I WANT to see someone fine me for HATE SPEECH…
    FUCK ISLAM the child molesting ass licking Pork fucking camel toes sand pussys.
    Now I will stand behind what I say….want some of me ISLAM I live next to DEARBORN MICHIGAN…SAND RATS capital of AMERICA…Name the streets and we can DANCE like the devil in the blood red moon

  • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

    Here’s some truth speech… Islam is evil! A Practical Guide To Women Click Here

  • WilliamTR

    How can a government claim to be legitimate when they suppress speaking the truth about who is harming the citizenry? Sweden’s government is openly betraying its own people.

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  • Joe Schmoe

    Can anyone tell me what good things that Muslims do for Sweden? From what I heard, most of them are welfare parasites.

  • PickledOnion

    Uk Muslim population is about 3m. Probably higher but the Government are too frightened to let on.

    Uk Prison population is 27% Muslim. As above.

    I’ll wait for a knock on the door by the thought police.

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  • DrMabuse2009

    Absolutely ridiculous. Glad I don’t live in Sweden.

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  • Sharon ODonnell

    when the truth is silenced- Evil wins. 400% increase of muslim Rapes in Sweden but nawww Muslims don’t rape . pffttt.

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  • http://mikebethany.com/ Mike Bethany

    So the court’s argument is that facts that are presented in defense of an allegation of crime are not relevant if they are presented after the alleged crime?

    So, by that logic, if you want to be found not guilty of a crime you are not guilty of you have to present evidence at the exact moment of the crime for which you are not guilty.

    What bunch of morons.

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  • good man

    Show your women some respect and punish rapests to the maxnum punishment by law. And show yourself some respect
    Over a petty statement by a politician

  • jimmy

    this is pathetic. when will europeans realize that they deserve their own country?

  • david dorian


    West cannot be defined simply by the rejection of
    Islam or as a collection of legal norms. It is a culture created by a
    specific people and
    it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans
    everywhere have the
    self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without
    regard to the claims others make upon it.

    That is the crime. It is white Genocide. IT is state violence.
    Politicians past and present must be held accountable. ;Just obeying
    orders’ is not an excuse

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  • Eric Zombrow

    The open theft of a nation and socialist,and leftist groups just watch. When crescent rises permanently and they are told to follow sharia and convert to Islam will that be the wake up call for them to admit maybe it was wrong.

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